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  1. Microfiche Focus Titanium

    Thanks Pidu, but these seem to be much older models. I will try to go back on the link and see if there are any more up to date. Are part numbers in Russia same as here?/?? Anyone any other ideas on this. cheers
  2. I have front end damage to my titanium 1.8 2010 focus. Mainly grill and front bumper/bumper mounting. Does anyone know where on internet or other that I can download or find a blown up diagram or microfiche that covers the parts needed so that I don't get halfway through the job and find I'm short of bits. Guidance much appreciated. cheers john
  3. Have a MOT due next week on my Focus 2 litre hatch 2002 and am having a problem getting the correct handbrake cable for it. The rear brakes are disc. Went to motor factor (Dingbros) and was supplied with a set which they were sure were the ones for my car after giving them the reg number etc. The cables were just two single cables, marked L and R with a central swivel at the handbrake end. One side fitted fine but the other side was 3 to 4 cms short and couldn't go on the caliper arm without the brake being on full. As I always use this motor factor it was no problem putting the cable back unused, but going to my ford dealer they cost twice as much, use the same computer program to look up the part, and will not take the cable back if it is the wrong one. So I am stuck between a rock and a hard place! Any ideas,help, suggestions would be appreciated john