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  1. Happy Birthday ken24!

  2. hi guys just picked up 09 focus to day and noticed the trip computer backlight was still on for some time after locking the car is this normal as the radio goes straight out please help. :( ken
  3. PS3 or Xbox?

    ps3 all day long i've just upgraded to a 350gig sata hard drive loads of memory now with a sata hard drive u can go as big as 500 + sweet :D
  4. HI all can anyone tell me if it is possible to fit a later stereo to my focus 02 as i would like to keep the steering wheel controls and upgrade to a aux input for my ipod. the later 6000 cd seems to look a lot sharper on the corners than my old one .or could i change the stereo and heater facia off a later model say a 2007 and would the wiring harness be the same as this would save me a lot of time, money,and hair loss thanks a lot for any replies :)