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  1. Strange Electrical Issue

    They certainly can, I currently drive an old Land Rover Discovery and Im not kidding the first port of call for any problem is knock it a few times with a mallet and more often than not it sorts it out, probably not to be recommended for the Mondeo :D
  2. Strange Electrical Issue

    Yes it was really lose, lose enough to lift off without much pressure so I remain hopefull that is the issue resolved, The battery thats fittted I agree that its AH is too low for the car, Ill probably invest in the more heavy duty Bosch versions for peice of mind anyway and luckily the battery brace was inplace and holding it solid Much appreciate your help and advice
  3. Strange Electrical Issue

    Ok when I got home I had a look at the battery and its a Bosch S3 004, looks relativley new but is much smaller than the battery tray, not sure wether its silver calcium but the negative terminal was very lose, tightened it up and it started up straight away no problem. Voltage through the gauge sweep(cant find my multimeter) was 12.2 with engine off and 14.7 with engine idling so it all appears much more healthy, Ill keep my eye on it over the next few days and report back but it looks as though the lose terminal may have been the problem thanks again
  4. Strange Electrical Issue

    Hi there and thanks for the reply, I thought it was strange that there was no power whatsoever not even to click the starter solenoid, as if someone had removed the battery all together. Then a few hours later it started first turn of the key no problem. I did note though after it starting up it was idling very slightly erratically presumably from the ecu resetting, during this time the lights were slightly flickering as the revs moved up and down. I will check the condition of the battery and leads when I get home and report back Cheers
  5. Hi Guys Just got hold of a 51 TDDI Ghia 77,000 miles and 1 owner from new with FSH! It runs really well but has developed a strange problem whilst its been sitting up my path waiting to be insured. I have started it up each day to keep the battery in order and it has been fine for the first 3 days. However yesterday I was playing with the gauge sweep function and flicking through the different parameters and decided to start the car whilst looking for DTC, as soon as I turned the key all lights went out and the car was completely dead. No dash lights no interior lights no central locking just completely stone dead, anyway I suspected the battery was well and truly dead so I left the car for a few hours. Went back to it abit later and the interior lights were back, dash light up on ignition and the car started fine ?????? Went through the gauge sweep again to check voltage and it started around 11.8v and then rose to a steady 14.7v even with all the gadgets switched on. Any ideas on this one? Cheers
  6. Tdci Problems

    Im fairly sure the servo gets brake pressure from the vacuum created in the inlet manifold? Perhaps a damaged turbo would cause a high build up of pressure in the vacuum tube causing your problem. Long shot maybe but nobody else contributed :/ , Also If it turns out your turbo has gone for gods sake don't pay them 3 grand get a recon or a second hand turbo.
  7. Remapping

    I have a tuning box on my 1.6 TDCI and it transforms the vehicle, I mean it was fairly smooth and powerful to begin with but with the box on it pulls very easily from 1000rpm which has so far done wonders for the fuel economy. The increase in power is amazing, right upto 4000rpm it will pull very strong but its the in gear acceleration that has improved the most, 50 to 70 in 4th gear timed roughly at 4.7 seconds. The only fly in the ointment with a tuning box on this engine is its an absolute ball ache to fit as PSA in their wisdom decided to hide the common rail plug under the fuel filter in between the rear of the engine and the bulkhead. Of course tuning boxes are cheaper than remaps and in my case hasn't needed any modification to the DPF, but there will always be those owners who swear remaps are safer than boxes because all they do is falsify fuel data to the ecu bla bla. Im currently looking at employing a remap to go with my tuning box :P so how many more 320d's I can embarrass!
  8. Mk 7 1.6 Tdci (95Bhp) Mpg Issues, Anyone Else?

    That's a good idea, its always better to learn the characteristics of your own engine, one thing I learned about mine is that there was a dead spot from around 1000rpm to 1400rpm, which meant I would have to floor it when making a quick jump out at a roundabout or junction in turn lowering my mpg figure. The tuning box I fitted has removed the dead spot completely, it will pull away safely at just 1000rpm. That's the trick with tuning boxes, they don't work with black magic, its all about using the extra torque and power to get you the same speed without using as much throttle and it seriously does work. I presume it would void your warranty if someone at the dealership discovered it, I bought an extension cable with mine so I can remove the box but leave the wiring in place making it unnoticeable. Removing the whole thing every time it went near a dealer would be a real pig as its an extremely difficult job to remove and refit, and yes its completely untraceable through OBD or ECU logs. I couldn't recommend mine enough :) PS current mpg figure is at 53.1 thats only town driving
  9. Fiesta 1.25 Zetec Starting Problems

    Try giving the idle control valve a good clean with some WD40, may need to be replaced. Failing that another common one is the crank position sensor
  10. Desiel Loss Of Power??

    cracked or split intercooler pipe sounds most likely as the others suggested
  11. Low Fuel Economy

    What sort of MPG are you achieving at the moment?
  12. Mk 7 1.6 Tdci (95Bhp) Mpg Issues, Anyone Else?

    I have the 110 version in my Focus and I too was disappointed with the fuel economy getting in the mid 40s with normal driving around town. In the end I invested in a Synergy 1 tuning box from RoverRon which is basically exactly the same as all those £300+ tuning box's only better made and half the price. The difference it has made to my vehicle is staggering....its increased to torque and power so much that I don't have to use as much throttle to gain the speed I want. My local commute route, about 4 miles of busy roundabouts and dual carriageway normally gave me 43 to 47 mpg with the box set to no.9(highest setting) I achieved 57mpg. I never expected it to make so much difference... Of course fitting a tuning box to these engines is a real pain in the backside and if you don't drive to compensate the extra power it will use more fuel. Personally I couldn't recommend RoverRon's box enough :P
  13. 1.6 Tdci Fuel Economy

    Well I went ahead and fitted the box today, was an absolute pain. Trust me people are not exaggerating just how frustrating it is fitting a tuning box to one of these engines. In the end though it was completely worth it. Mid range was always good at standard setup but now from 40 to 70 its astonishingly quick, even after spending 2 hours blasting round the local country lanes I still averaged 44mpg something that would have been considerably lower before. As a test I did my local commute route and averaged 57.8mpg which is the highest I have every achieved on that route in this car(all busy town roads). In this respect its obvious that If you drive correctly when using a box they do what they say on the tin. Word of warning though, the many guides out their that suggest you to look for the RED common rail plug are now incorrect for the 2010 onwards 1.6 TDCI engine. The plugs are now BLACK which I can only presume is Ford/PSA's way of hiding it.
  14. 1.6 Tdci Fuel Economy

    Well after 5000 miles Im still not seeing an improvement on economy. I've bitten the bullet and invested in a RoverRon tuning box to see if I can get this figure of 42-46 mpg any higher. It should be with me in a few days and once fitted(going to be a pain) ill be sure to advise of the results.