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  1. Thanks for your help. The dealer is saying it's factory but I'm not convinced when majority of titanium x's don't look like that. Who can do that check for me on here??
  2. yes but does it still have to be declared as some kind of body kit on insurance. as its the st220 front and back bumper and i have never seen other Titanium x's with side skirts here is a link to what most Titanium X models for sale look like the bumpers are totally different and it has no side skirts like the one my dad has just purchased! http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/2007-FORD-MONDEO-3-0-V6-TITANIUM-X-5DR-HATCHBACK-PETROL-/171259740051?pt=Automobiles_UK&hash=item27dfe03f93
  3. My dad has just purchased this Titanium x and it looks like it has st220 front and back bumpers and side skirts but the trade seller is saying that was an option from the factory for the bodykit? is that right does anyone know. Looking around at other titanium x's for sale i have come across 2 others with same bumpers and side skirts that say factory fit but most of the others are different. just want to know for insurance purposes. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/2005-55-Reg-FORD-MONDEO-3-0V6-TITANIUM-X-59000-MILES-TAX-TILL-END-JULY-/141317881910?pt=Automobiles_UK&hash=item20e733c036
  4. dp1987

    Focus Mk2 Alloys Choice Confusing??

    yeh looks like ill have to check using the chassis number to be sure. Im going to view a Titanium tuesday that has the zetec alloys on for some reason lol. thanks for the help!
  5. dp1987

    Focus Mk2 Alloys Choice Confusing??

    well whats the 2nd link alloys then ive seen them quite regular?? and they look alot better. I viewed a 2.0 zetec with the 17's on and was to scared to buy it incase they were not classed as factory standard by the insurance company as im not paying £300 a year more for 1 inch extra lol. ive also seenTitanium models with the Zetec alloys also why is that?
  6. Hi as previously posted on my other thread ive been looking for a mk2 2005/2006 black Focus for less than 4k for the last few months. As other members have already informed me knowing whats on each model is a can of worms as there are so many extras and choices like the 1.6 100hp and 115hp and the climate packs etc. But the one thing im having the most trouble with is the ALLOYS! there are so many different styles. I only want a ZETEC or TITANIUM petrol 1.6,1.8, or 2.0 model but i have seen 3 diiferent styles of alloys on these 2 models and i dont know which are standed or was there an upgrade choice when buying new? The only reason i need to know is if i buy a 2.0 model its already expensive insurance and i know with insurance comapanies being cowboys about not having what they refer to as factory standard alloys on then they can invalidate your insurance or not pay out etc..and when i add that they have upgrade alloys on that are 1inch bigger the insurance quotes go up about another £300 a year. But what are classed as standard factory fit alloys when i see so many different ford styles on the mk2 that could have been part of an upgrade pack when baught new. I know what the 16 inch alloys on most Zetec's look like but i have also seen these on the Titanium. Then i have seen quite a few qith 17 inch alloys on and some Titaniums with totally different again! Please look at these links to the alloys im referring to that i see on the Zetec's and Titaniums but never on one exact model which is strange: The first link is the one's i see most on Zetec's but also on some Titaniums?? the 2nd link i have also seen on alot of Zetec's and look alot better than the first. http://www.fordparts...17940_c_259.htm http://www.fordparts...84604_c_259.htm http://www.fordparts...22255_c_259.htm
  7. dp1987

    Whats The Best Focus Mk2 Trim/model?

    Also forgot to add.. I dont get the MK2 TRIM choices?? The LX virtually has nothing on it and wheels that should be on a pram. The SPORT i really dont get as there is nothing even sporty about it. It dosnt even have a sporty suspension etc like the Zetec.. Has this got a better 1.6 engine? Zetec is nice with better alloys but virtually impossible to find in 3 door. And the Titanium which is the nicest and at least has 17 inch alloys on from what i have seen but alot seem to be TD models and i would love a 2.0 petrol version as they seem to be cheaper to buy with the insurance and tax being more.
  8. dp1987

    Whats The Best Focus Mk2 Trim/model?

