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  1. Hi guys quick update, the car went into fords last Thursday. They looked at it on Friday and told me that the car has been involved in an accident they will not repair it under warranty. The quoted me £180 p/h. I had no choice but to give it to someone my mate knows recormended. I'll call him today hopefully it is all done :)
  2. Hi guys so I charged the battery again still no joy :( I have dropped it off to fords as its still under warranty hopefully they will fix it for free, I'm sure they will try wriggling out of it. Let you guys know what they find tomorrow
  3. hi, i tried bump starting it but all it did was show me a message telling me how to start it with the cluch down and pressing the power button. i dont have aa or rac cover, didnt think i would need it with a not even three year old car :( ill charge the battery again tomorrow and check the voltage in the evening hopefully its a simple battery change. i did try using jump leads and that didnt fix it either. if i cant fix it ill have to take it to the dealer. The car is in under warranty till the end of the month. ill let u guys no the results of the battery readings tomorrow :)
  4. hi mate, thanks for the swift reply. i charged the battery yesterday and a bit this morning and i still did the clicking noise. the clicking noise semed to be coming from the boot. i followed the sound it it lead to a fuse box. you think maybe the starter motor solonoid is stuck??
  5. hi, iv got a 2011 ford focus 1.6 petrol with keyless drive. The car will not start, i press the button all it does is clicks, an error message comes up saying "ford key free switch ignition off press ok". i also had a message come up saying that the batterty on the key fob needs replacing, which i changed. i dont know if this is related some one please help the car is stuck on my drive :(
  6. hey guys, i had an escort rs1600i which i was got as a project, sadly i had to sell it as i didnt have time or the funding to complete it. iv got spare parts i need to sell. i dont know what any of it is worth but i know some of it is getting rare. heres a list of alll the parts i have if you are interested in anything please email me on sinan_tahsin@hotmail.com i have pictures which i can email. inlet manifold headlights fan switch foglight switch boot lock mecagnism winscreen water bottle and level indicator and hoses set of doors in black electric window motor and glass included. passanger side glass for front and rear front suspention anti rollbar glove box bosch injection system twin coil pack rear shocks and springs brake connect arm instument cluster (needs a bit of attention as the mph needle is not on 0) heater matrix ecu for fuel system (blue box) ecu (has padding on it it goes in the car on drivers side) clock light dimmer switch and indicator stalk horn front bumper corners rear view mirror petrol cap and key gearbox and gaskets (needs attention it makes noise) alternator starter motor front suspention legs (there red) coolent bottle and level indicator clock brake peddle housing bonnet heating motor heating matrix wiring loom for complete car full interior with door cards and parcel shelf carpert set of 5 alloys need (refurbishing) radiator wing n/s turbo i think 2 belt tensioners for the front with the metel bracket bits theres loads of swiches and brackets in the boxes. front spliter rear spoiler thanks for looking
  7. hi i bought an escort 1600i mrk 3 with the intension of fixing it and bringing it bak to life. i got it running now all thats left is the body work. i found out to do this type of restoration you need space and time i dont have any of them. any one know wot its worth. thanks
  8. hi all, i was doing a spray and panel beating course at collage last year so i decided to get a car to restore so i got an escort 1600i in white. i got it home serviced it runs great so i decided to start stripping it down. i know tured 20 so i went to enroll for the second year of my course they told me £1,500 each course. i afford that so i got a job instead. the car is sitting on my drive i have no time to fix it or even sit in it. i think its time to to sell it :( does any 1 know what they are worth????? thanks
  9. hi all i have just been given an rs16000i escort from my uncle as a project as im learning to spray and pael beat. its in white and !Removed! rusty lol. does any 1 know were i can buy parts for it needs new arches , wings,rear bottoms corners pretty much needs to be stripped and rebuilt also does any 1 know were i can get cheap ht leads for it no 1 sells them any more its the 1 with the twin coil pack ill get sum pics up to show u all what i got my self into lol thanks