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  1. 2007 Focus Cmax Cambelt Change

    I have a Mark 1 2007 Focus CMax 1.6 petrol. Some garages tell me the cambelt change interval is 10 years, 100, 000 miles, others have told me 8 years, 100,000 miles. The Ford Etis site for my VIN number states 8 years, 100, 000 miles. This is what I am inclined to believe unless the interval was originally 8 years and has subsequently been upgraded to 10 years. Or is it only the newer CMax cars that have a 10-year interval. Does anyone know for sure? My car is nearly 8! Thanks, Graham
  2. Cmax Key

    I have lost the spare key to my 2007 CMax petrol and the local dealer charges around £130 for a new one. If I accept that it won't work remotely, would a simple key made by copying the one I do have (e.g at any key cutting place) work or is there any sort of chip in the key? Graham
  3. Cmax 1.6 Petrol Mpg

    I try not to drive mine (1.6 litre engine) round town too much ;) but overall I average around 37mpg in mine - goes just above 40mpg on a good long run and I am not heavy footed at all. Don't rely on the trip computer alone though. I like my C-Max but its petrol consumption is a tad worse than I was expecting when I first bought it.
  4. I have a 2007 CMax (1.6 petrol) from which sometimes, but only sometimes, the front seat passenger door cannot be opened from inside the car. There seems no particular pattern to this behaviour that I have been able to determine yet but it seems like this door alone is deadlocked even though I don't lock the vehicle when I am in it. Has anyone in this forum seen this before and if so, any idea what causes it? Thanks,