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  1. Cooling Fan

    can anyone help my engine management light on on the dash and the cooling fan seems to be running most of the time ,checked the waterand oil levels all ok temp gauge says ok aswell took it togarage puton machine nothing came up and the light went off said it might be heat sensor day later the lights back on and fan running again by the way its a 57 plate 1.6 petrol climate
  2. Problem Reprograming Key Fob

    its been dried out for a few days now , the problems reprogramming it to the car to get the central locking working
  3. hi all my wife washed my keyand then it wouldnt work soi put a new battery in ,ive tried the key method turning it of and on 4 times then buzz noise and tried pressing button on remote but no sound ,key starts engine but none of the remote buttons are working ,its a focus 57 plate does anyone no what i can try or will it be a new keyfob needed thanks in advance for any help