    I know the Focus ST p11ssses all over the standard models for looks and performance but its not so much the performance that im buying for as i mainly get stuck in busy traffic to and from work anyway its just the looks. And as i have been looking for a mk2 for the last few months i can count on 1 hand how many i have seen that look really good with better alloys etc. Every model i am seeing has either wheel trims or tiny alloys. I have owned 2 mk1's and my current car and u see hundreds for sale with 17 inch st alloys or 18 inch alloys that just set the car off alot better.. but all the mk2's for sale are just so bland and basic interior :( I love Focus's having had three of them since passing my test and they have all been faultless but im almost getting swayed as im having such a hard time finding a mk2 that looks a little better than the standard one's on the road. I have been looking at mondeo's and im shocked at the great extra's and luxury interior on the st220's and the Titanium x's compared to the Focus of the same age.
  9. dp1987

    Whats The Best Focus Mk2 Trim/model?

    thanks for the feedback. We buy any c** offered me £680 for my focus which is laughable given the condition. I would expect to get near £1200 selling private as most dealers still charge £1800-£2000 for the same thing. I have £2800 to spend and then the money from selling my car so selling private is a big bonus as i would then have around £3800 at least to buy a mk2 with then i would spend the extra over a few months getting ST alloys etc. I find the huge gap in price weird considering i could get a good spec 04 plate mk1.5 for £2000 all day long but a 05 plate bog standard mk2 is around £3000-£4000 for anything with less than 80k on the clock and then the facelift mk2.5 is not much more than the mk2. Im also shocked at how few 3 door models are available in the mk2 range to buy. Would it hit my insurance much turning it into an ST replica?? as i always seem to see alot of young lads with ST replicas. My insurance is around £120 a month on a 1.6 but a real ST would set me back £200 a month which is a joke considering i almost got a Mondeo st220 3.0 as they only wanted £165 for that even though its as fast as the Focus version. If i cant get a find a good mk2 model focus soon having looked for the last few months i will have to consider an 05 plate mondeo which new would have cost alot more than the focus but is around £1000 cheaper for the same sort of models.
  10. Hi i have a mk1.5 Ford Focus Chic special edition at the moment which has heated leather seats etc and looks better than the standard mk1 models. Now im wanting to buy a MK2 Focus around a 2005/06 plate and im shocked at how bog standard and basic most of the models are in the mk2 range. I cant find much on google about exact trim levels but the LX AND SPORT look very basic with tiny wheels. I was mainly looking for a Titanium but there doesnt seem many for sale and i cant work out what engine sizes there are in the hatchback range?? i would prefer a 2.0 petrol over the 1.6 and 1.8 models are they available in the Zetec also? I dont get why i cant find any with leather interior all i have seen so far is half leather. Was also wondering if anyone had any price ideas on what it would cost if i baught a zetec or Titanium and tried to make it stand out like an ST "which insurance is too pricey on with me being young". Is it only ST bumpers and side skirts that i would need? as i will be buying 18 inch alloys anyway as the standard 15/16 inch alloys look too small on the Focus i think. thanks..
  11. If anyone has a focus chic or zetec with the standard 15 inch alloys could u please tell me what code or colour triangle is on the bag with the locking nut in please. Or a spare for sale. here is a picture of the locking nut on my alloy has 6 heads on it
  12. Thanx for the advice but its almost my own fault because it was at an accident repair centre garage that replaced my rear bumper etc and they asked me have i got everything out and i said yes. and i left it in the boot with my jack which they did put back so they have probably removed my stuff to fix it and misplaced it as its only small. I had another focus a while back and didnt have the key for the locking nuts and a local garage still got them off with difficulty to do my breaks so im sure they can be smashed off and replaced with normal nuts cant they??
  13. I have noticed there is one for sale on ebay here http://www.ebay.co.u...=item41633a69b9 But i cannot find the code he is on about in my handbook. Would any ford focus locking nut tool work? as my dads mondeo one doesnt work on mine
  14. I have a ford focus chic 2002. It Has the locking wheel nuts on that the alloys come with on the chic model as standard. I Did have the key untill a bloomin repair centre garage lost it on me. Its too far to drive back to and ask them to get them off so what do i do?? I have heard there is a master key from halfords that i can buy but the cheapest things i can come across on there rubbish website are £11.99 for a laser alloy nut socket. I need to get them off cos if i get a flat tyre im stuck and i am not paying £12 incase it doesnt fit my locking nuts after all. I have read on various forums about key's u can buy for around £4-5 but cant find any that i know would fit my focus locking nuts. I just want to get them off and put normal nuts back on as the alloys are scuffed anyway so have not got to worry about theives. any help on how to get them off or what to buy that will definitely fit mine would be great. thanx
  15. dp1987

    Slight Shudder When Braking And Clutch In!

    Dont know if its the exact same thing but i have a 52 Focus CHIC aswell and when i first bought it while driving home i noticed the rev's dropped really low and it felt like it was going to stall when stopping. It was also really hard to get the biting point and enough power to take off without it shuddering. Then the engine warning light came on a week later. took it to my trusty garage and they did a full SPARK PLUGS AND COIL PACK change for £100 and that solved the problem. Its felt much more responsive and more nippy since i had that done.