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  1. Mk2 19" Wheels

    Hi does anyone have a MK2 Kuga with 19" wheels, could you measure the wheel centres? I would like to get some DMB overlay for them. Paul
  2. Breakdown

    Have a look at the boot switch. I had it randomly open twice on me while driving (stopped at traffic lights) thought nothing of it. went away for a few days came back dead battery. thought the battery was end of life so got a new one and a few weeks later that also went dead. replace the rear boot handle and it has been fine for 5 months now :D part was about £25 and took 30 min to fit
  3. New Works Van - Fiesta Trend

    looks just like my van, apart from mine has parking sensors. Paul
  4. Hello all, I have a question for you, I currently have 195/45/16 on my fiesta 2010. Do I go for? 185/55/15 or 175/65/14 I need to buy the steel wheels, the tyres I have been looking at are Michelin alpine’s Thanks Paul
  5. Bye Bye Fiesta - Hello Volvo C30 R Design!

    its a 2010 fiesta van, just spoke to the local garage and they did the work under warranty took a few hours. Thanks Paul
  6. Bye Bye Fiesta - Hello Volvo C30 R Design!

    Volvo's are great cars, i have a V50 and fiesta van. love both cars but the fiesta has been the best. fault list on the volvo: leaking rear washer hose leaking shark fin new gearbox wind noise on the drivers door when traveling over 60mph cracked sump SCU (start control unit) where the key goes Steering lock motor cambet ideler alternator lose wheel tracking like mad. fiesta: rubber door seal came off would i but another volvo YES main deailer was crap best thing i ever did was to find a independent volvo dealer
  7. I Need Total Closure In My Life...

    how about http://www.directcarparts.co.uk/product/403/an0031/an0031-microscan-window-closure-int.html i have one in my hand. not sure where to pickup the signal wire from tho. is they a signal wire for the deadlocking? Paul
  8. Front And Rear Fiesta Rubber Mats

    try the main dealer. I got 2 front mats orignal fiesta one, i think they were £20.00 Paul
  9. Boost Gauge

    if anyone has an android phone get an aplication called torque from the market place. you need a bluetooth OBD2 reader. ebay Bluetooth ELM327 Diagnostic Interface Scanner OBD2 they cost about £26.00 from a uk seller. its great you can monitor lots of different sensors in the car. the torque website is http://torque-bhp.com/ Thanks Paul
  10. Passenger Airbag???

    i would also look at this site about rear facing car seats http://www.rearfacing.co.uk/ Thanks Paul
  11. Bluetooth Phone Compatibility

    I have a HTC HD2 and it works fine, only down fall the names are surname then first name. Thanks Paul
  12. Mk7 Headlamps Driving On The Continent

    you just need some lens deflectors. http://www.halfords.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/product_storeId_10001_catalogId_10151_productId_172996_langId_-1_categoryId_165458 Paul
  13. Auto Windows Open/shut

    you need Window Closure Unit i have one sat in my draw at work but my van is only 2 months old, so i dont want to take it apart yet. you also need to find the trigger for the deadlock. Paul