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  1. Fiesta Mk7 Tuning

    Yeah,thanx. Another question(i m the question man here :D ).....what do you think it would look better,a bonnet bra or a front spoiler and black tinted headlights(for frontal tuning)
  2. New Sony Radio For The Mk7

    it has nothing to do with fiesta and our dash bords.....it would ruin the whole bord
  3. Fiesta Mk7 Tuning

    Please give me a link about that console.thanx Question: How do you think would look a fiesta blue vision with chrome ornaments(titanium) having OZ Ultrallegera RED edition....how do you think these two colors would associate? (Blue vision with Red)
  4. Fiesta Mk7 Tuning

    Yeah,thanx,i asked the guy who has it yesterday,he told me that that the messages from the cars computer ar not displayed so it s a ,,no,, I found one in my country which is suposed to have steering wheel comands also....i guess i will next month and ask about the info that displays.. In my opinion the new sistem must come as an upgrade so it has to have the old ones functions.....i hope i will find one like that....if i do,i will tell you...
  5. New Fiesta Problem

    it doesn t have to be a cd,i had the same problem once with an usb stick but i started the engine gave the sound system an on/of and stoped the engine....like that the problem was sloved...
  6. Debadging

    Caution with the cars over a year older...it tends to be much difficult after a long period and it could also be a difference in the paint under the badge,,,
  7. Fiesta Mk7 Tuning

    I m thinking to do a full intake and exhaust...17 alloys i won t put on it because in my country the roads are not quite smood and i would probably smash them in a week..so i will use 16s from OZ i guess... Do you know if i can find a system to replace my dysplay with a bigger one and a dvd,tv,gps...? I want something wich also displays the car info..like ,,open doors,, and ,,air vent,, . Thanx for feedback and i wait for other suggestions....
  8. Fiesta Mk7 Tuning

    Hi guys,i have a fiesta mk7 titanium 1.25 82hp and i want to make a few modifications on it this summer. I am interested i a bit of power on the low revs(as much as possible without turbo) and ofcourse exterior and interior tuning.. My buget is a max 5000 euros....and i want to make things that last...not bling bling things and by no means modifications wich in time deteriorate the engine or other parts of my beloved car... So help my with some suggetions... Please advise me and give me also some links from where i can order the parts nedeed.. I really want to make this car unique but not in a ostentative way... B) Sorry for my bad english..
  9. Mk7 1.25 Power Loss, Cold Starting Problems

    i have the same problem but i found the solution....dont start moving by releasing the clutch and pressing throttle but just by releasing the clutch easy...like with a diesel,the engine wont die,the car will move so move a few meters and than press the throttle...the car will move with 1200 rpm so it s no harm done...i asked at a dealership ford and they told me that this is a fault on most of the 1.25 engines...