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  1. After ten years of operating under the profile name @Lenny Tonight I must lose access to my profile due to changing my phone, My email address got hacked two years ago and I wasn't able to gain access again because my mobile number linked to the email address had changed so they couldn't text me verification code, As result I haven't been able to reset my login password on this forum in over two years however I have managed to continue accessing via my mobile phone as it remembers my login details, I'm now changing my Mobile phone tonight so this is goodbye to the lenny
  2. Theres a glass fuse inside the 12V plug, which you would ofcourse lose in the process which could allow a surge in your usb power socket which in turn could damage equipment or worse case ignite, You could fit an inline fuse to overcome this potential issue, Theres two options really; Fit a 12v socket to the orange loom plug and add an earth, then hose the 12v socket and plug inside the boot panel, Or Cut the 12v plug off, crimp in an inline fuse then what I would do in this case is crimp on a male spade connector and plug it in to the existing orange plug, this wa
  3. Thanks I've put slot of work in to it; too much really, I should have moved on to home improvement earlier in life but the screen is useful now for watching TV not that difficult to install. That's for lunch breaks during the day shifts at work; I don't want to disturb neighbouring vehicles in the car park by running my engine; so I've fitted a USB powered fan, I'm now looking at Diesel parking heaters in preparation for winter,
  4. No it's the yellow & Green not the Green & yellow 😉
  5. More of a cookoo or s storks now I've added two usb, 6 RCA for amplifier output, HDMI input from the centre console for Amazon fire stick, a further 6 RCA for tv tuner input and mirror screen output to the 10" roof monitor, and one final RCA input for the reverse camera, all RCA are on extended cables factory fitted to the rear of the pioneer headunit at staggered lengths to reduce the overall bulk. Had to temporarily remove the blower vents to fit my hands in there and tuck everything in while putting in the 7" screen. Shes tidy though
  6. Been a while since I done this to save space I chopped the factory plug and crimped directly to the pioneer aftermarket loom eliminates the requirement for a bulky iso adapter 😅 Anyway moving on to more relevant content: yellow & Green cable at the rear of the headunit on the mk2 & mk2.5 headunit is a switched ignition live feed fed from fuse F108 on the board Note: you will need to turn on the ignition to activate the DAB aerial amp, when wiring in this way, the headunit also has a permanent live supply which is a black & orange coloured cable fed from F112 on the
  7. +1 I'm 6ft 1 and a 38" waist Found the mk2.5 Focus ST Recaro a little bit narrow on the hips but they recline alot better than the standard and have additional height adjustment; good point checking to be sure the airbags are in good order, I had to transfer a seat belt socket across from my original seats as the one on the ST seat; the pre-tensioner had been activated rendering it unsafe; however it was a straight swap. For reference; heres how it looks when it's been shot, the metal bar protrudes from the cylinder and the seat belt socket goose neck is compressed
  8. Thanks for the recommendation 👍 @StephenFord for optimum results on the aerial your best to use a piggyback fuse adapter to an ignition live fuse By getting your ignition live from a piggyback instead of splicing in to the rear of the headunit you are better guaranteed to be providing the aerial with true 12v supply aswell as reduced white noise as the power isint coming from the same source and going in to the same unit, there separately sourced feeds. The mk2 focus fuseboard is a little different to the mk2.5 so my recommendation of fuse F100 being an ignition live might be d
  9. +1 same on my 1.6TDCi self calibration
  10. Also see here: https://www.fordownersclub.com/forums/topic/88750-titanium-x-rear-power-socket/ Similar to my guide on the focus: Guide to Fitting additional 12v Socket in Boot of Focus Click Here You may already have the loom fitted,
  11. Have you checked to see if there is a loom there already? Some models have the loom already fitted where ford then add a 12v socket to allow the use of a foam tyre compressor? Automotive electricians can charge copious amounts for small jobs which is the reason I began to get educated and do my own guides:
  12. ST-Line X is a trim option or choice of specifications Provided the seats are from the same era of vehicle the chassis which the seats bolt on to would be identical to that of an ST or even a climate spec model.
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