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  1. New Induction Kit Mk7

    Hey guys Just found out on pumaspeed website there is a new induction kit out for the mk7 seems very very pricey for what looks a bit of plastic and a cone filter http://www.pumaspeed.co.uk/showdetails.jsp?productID=913 Discuss?
  2. Ipod Help Mk7

    Cheers for the help but that didnt work :/ It says USB Device Not Supported
  3. Ipod Help Mk7

    Just put a USB Pen in there only a 2Gig one with 20 songs on it and the same error, Im thinking of going back to the dealer and asking them...
  4. Ipod Help Mk7

    Hey there guys, I've been browsing these forums for a while now just having a look got my Fiesta Zetec-S about three weeks ago now, and I had read up on here that you could use a 3.5mm jack and a apple usb lead, so thats what I did, Connected it up with my iPod Touch Gen 1 and it worked really well, the other night drove down to tesco with the ipod on about 5 min drive. Got there did a bit of shopping got back in the car and then all of a sudden the iPod touch had froze so reset it and since then it hasn't worked. Every time I connect it I get the message USB Device Not Recognized, I have also tried a iPod Classic Gen 4 comes up with the same message and also a Gen 5 iPod with the same message. Any one have any ideas or shall I give ford a ring? Starting to get very annoyed with it now as I mainly got the usb so I could use the Steering wheel controls with it any help would be appreciated Thanks Chinn