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  1. Cabin Noise 1.8 Tdci Style 57

    Thanks for that - its not wind noise, definitely engine noise ie can hear more of the engine than in our 1.6 or friends 1.8 53 reg
  2. Cabin Noise 1.8 Tdci Style 57

    I have the above car and to be honest its quite a noisy car, quite a bit of engine noise within the cabin. Went in a colleagues 53 1.8 tdci and was completely different, could hardly hear a thing, which is similar driving experience to our other 1.6 tdci zetec 58 reg. Wondered if my 1.8 noise is normal for that age/model/engine, ie was noise muffling skimped on or was the engine not a great one, or should I get a dealer opinion? Any comments appreciated
  3. Hello buddy :) The best thing to do if you are unsure is to get on youtube or google dash removal and type what car you have and it will show you how to diy it, Its sounds like it could be loads of things but the quickest way to deal with any problem is to iron out the ones it could be as you can have 150 things its not but only 1 that is causing it, Start off by removing the glove box, :)

  4. 2007 Ford Focus 1.8 Tdci Engine Rattle

    I have a metallic vibration that sounds like its coming from deep in dashboard somewhere on my 57 reg 1.8tdci.Sounds like 2 pipes kncking together. Trim warranty only 1 year and now out of the 3 year warranty so I aint paying. Funnily enough cant hear a thing when I ramp up my Linkin Park CD :-) Seriously would love to find out what the cause us though!
  5. Vibration Noise Under Dashboard

    I have identical issue, again Ford dealer say trim only covered for a year and I def aint paying - mines a 57 reg 1.8 tdci
  6. Vibration Noise Under Dashboard

    no performance issues, just had its 3rd dealer service, they say it sound like in the dashboard but not under warranty for that so I aint paying!!
  7. Vibration Noise Under Dashboard

    Have a vibrating noise under dashboard whilst revving and coming off the revs, sounds like 2 things tapping together Any ideas what could be? 2007 1.8 tdci
  8. Diesel 3Rd Service Cost

    Haggled and got it down to 250 Service + MOT, seemd reasonable to me
  9. Diesel 3Rd Service Cost

    Thanks for reply, its a 57 reg
  10. Diesel 3Rd Service Cost

    Hi everyone Focus 1.8 tdci is due its 3rd service, any ideas on what cost I should be happy to pay. Been quoted £277 by one ford service centre and £225 by another ford dealer.
  11. Vibrating Noise

    I have a 57 reg Focus 1.8 TDCI. Have also got a 1.6 58 dpf version as well. Have a noise when coming off revs on the 1.8, hard to explain, kind of like a metallic vibration. Dealer said it was engine cover laying on air con pipe and they had sorted (but they havent) Anyone got any ideas what it might be, or whether it is normal on the 1.8. My 1.6 is a completely diff sounding engine