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  1. Eggy Smell When Driving

    I have a Focus 1.4 cl 03 reg with 110000 miles on the clock, for the last few months I get an eggy smell coming from the heaters when moving. I have checked the battery and the cells have enough distilled water. As its a bog standard car it has no A/C. Could it be the cat going, if so how can I check? Also I have never changed the pollen filter.
  2. I have made a very stupid mistake. I wanted to test a new key that I purchased which I thought would be ready chipped for Ford Focus 03 reg. Well it wasn't and now the blasted ignition will not release the key never mind not start. How can I get the key to release from the ignition? I have tried placing my original key by the unchipped key to see if that would fool the system, but that did not work either. If I swapped the chip in my old key for the new key would that work? :(
  3. Hi, Just bought a pair of genuine roof bars from ebay for my Ford Focus MK1 03 reg car, does anybody know how to fit them? I have tried peeling back the rubber roof strips but they seem to be stuck down!!
  4. AUX/iPod input for 6000 Audio?

    I have a 03 CL ford Focus with a 6000cd radio/player which states it is CD changer compatible. There is no AUX output in the glove compartment. So am I out of luck to fit an output lead to my mp3 player? What other options do I have other than having the unit or another unit with aux output??
  5. Focus 1.4 03 Reg - Cambelt Or Chain

    Thanks to all for your help. :P
  6. Hi, I have a 03 reg 1.4 focus which has reached 80,000. Its a brilliant car, which I am a bit worried that it will now need its cam belt changing. Does this car have a belt or a chain, as my local mechanic thinks its a chain and will last longer. Is this true? Is it an easy job to do??
  7. ponsaloti, My car is a CL model which does not have a remote, but you say in your message to ask the locksmith to program in a remote? Would I have to buy all the electronics such as the responder in order for this to work? How much would all this cost? Thanks for your help though as your suggestion is a good idea. Do you know how much locks cost from Ford, or could I get one from a breakers?
  8. Hi, I have just joined this forum. My Focus which is 7 yrs old has developed a problem with the key barrel on the drivers side. I am unable to open the drivers side door, but I can close it. My car uses a key to lock it as it is a basic model which does not come with a key-less fob. I had the same problem last year which I was told by the dealer needed a new key to be cut as it was worn. But a year on the key has worn a bit and now I am having the same problem. I am not able to use the spare key as it is the original key so is more worn. Do I need to change the lock barrel, and if so would that mean having to change them all? Or is there a cheaper repair? Thanks