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  1. Ford Sync Updates

    That's a pain! Thanks for letting me know.
  2. Thanks, that's what I thought but wasn't sure.
  3. Do the links in the first post only apply to cars with built in navigation? The radio in my Focus looks like this and the Ford India trick doesn't seem to work any more as it tells me the VIN is not for an Indian car.
  4. Ford Sync Updates

    When I enter the VIN on Ford India for my UK Focus and Fiesta it says the VIN does not belong to this country. Is there any other way to update Sync? This is what my dash looks like: Focus Fiesta
  5. What Are These?

    Hi all. Just picked up my Focus mk3 today and wondering what these two things are? Both coin holders? The one next to the 12V doesn't seem to be much use and the pocket under the headlight switch is useful, but I'm not sure what the slots in the side are for...apart from a few 50p coins perhaps? Thanks in advance if you can stop it bugging me!
  6. Radio Code Cd6000

  7. How Can I Connect My Ipod To My Mk6 Fiesta

    Two options in this thread.
  8. I would imagine you need to put a leading 0 in all the file names. I use a program called Rename Master for these types of things. Should only take you about 5 minutes.
  9. Aux Port On 6000 Radio

    £110?! That's ridiculous! I fitted an aux socket on my '07 Focus, which has this radio. You need Ford part number 1426121. I got mine from my local Ford dealer for £16.81 although that was only after I saw them selling it at that price on eBay (had been quoted about a fiver more over the phone!). This is them and might be the cheapest online. You will also need four release keys to get the radio out. I got them from this guy as he was the cheapest I found. Once you've got everything you just need to drill a hole in the glove box (best to remove it first!) to fit the socket, make sure it's nice and snug. Then use the keys to take the radio out plug one end of the lead into the back of the radio, feed the wire through the dash to the glove box and plug the other end into the socket in the glove box and refit the glove box. Takes about half an hour to do and is pretty simple. Good luck! :)
  10. Fiesta Edge Aux Issues

    Could be a couple of things. 1. Make sure the aux cable is fully plugged in to both the aux socket and the iPod. 2. Turn the volume on the iPod up to the max and lower the volume on the stereo. 3. If you are charging the iPod at the same time try unplugging the charger and see if that helps. Let us know how you get on.
  11. Hi all, I bought a mk2 Focus a couple of weeks ago and noticed the radio had an aux button on it. After some Googling I found out the part I needed from Ford to hook up my iPod. I fitted it and it works great, the only problem is a buzzing noise when I try to charge my iPod at the same time as playing it through the stereo. I believe this is caused by a ground loop. Any ideas on how to sort it? If I take off the centre console trim can I re-route the grounding? Thanks for any help.