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  1. Hello,

    My name is Justina,i saw your profile today at this site (www.fordownersclub.com) and i love it also became intrested in you,i will also like to know you more,and i want you to send an email directely to my email address so that i can reply your mail and also give you my picture for you to know whom i am.Here is my email address(justinadavids23@yahoo.com) i believe we can move fro...

  2. Airbag Wiring

    The airbag light is on in my Mk3 55 plate Mondeo, I have changed the module and both seatbelt tensioners (fault flash code says drivers seatbelt tensioner) but to no avail. Is it true that the airbag light is self setting? sounds daft but the guy in Fords told me that the light is self setting so there is obviously still a problem. I recently had the car into fords for a new clutch and solid flywheel conversion and the guy ran the car through the diagnostics for me as a favour and this pointed to driver and passenger seatbelts which have both been changed? he says there may be a wiring fault. Does anybody have a wiring diagram? Only thing I did notice is that the car I got the tensioners from had seatbelt warning lights on driver and passenger mine only has it on drivers, is this someway linked into the airbag system? Thanks for any help, had the car nearly a year now and appart from a slipping clutch i'm over the moon with it but the airbag light is driving me insane!
  3. usually eurocarparts for me, if not local motorfactors. Ebay is always one too look out for though too, theres a lot of companies on there now doing good deals (complete brakes kits etc). I just got front disks and pads for my Mk3 mondeo from Eurocar parts and could of got the complete car done (F&R disks and pads) for just a touch more from a company on Ebay.
  4. I've done a little digging, sorry have realised (and though it might be) this is a common question. Anyway a few I have found so far, both with 19's
  5. I'm thinking of putting a set of X-type Jaguar alloys on my Mondeo, I'm sure its been done before just wondered if anyone had any photos and/or opinions
  6. Firstly i'm not sure if this is in the right place so appologies to mods if its not To try and cut a long story short after a prang I am after getting the front end of my Mondeo sprayed and whilst i'm at it the rear bumper as this has some scratches and a scuff. I was recommended a place by a guy who does some welding work for us, I took the bits up to a recommened paint shop in Oldham Friday because I was told the guy is good, quick and cheap plus it would be mates rates.. winner! :P Got there he doesnt have a spray booth in fact his premises were smaller than my garage at home! but I though give the guy a go.. he told me it would be £100 in materials, yep agree with that and that it would take 2 days to do agree with that all for £500! , dont agree with that! I dont know if i'm just getting old and prices have crept up or the guy just didnt want the work, I know £500 isnt over the top expensive or cheap but bare in mind all the bits are off the car and completely stripped (ie bare bumpers with no plastic etc) so its just a case of prepping and spraying. Anyway thats my moan over, just wondered if anyone could recommend a place preferably Merseyside area. My poor car just needs painting and its back on the road B)
  7. Crank Shaft Pulley How Easy To Change

    I cant help you with the modified pulley but if you have done the tensioner yourself i'm sure the crank pulley would be a piece of !Removed! as taking the aux belt off is probably the hargest part.
  8. Pipe Blew Off Radiator - Help!!

    Sounds like your top hose, There should be a metal clip that holds it in place, there is also an o ring inside the fitting on the top hose that acts as the seal if this is damaged/worn thats why your getting steam. Its possible that you may have nicked the seal trying to get it back on. You need to check that the clip is there and the condition of the oring, if the clip is in place the pipe should just slide onto the radiator until it clicks into place. By the sounds of it the clip has broken and come off hence why its not staying in place and has come off in the first place.
  9. I've been looking at getting one of these grille's from Ebay just wondered if anybody on here had ever bought one? Just wondered what the fit was like, I'm a bit dubious as its a repro part and not Genuine Ford Its not that much cheaper than a good second hand genuine one but it is brand new. Chrome Surround Grille to match Just curious :P
  10. Howdy all, I've just replaced the dashboard in my Mondeo, it was a pretty straight forward swap. Now the car the dashboard came out of had a boot release button but mine doesnt, I have however found this spare plug around the center console area and cannot find any other use for it (from the original dash) so wondered if its for the boot release button only as close as it is it doesnt plug into the switch. Anyone any ideas? A, what the plugs for and B, if its not to do with the boot release how can the boot switch be wired in Cheers
  11. Still looking for a Tonic Blue Bonnet if anyone can help, have everything else now to finish car apart from bonnet
  12. Anybody? I've been looking at cars in breakers and definatley cant see a difference between a bare facelift dashboard and one from an early car
  13. Howdy all, Sorry if this is a stupid question (mainly second part) but i'm pretty new to Ford's. My g/friend has pranged our mondeo as stated eleswhere, the dash and drivers air bag has gone off. Now the cars a 55 plate so do I need to replace the dash with a facelift car 03-07? or is the dash shell the same as an early car and its just the fascia's etc that are updated? Plus I know I need to replace the dash, steering wheel, passenger seat belt tensioner (drivers one hasnt retracted and looks ok) and also the ECU for the airbags but what about the sensor? does this need to be replaced or is it simply a shock type switch that can it be reused? i'm terrified of replacing everything putting the battery on and having the bags blow again :o Laslty parts compatability, can I use a front slam panel and bumper bar from any diesel model? As you can probably tell i'm trying to fix it on a tight budget for her. Ta,
  14. Mine also does this with the aircon on, stops once its switched off though. However there is a constant noise that switched on and off regularly as if its charging an accumulator or something. Its due a service soon anyway so I guess i'd better check the balts and tensioners, will do that whilst rebuilding the front end (see my other post :( )
  15. Howdy all, Firstly i'm sorry if this is in the wrong section but the classified section doesnt have a wanted (or not even split into part/cars) so I didnt really want this to get lost with all the cars for sale, if its in the wrong section though I appologise and mods feel free to move it ;) Anyway.... My girlfriend has just had a prang with our Mondeo, so this will be my first post of many I think I think she got away very lightly actually apart from both air bags going off If anyone can help i'm looking for : Bonnet, grille, front bumper in Tonic Metallic blue must be in good scratch/dent free condition will also take pair of wings and rear bumper if cheap enough (repair existing dents/scratches while im at it :P ). I also need a front panel, front crash bar, aircon rad and rad although these are holding water/gas so might get away with it), O/S headlight and of course dashboard with airbag, steering wheel airbag with cruise control buttons and airbag ecu but will have to strip car first for numbers as I beleive they have to match. Cars a 55plate 130 Tdci 2.0L Duratorq Parts preferably in the NW but I do travel about alot with work so dont mind travelling for bits. Thanks in advance.