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  1. could it be a speed limiter not cruise?
  2. first i would check for any air leaks down side of the maf sensor its common for rubber pipes to split allowing extra air in, also you could try cleaning the maf sensor itself with the appropriate cleaner.
  3. if you hold the switch up to close the window then release the switch and then hold the switch in the up position again for two seconds this should reset the one touch, do the same for down for the window down.
  4. Have you checked to see what the pollen filter condition is like as a blocked filter could cause this.
  5. sounds like it could be a split intercooler hose which is the large hose on the bottom of the egr valve so check this for any signs of damage or leaks.
  6. some on ebay http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/FORD-FOCUS-MK2-GREY-RIGHT-DRIVER-OFFSIDE-DOOR-3-DOOR-2005-2008-/272161053046?hash=item3f5e101976:g:E1gAAOSwr7ZW3txp
  7. it could be the heater control valve it a common problem
  8. the switch is easy to check if your reverse lights come on when reverse is selected the switch is ok. as the power for the sensors is taken from the reverse light i would say the switch is ok.
  9. i would start by checking the wiring at the door hinge as this often gets damaged, the problem could be just a broken wire.
  10. try disconnecting the sensors one at a time and see if the constant bleep stops.if it does the sensor which is not connected could be dodgy.
  11. this is a common problem on the mondeo, there are two thermostats and the second one which is called the oil cooler thermostat plays up and causes the temp gauge issues (moving up and down when travelling) there are plenty of posts on the web and guides to changing this component which should solve the problem.
  12. When they changed the sensors do you know if they checked the wiring for damage?
  13. it could be a fuel filler neck seal you require
  14. 1.it could be one of the door switches for the light has got a constant earth. 2.if all the fuses are ok check for power at the tail light and that the earths are in good condition.the reverse could be the gearbox switch. 4.at 21 years old i would change the fluid first, 5.it could be a ratchet gog on the winder thats missing a tooth causing the noise.is there power to the motor on the sunroof? if there is it could be the motor itself or the tracks that are ceased up.
  15. as stated above check all the fuses, also check that the earth track to the ecu has not burnt out but to be honest anything could have been spiked and damaged including the ecu itself, even if the leads had been attached correctly you should not jump start a car with a smart charge system as the alternator can instantly chuck 18 volts through the system and cause damage, a little knowledge is a dangerous thing.
  16. is there anything in the booklet or on the menu settings about sound around which enables you to tune the radio to the dvd player via an FM frequency.
  17. sorry web builders but i have to agree, make it complicated and members wont bother with it,i think it now takes twice as long to scan topics
  18. the question to ask is how did the oil get onto the belt? and to make sure it dose not happen in the future.
  19. the other problem is that when fitting a helicoil you have to redrill and tap out the hole to fit the new helicoil,you may get the swarf fall into your engine from doing this.
  20. front facing Truveio cameras use an infrared flash as not to distract drivers so if you saw the falsh it was not a Truveio camera,
  21. I would say the problem is with the garage that did the tracking did not lock the steering wheel to the central position before adjusting the tracking which would cause the steering wheel to be of center.
  22. any physical alteration to the turbo will throw it of balance, lots of companys due a spray turbo cleaner so try on of these first.
  23. wow no help within 15 mins from the forum at 10pm so decided to have a go because jmurry decided to delete his own post, then wonders why he gets no assistance what an attitude.well said Stoney & Sean.
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