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  1. Have confirmed today production of Focus with Sync 4 is currently happening and there will be (at least) a couple of weeks of full production so I am informed. However, sadly Fords way of clearing the backlog still seems to be downright stupid. I know of two orders built and gate released last week ordered in Jan/Feb 2022 but also multiple 2021 orders (some as far as 13 months back) that still have not been assigned build dates despite production having started 😡
  2. They wouldn’t be the first cars with Sync 4 I’ve seen advertised for September delivery either. Not sure what it is about September but at one point was told by my dealer (about 3 weeks back) they would have to just be guessing as there was no date for a production restart and that they would of course inform customers of this when they came to order. What they actually know is anyone’s guess, my dealer was probably just trying to get rid of me. Honestly for me though that’s the more annoying part. It isn’t the delays (only so much can be done given the current situation) but it’s the lack of clear, informative, honest communication from Ford and adverts/actual builds like that which make customers, some I know who have been waiting 9+ months now feel like they aren’t the priority (despite what they are told)!
  3. Sounds promising. Not sure it’s worth getting hopes up just yet but hopefully a few of those who ordered last year will start to get contact from dealers over the next week or so and Ford can start to clear this backlog!
  4. Sorry I think my point has been slightly misunderstood. I agree your car should be built in May (or honestly should have been built when they originally said which at a guess was probably March time?) but my local dealer told me Ford are not downgrading or cancelling current orders (as you say) and that they are not producing cars with Sync 4 currently so I don’t see how (even though it should) your car can actually be built in May. I think this is the crazy part, that Ford are essentially lying to customers saying their car will be built in May even though it won’t in the hope that giving an unrealistic date and changing it last minute will stop customers cancelling orders because their car is getting built soon. Sadly this is still the case for many who ordered Sync 3 cars it seems. They are been produced currently though is my understanding from my local dealer so hopefully you won’t have to wait too much longer.
  5. This is crazy to me. It is my understanding no Sync 4 models are currently being built (they are only producing base car (Trend here in the UK), Titanium Style, Active Style and ST Line Style) so not sure how your Titanium Vignale will be built in May. Hope I’m wrong for you of course but if that is true it seems bad of Ford to not be updating the system and making customers think their car will be built this month even though it won’t!
  6. Are you sure it wasn’t 2023 🙈 I had asked about this when a friend of mine (who ordered a month or so after me) was told May at the same time mine was delayed with absolutely no estimated date (and I still don’t have one). My dealer told me there is no production currently and that no Focus models will be produced in May. Good luck though, I hope for you it does get built then!
  7. 3 months sounds like it was always very ambitious to be honest. Even before the production issues I heard of people who ordered in October/November last year who weren’t getting manufacture dates before April. Q4 is quite a delay though and must be frustrating!
  8. That’s great news! Hope you enjoy your new car. Out of interest was your initial order placed in September, October or later? Just trying to gauge where mine might be in the queue 😀
  9. Interesting, initial reports seemed to suggest production would be shut down last week for a few months but I guess not. What model did you order and when?
  10. I’m sure some of you have seen online but apparently production of the Mk. 4.5 is at a halt until at least July because of shortages of Sync 4 components linked to the Ukraine war. This includes having stopped all orders and the removal of build and price from the website (which is the case, at least in the UK). Apparently the news went out to dealers Friday. Has anyone who ordered actually received confirmation about this from their dealer yet? Is this going to force Ford to reopen Mk. 4 production? My dealer told me they knew nothing of this and that my car was still on track for the originally quoted delivery but I find that hard to believe!
  11. Seems they are slowly starting to arrive in UK dealerships now, hopefully the wait won’t be too long for those that put orders in last year.
  12. Thanks everyone who’s replied so far. The information is really helpful. I have considered a few different models (although not all the ones listed). My shortlist has ended up at the Leon and Focus (which spec for spec here in the UK seem to be about the same price, both a little cheaper than the golf). I was leaning towards the Focus purely because I’ve had nothing but good experiences with my little Fiesta but reading on here maybe the new Fords aren’t quite as good? Thanks for this, I had a proper look and it really is quite comprehensive and much easier than some manufactures build sections I’ve looked at. I don’t think I’d go for the Vignale spec (they seem a bit pricey for me) and titanium seems like my sweet spot (I quite like look of the upgrades Sync 4 screen). Does anyone here have any experience with the Ford adaptive cruise? I’ve seen mixed things that some systems are pretty good and some a bit jerky but not much on the Ford one. Interesting to hear conflicting thoughts on the MHEV modes. I might see if my local Ford dealer has a vehicle with one I can test drive to get gauge how I feel. I’m sure MHEV or not though they will be both be a huge improvement on my 1.2 fiesta petrol.
  13. I spoke with a dealer today (UK) who quoted me 6 months. Not sure I believe them but there it is. Thinking about ordering one to replace my 2011 Fiesta (in need of a bit more space). As you can imagine I’m quite behind on car tech stuff, what trims/engines (would be petrol)/options do the good people here recommend as worth the upgrade price?
  14. Welcome to Ford Owners Club - Ford Forums. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

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