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  1. Paint Code

    Sorry, it might do but i havent got time to wade through 100 pages of paint codes, all i wanted to know was do i need a reference number after the paint type or not, im sure i can find the code i need after that if i need it, cheers
  2. Paint Code

    Great thanks, doesnt really answer my question though
  3. Paint Code

    Looking to sort a rusty rear arch myself and i looked at halfords machine silver paint and the reviews said its a terrible match (as expected). Proper ford machine silver is about £20 on ebay but my question is this, can i buy just machine silver or are there specific machine silver paints? On some ebay sites i also see a code number or similar after the actual paint so im assuming i need to match this up too?
  4. Yeah, some parts don't look as tempting but a clutch on ebay was around £120-£150 and i got it for £85 so still a little saving, same on the DMF, garage quoted me £185 and i got one for £130, every little helps :)
  5. Clutch Replacement

    I explained to the mechanic what i wanted, ie the clutch replaced, and he suggested i also get the DMF and the Slave done at the same time, i said £130 is really cheap and he said yes it is I also asked him how long it would take as the garage said 6 hours and he said the same so he seems to know whats involved, if he does a good job i use him again, if he doesnt i'm walking 40 miles to work and back until i can get another car lol
  6. Clutch Replacement

    I'll let you know how that goes lol
  7. Like the title suggests if you use the code off55 you will get 55% off car parts at https://www.gsfcarparts.com/ not sure how long its going to last but could be handy for some of you.
  8. Clutch Replacement

    I've ordered one anyway and i must say if anyone is after any car parts then take a look at GSF Carparts, promo code off55 to get 55% off. DMF was supposed to be £300 and i got it for £136. Same with the clutch, supposed to be £193 and i got it for £86. https://www.gsfcarparts.com/
  9. Clutch Replacement

    So should i get that done anyway seeing as the clutch is getting done?
  10. Clutch Replacement

    Cheers for the replies, i wont be getting the garage to do it now as i have found a mobile mechanic willing to fit the clutch for £130 which sounds really cheap but better than what the garage quoted. I don't think its the mass flywheel as that doesnt look like something the stops vibration, i could be wrong, the garage did say it had some sort of plastic bushes in it and the flywheel doesnt appear to have those.
  11. Hi, just a bit of advice, looks like my clutch needs replacing on my Mk3 Mondeo 2.0 TDCI 55 plate and the first garage i asked has quoted me £800, but that is with some plate he said i also needed that absorbed vibration etc between the clutch and the gearbox. Can anyone tell me what this plate is called, i think he said dual something or other but i was in shock at the thought of losing £800 i wasn't listening properly. Cheers
  12. Smokey Joe

    Oils fine, the garage say i have a nice little car and stuff but i wont be happy until i get this sorted.
  13. Smokey Joe

    I'm getting a bit of light grey smoke coming out under acceleration which can be a bit embarrassing at times, i've took the car to get a diag done and nothing came back injector wise. So i booked it in for a full check up and they have said they cant find anything wrong and that its normal for a car of this age, its a 55 plate. Now im under the impression that the car didnt come out of the factory like this so its age shouldnt be an issue, it should still be fixable in one way or another. Apart from a new egr and de coke what else can i do? Turbo clean maybe? All hoses are ok and ive been putting in diesel additive for a good few weeks now and booting it down the motorway to clear her out, but it just reappears the next time im driving. Scratching my head on this one....
  14. A return to the Blue badge

    Hi and welcome, best thing i ever did was go back to Ford and their mighty TDCi engines ;)