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  1. 2012 Zetec S. Advice Please

    I now what you mean it's the sound of the mcs I will miss but I won't miss the large amounts mini charge when there are problems.
  2. 2012 Zetec S. Advice Please

    It's a 1.6 diesel. Need to save some money. Fed up of throwing it away on this Mini. So hoping this fiesta is better. And I love the look of it.
  3. Hi. Thinking of buying a 2012 zetec s tomorrow. Trading in Mini Cooper s. just wondering what sort of mileage I can expect. Although its got to be better than my mcs. Still a little apprehensive. Any advice appreciated. Thanks in advance :).
  4. H can anyone tell me if it is possible to leave the streetka with roof down doors locked without alarm going off!! Thanks
  5. Hi Just bought a streetka yesterday from a local dealer but whilst driving it home it made some awful creaking noises almost groaning sound! I will wait a week before going back but I wonder if anyone has any ideas !! Thanks
  6. Hi Just bought a streetka and would like to buy a hardtop for it! does anyone know where (other than ebay) where I could look?