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  1. hello everyone i have a 2000 Focus with an rds 5000 stereo unit. Cd mulithcnager fitted ( and working ) and also the steering column controls fitted ( but NOT working ). i have a 'spare' plug behind the stereo,which doesnt plug in anywhere,as i dont have a spare slot on the back of the stereo.I had a look at the back of an rds 6000 and i couldnt see any extra ports but apparantly these support cd multichangers and remote steering controls. i think this 'spare' plug is the remote control,and i think that it isnt working,as its not plugged into the stereo anywhere.Are there 6000's with an extra port to plug this into , or can i remove the plug and put the wires into one of the existing connections. apologies if this isnt particularly clear hope someone can help me thanks jamie
  2. 6000 Rds Lock / Need Pin Pls

    thanks , much appreciated
  3. i have bought a 6000rds from my mate at a salvage yard , but apparantly it is locked AND i need the pin serial number is M 141 299 thnx alot , not sure what to do about the locked part ??
  4. Help Code Needed For 5000 Stereo

    Thnx Tictac , worked a treat
  5. I foolishly took my stereo out to have a look at the connections at th back , pulled out the wrong one and now i need to enter a 4 digit code unlock it. the serial number is M204898 , if anyone can help would be greatly appreciated. thanks
  6. Focus 5000 Rds Stereo

    Hi all , 1st post so bear with Me I've recently bought a 2000 Focus LX with the 5000 RDS stereo. It has the control stalk on the sterring wheel but this appears not to work. Also it has the 6 cd changer fitted. Is the remote control compatible with this head unit ( therefore just a case of wiring it in ) or do i need another head unit which will use the remote and the cd changer ???
  7. Can't Decide Which Focus To Buy