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  1. Loud Noise From Car .help

    Thanks I'll try to get that. Could I take the fuse out for the central locking. Would this effect the immobiliser
  2. ive a 2007 fiesta and when locked I can hear a knock/thump coming from around the doors, sometimes it gets really loud and someone in a car park phoned the police recently and thought something was trapped. Then its quiet for days and then back again, its very hard to say where the exact noise is coming from. Im at my wits end with this noise so if anyone can shed any light i'll be really grateful.
  3. Strange One!!!

    Hello all heard a strange noise in my 2008 fiesta tonight when sitting stationery and locked, its like a cat scratching from the inside, on closer inspection it seems to be coming from the inside of the passenger front door. I unlocked the front door and after about 5 mins it started again, its only doing it periodically. Anyone shed any light, is it central locking?
  4. Radio Code

    Hi all, done my belt at the weekend and was sure a had a radio code but not so. The serial number starts with a v, do I need to contact ford or does anyone know a solution. many thanks
  5. Fiesta Timing Belt

    is their a timing kit for doing these belts? I don't think you can slacken the crankshaft pulley without one
  6. Fiesta Timing Belt

    thanks Barry, will get it sorted this week.
  7. Fiesta Timing Belt

    Hello all ive a 2007 1.4 fiesta with 56k on the clock. when is the timing belt due? Am I correct in saying this is a 1.25 engine? What can I expect to pay for getting the belt done? Thanks in advance
  8. Heater Control Panel

    Hi Gary Hasn't recently been filled, if I push hard on the control it works but is starting to wear so needs replaced, apparently its a common fault
  9. Heater Control Panel

    Hello all, Can anyone tell me how to remove the heater control panel on a 2008 1.4 petrol fiesta? Mine wont adust the heat from the screen
  10. Heater Control Panel

    Hello all, can anyone tell me how to remove the heater control panel on a 2008 1.4 fiesta?
  11. Heater Control

    Thanks guys, i'll get a look tomorrow
  12. Heater Control

    Ive a 08 fiesta 1.4 and the air is constantly blowing at the windscreen, the control will turn ok but air still stays at windscreen. any advice welcome in what I need to do
  13. Heater Control Panel

    Ive a 2008 fiesta style 1.4, the heat is all going to the windscreen, when i turn the knob to direct it to your feet or any where else nothing happens. Are these electrically controlled or is there cables controlling it. Thanks in advance
  14. need to do my rear trailing arm bushes on my mk1 focus, Can I do them on the vehicle or do I need to drop the subframe
  15. Abs Light On

    Thanks stewie, taking it to auto tech this morning. Reckon the unit is faulty. He says its very common on fiestas