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  1. So a few weeks ago, I was occasionally having a problem getting my Fiesta into 1st gear. Bringing it back to neutral and up again, or disengaging and re-engaging the clutch would inevitably fix it. Annoyed with occasionally not being able to move at will, I took it to the dealer and they said they have to see the problem before they can look at it under warranty. Cue yesterday, the frequency of the problem has increased drastically and 2nd gear is also having the same problem now. It was easily reproduceable for the dealership this time and they've accepted the car in (and now I have a ***** KA courtesy car because that's all they had!) Characteristics of the problem: Never seems to happen from a cold start or when the engine is off Appears to happen when coming down from speed in higher gears Repeated clutch engagement and disengagement, or at the very least, simply bringing it out and attempting to get it back into gear multiple times eventually seems to work While holding the gearstick towards the intended gear that is not engaging, lifting the clutch pedal slowly lets it fall into gear If you push the gearstick hard enough to stay in position close to the selected gear, but not actually engaged with the engine, then lift the clutch pedal slowly, the gearstick becomes unstuck and falls back into neutral Does anybody recognise what could be the cause based on this?
  2. Mk7 zetec s

    The ticking sound anything like spinning the wheel on Wheel of Fortune?
  3. Yeah I've got Night Breakers on the H7 dipped beams coming. Heard nothing but good things about them.
  4. I've ordered H15, H17 and W5W Osram bulbs. Hopefully they'll look less yellow!
  5. The LEDs are nice, but if it's a massive pain to do, is it any easier to just replace all the bulbs with ones which emit a much whiter colour? The yellow colour on these bulbs doesn't look fantastic with the white paint.
  6. I wonder if: ECU remap Reprogramming for LED lights Restore of original ECU firmware ... would remove the LED reprogramming? Or could they be different controllers?
  7. What I have, and what I want to convert to, just to avoid any confusion.
  8. My model was manufactured with non-LED day runners. Is it trivial to change these for some LED ones with halogen projectors as close to stock as possible? Does this affect insurance / warranty?
  9. Was looking at the Superchip remaps for the 125 and 140 and wondered why they remap the 125 lower than the 140. I guess they're thinking not to produce too much pressure for the lower rated gasket?
  10. Been Googling for ages but can't seem to find anywhere that explains it.
  11. Thanks very much chaps!
  12. Does anybody have any photos which include, or happen to include the floor mat they've bought? I'm looking at getting rubber ones or velour ones, but all I can find are stock photos, and I want to see what they *actually* look like in person before ordering some. Thanks in advance! :)
  13. Ford Sync And Android Upgrade

    Fyi, a SYNC master reset fixed this. You can do it in the Sync menu on the dash.
  14. So I had a security/bugfix update for my Nexus 6 Android phone come through last night, and now this morning it constantly connects and disconnects with Ford SYNC. Anybody else having this problem?