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  1. Hi Zico! I already reset the Sync module (I took out the correct fuse for 15 min aprox), but the problem continue. The same. I already check for any update in the Ford site, but there is not any file available (Theoretically I have the last version installed). See the image below. It is very strange. I think the only solution is reinstall the original version of Sync 1.0, but my ford Agency does not have the file.. Ay ay ay.....
  2. Hello Zico. Ok, thanks. I saw a video with an example about how AUX mode works with the BT audio. I share it here. Hope someone can help me. I think tha its a software issue, but I have note a "sync 1.0 install file" to test. Thanks again! Regards
  3. Hi Zico, thanks for your response. A few months ago, when I press the AUX Button, I could see the AUX menu. Today, the screen is completely black. No options.. Also, I have my phone connected to play music via blutooth, and I need to get into the AUX mode to do this.. If I press the "Phone" button, the bluetooth works perfect. I can make some calls, see my agenda, etc. So, the BT connection is working fine. I think that the problems is only with the AUX menu, to play music from my phone or USB. Is there some "setup file" that I can install in Sync to try to get it working again? Thanks a lot. Regards.
  4. Some more information. Maybe it can help... 😞
  5. I attached a photo with my problem.. Hope you can help me. Thanks!
  6. Welcome to Ford Owners Club - Ford Forums. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

  7. Hello! I´m from Argentina. I have a 2014 Ford Fiesta S Plus from Brazil. I have a problem with my aux mode. Everything is working fine with the radio, cd, "free hands", I can connect my cellphone with SYNC, and I can make calls without problems. But.... If I press AUX button, screen goes black and nothing happen. My cellphone is playing some music, but the screen still black and I can not see any option in the screen, can´t hear the music neither. If I try to install this update #5.11, will be a solution maybe? Sorry about my english ja! Regards. Hugo
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