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  1. Planning to document all mods done to the car prior and future mods. Hopefully will help someone out + help remind me how much extra ive spent on this daily 🤣 Plus any help and suggestions are very welcomed. It is a MK7.5 stline 1.0 fiesta with the 100ps tune. I bought used from a year with 2 years of warranty left. In that time only simple easily reversible "mods" were done. e.g. LED lights, panel filters and tyres. After the warranty finished, Modding time Exhaust 8/9/2020 I payed a local garage £40 to install this backbox delete "Ford Fiesta MK7 1.0 EcoBoost | Hornet Sports Exhaust Back Box - Twin Slashed Tip" DO NOT GET THIS - It is the most obnoxious thing i have ever heard. However, if you do... wait out around 2 weeks of use / 100miles to let the exhaust bed in and quieten down. Click here for a video of a pull after around 2 months of the exhaust being installed If you want cheap and cheerful, just get a ST backbox and pay a garage to make it fit the ZetecS/ STline diffuser. As the hornet exhaust also wasnt a simple bolt on either. Running Total of mods £150
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