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  1. 2013 Fiesta Powershift Problems

    Finally got my repaired car delivered back to me on 01 July Spoke to Ford UK and had a discussion on compensating me for being without a car for a week and also having an almost undrivable car for over a month - they made it clear they would not entertain any compensation. Happy I (finally) have a working car again and the clutch pack has fixed the issue, BUT last Ford I buy...
  2. 2013 Fiesta Powershift Problems

    My Fiesta went in to Sky Ford in Hemel Hempstead on 15 June 2015 Not seen it since !
  3. 2013 Fiesta Powershift Problems

    Update - finally received the Ford Rental (had to swap the first one due to a cracked windscreen) Still no update on my car repair. I am awaiting confirmation of the due date for the parts. The last I heard was a clutch pack had been allocated. Watch this space. P
  4. 2013 Fiesta Powershift Problems

    Just a quick update - a week down the line Still without a car, even through a Rental has been authorised, I am still waiting for Ford Rental to call. Endless calls to Ford UK, the Dealership and everyone is passing the buck.... Last Ford car I buy I think !!
  5. 2013 Fiesta Powershift Problems

    Many thanks zzzzztt Email sent and I will let you know the outcome.
  6. 2013 Fiesta Powershift Problems

    The latest: 15 June: ========================================== Sky Ford – Hemel Hempstead The software update was not successful The car cannot be returned as the clutch is still not working Car will need to be booked in for Sky Ford to open and look at the gearbox Contact Ford UK 15 June ========================================== To UKCRC1 15 Jun Sky Ford called to say that the gearbox will need to come out for the repair as the fix today has not worked. They asked me to contact you to organise a replacement car and they are mor the. Happy for you to contact them to discuss further. Kind regards, Paul 15 June ========================================== Phoned Ford UK Customer Relationship Centre 45 minutes on the phone to understand that: The software fix has not worked as plannedThey need to open the gearboxThey cannot authorise a hire car until this is done There is no ETA 15 June ========================================== to UKCRC1 15 Jun Hi *** I ended up phoning the Customer Relationship Centre to authorise a hire car. After speaking with a representative on the phone, he phoned Sky Ford and related the following: 1. The software fix has not worked 2. The Ford Customer Relationship Centre cannot authorise a car hire until Ford Warranty have authorised repairs - this requires Sky Ford to open the gearbox. This has left me completely in the lurch as I was led to believe this would be a fix performed in a day. I am now without a car completely and I had not planned for this. Can I re-emphasise that the car has been problematic for over 3 months and almost un-drivable for the last month with the powershift gearbox erratic behaviour. I would appreciate you chasing this for me and also getting me back on the road !! Kind regards, Paul 17 June ========================================== Phoned Ford UK Customer Relationship Centre *** Explained the issue and wanted an ETA on when the gearbox will be looked at. She contacted Sky Ford Hemel Hempstead. They have opened the gearbox – the parts are now on order. *** explained that now the parts are on back-order. She then explained that it would NOT be Ford Warranty who would authorise the car hire but Sky Ford would have to request this. *** at Sky Ford Service Department who would have to contact the Parts Department who when in-turn have to authorise the car hire. I seem to be again passed from person to person with no one owning the case and keeping me informed. 17 June ========================================== Spoke with *** at Sky Ford She is trying to organise this with the Parts Department. They currently have no ETA, but will try to ensure I have a car by the weekend. She has passed this to the Foreman. *** called to say he has emailed everything off to Ford UK to organsie and is expecting a reply today or tomorrow.
  7. 2013 Fiesta Powershift Problems

    *grrrrr* Okay, Ford UK Customer Relations Centre cannot authorise a hire car until Ford Warranty have authorised the repairs To authorise the repairs they need to open up the gearbox So, I am left with no car until all this happens *again grrrrr*
  8. 2013 Fiesta Powershift Problems

    Update: The software fix that "re-teaches the gearbox the biting point" has not worked. The dealership is unwilling to return the car as the problem was worse than they realised (and I take it that means dangerous). On the phone to Ford UK to aks them to authorise a replacement car until mine is repaired.
  9. 2013 Fiesta Powershift Problems

    Update: Wrote to Ford UK They in turn contacted my local garage and the car is booked in on Monday The garage said they have all been sent an update for the PowerShift cars that "re-teaches the gearbox the biting point" I will let you know how I get on. P
  10. 2013 Fiesta Powershift Problems

    Out of interest - how long did you suffer the issue after reporting it to your garage ?
  11. 2013 Fiesta Powershift Problems

    I am suffering this issue too Picked up my car March 2013. This year on the service (3rd March) I asked them to check the juddering gearbox. Report back that this will need to be looked at under warranty and they suspect it requires a 'clutch pack'. Phone call a month later to say they cannot locate any available clutch packs to book the car in. Sky Ford in Hemel Hempstead have phoned a couple of times since to say they have not forgotten about me, it is jsut there are no parts available. I am left with a car I am slowly beginning to hate driving.
  12. New Titanium X Auto

    The auto is great but you need to know that you need sports if you want it responsive. I found that in Drive it can be sluggish when you may need the power, but is there straight away in Sports. One major plus is the fuel economy. That is already noticable in the 300 miles I have done. You can easily put your foot down on a duel carriageway or motorway and not realise the speed, I have regularly found that I am doing 90 when before it would take an age to get there. Oops !!
  13. New Titanium X Auto

    My previous was a 1.4 auto (thanks for the profile note - now amended) but the 1.6 DSG is just so much better !! Improvements: Build Heated seats Electric Windows all round Engine now a 1.6 on the auto Loving the DSG gearbox - its fast in Sports Against: Microsoft Sync as it does not control the CD / Radio / Climate Control Not having a USB connector in the glove box
  14. New Titanium X Auto

    Here is a pic of the dash light.
  15. New Titanium X Auto

    Okay, I picked up my new car recently and as it is the new Auto (DSG) it differs a lot from my previous Fiesta. Today, I thought I would try the Sports mode, but as you select this a green light appears on the Dash (looks like a car going down a slope). Cannot find this anywhere in the instruction manual ! I think it is suggesting using this mode going down steep slopes (that would make sense as it drops the gears and holds them there) but thought I would check on here. Paul PS - loving the one touch windows on all four windows. Was only expecting that on the front two.