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  1. Hi everyone, I just took delivery of my new Ranger Thunder, and I need a neat hands free system for it. I would like a system that is integrated as much as possible, something I dont have to recharge or plug in when I first get into the truck. I have seen some nice Parrot stuff, and a guy at halfords said they would fit it for me, only thing is, Im not too keen on having wires coming out from between the dash panels. There is a blanked off panel under the radio, and one of the Parrot systems looked like it would fit well on this pannel, and the Halfords guy said they could pop the pannel out and drill a few holes and route all the cables in through there nice and neatly, but my question is - is there anything better? This pannel in the front must be for something, so I am wondering if ford do any hands free stuff that will sit in this slot and will look much neater and more standard than the Parrot system? I am reluctant to have some ugly thing stuck onto the dashboard if there is a neat and clean solution to the problem. This is the Parrot I saw at Halfords Any advice? Thanks a lot, Pete.