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  1. You could run some new cables from the headunit and fit some speakers in the locations
  2. Hi Rob I've created a guide on fitting a second reverse light to a mk2.5 focus, in the process I've spliced in to the original reverse light loom inside the boot panel, the process is exactly the same on the mk2 and there's fellow mk2 owners whom have post on the guide stating the colour of there reverse cable positive, On the mk2.5 it's green&yellow, I've also created a reverse camera fitting guide among the list see link below:
  3. Lenny

    Brake Caliper Paint

    Go straight for the upgrade appearance paint them mountune yellow
  4. Lenny

    Brake Caliper Paint

    F1 Chicane style
  5. Lenny

    Brake Caliper Paint

    For maximum performance and street credit I'd use plenty of masking tape, Spray on some primer then spray on the colour Also ensure to paint both sides evenly otherwise the vehicle will torque steer towards the side which has less performance.
  6. Lenny

    Changing Lights to LED

    +50 Street Credit from Halfords They should print street credit on there receipts like the VAT but it fluctuates depending on what items you bought for the car, Underneath LED Bulb £13.99 should say Street Credit Value +25% They do look fantastic and im Sorry for laughing just advice from Halfords isint generally what people take action on because there usually thicks, And buying from Halfords isint generally what people do, They go to Halfords or halfrauds for a look then purchase elsewhere for less on the internet. Last thing I'll say then is; some silvatec indicator bulbs would look great in those headlights too, there also available at Halfords but cheaper on eBay, They will pass an MOT and when fitting don't touch the bulb with your hands because your finger prints will stain the chrome tint coating on the bulbs, use a plastic bag or something to put over your hand then pick up the bulb.🙋‍♂️Hi5
  7. Lenny

    Things I Do Like

    Mine has gone that way too Think I need to replace the SD card
  8. Lenny

    Sony Subwoofer Retrofit?

    Don't waste your money on fitting "stock" Quote "from the 90's" It is possible to fit aftermarket no problem
  9. Lenny

    Things I Do Like

    I think dash cams have really helped in road safety, In an environment that is almost impossible to completely regulate, The dash cam helps to eliminate the trend setter and scam artist on the road, My dash cam recorded a 7 seater stop in front of me at a junction followed by reversing in to me then the driver tried to say I ran in to the back of him and his 6 passengers all got out 😅🖕 I emailed the footage to my insurance company whom he was also insured with and well he paid for a full repair on my focus #Sour
  10. Lenny

    Things I Don't Like

    I don't like feeling old in a way that I can't deny 😅 When I was in my twenties I used to work 7am - 7pm five days then 7am - 3pm on the Saturday off Sunday then in 11am-11pm for five days. I'm now 33 and usually only do 7am-3pm six days then off Sunday's in 3pm-11pm for five days then 7am-3pm on the Saturday off Sunday then in 11pm-7am for five nights mon-fri Anyway I've started to do 7am-7pm in work again this week staying on an extra four hours. I'm absolutely exhausted and body aching muscles lol I must be getting old
  11. Lenny

    Things I Don't Like

    Here's another one
  12. Lenny

    Things I Don't Like

    So are mine 😅
  13. Lenny

    Things I Don't Like

    Bit of a complaint and an unusual find here, i cant rant about it anywhere else so here goes lol On 31st January 2018 i purchased a television bracket from ebay uk for our daughters bedroom, the Bracket is called a LUMI LPA16-224 I don't personally remember that date 😅 but according to my eBay purchase history; that's when I bought it, I later purchased some plastic M6 nut caps in silver to enhance its appearance a bit when it's extended from the wall and here it is fitted there's even YouTube videos of it Bought first one for £18.99 on eBay with free UK shipping here's the old listing https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Tilt-Swivel-Corner-Mount-TV-Wall-Bracket-For-Samsung-LED-TVs-32-37-40-42-inch-/322043284918 I quite like its design and it fits tighter to the wall compared to other extending brackets on the market this one folds back to 27mm, Last week i tried to purchase a second one now for our bedroom and sadly there no longer available from the same seller, There's some stock still available on eBay but shipping is from California on this one which would leed to import charges https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Full-Motion-TV-Wall-Mount-23-26-27-32-36-37-40-42-Slim-Bracket-LCD-LED-VESA/222972447257 Others available from New Zealand, The only place I could find to purchase it in the uk was on Amazon but it's not sold as a "LUMI LPA16-224" anymore 🙁 nor is it sold for £18.99 anymore neither 😥 It's now branded as "Puremounts PM-MOTION-37" and selling for £46.42 https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B006COG2QO/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_awdb_t1_UUGXBbDHAT6KW I was reluctant to post this content back when I initially purchased the second bracket but now that it has arrived I can confirm they are exactly the same design and contain the exact same fixings in the same packets, the format layout of the installation manual almost identical, First one LUMI LPA16-224 please excuse additional items, this picture is from archives Second one Puremounts PM-MOTION-37 only the outter packaging is different as the first one was just a plain cardboard box and this one is more styled for the retail market with print on it. Overall the only difference when fitted will be that it says "Puremounts" on the face of the Vesa plate which will be covered by a television soon after 😀 then there's absolutely no difference between the two brackets except the price increase. They didn't even fit some plastic caps on the nuts as I have done myself on the £18.99 model lol my extra £27.43 has gone on retail packaging and a logo which is covered by the television 🤪 mad. But I'm glad to have the same bracket for both rooms as it fits tighter to the wall compared to other extending brackets at only 27mm.
  14. Lenny

    Things I Do Like

    I do like learning some new DIY skills and doing a job myself instead of getting a Tradesman in saving myself around €400. I work in the pharmaceutical industry and im a chemical process operator, I've no history in fitting plasterboard or anything like that, I've done some carpentry and electrical work in the last but not plaster and I was concerned about doing it in case I'd get dry rott or something. However having spoken with my supervisor last weekend; he was telling me that he insulated his hallway with insulated plaster board sheets, This was a job I've been wanting to get done myself on our bedroom wall for over a year now; because I fitted a 1" flexible drain pipe to the wall containing cables for a television which i planned on mounting to the wall, This is a neighbouring wall and also a roof supporting wall so I was reluctant to chase out the one inch space from the block work to conceal the pipe, instead I just chased off the plaster and fitted the pipe against the block work and secured it with what we call Galvoband it's galvanised flexible strip with loads of holes in it, Anyway back on topic now, He told me the bits I would need to purchase to get the job done, so I went to the local DIY wholesaler chain store last Thursday morning and bought two 8ft x 4ft sheets of 1" backed plasterboard sheets, an 8mm x 210mm masonry drill bit for an SDS Drill, a can of expanding foam and a pack of what he called "express fixings" The overall cost of materials was €160 overall including VAT, and home delivery of the plasterboard's, had i gotten someone in to do the job could have been €600 The floor to ceiling height in the house is supposed to be 8ft but when we tried to stand up the 8ft sheet it wouldn't fit 😂 got the wife between the sheets there lol plasterboard sheets. So I had to cut 3" inches off the bottom of the sheet to allow the fitment aswell as giving an inch clearance for using the see-saw method and changing the flooring, this space will be covered by the skirting board. Cut out the insulation to allow the pipe containg the cables poke through My Supervisor in work told me; when fitting the plasterboard sheets to get two pieces of wood and create like a see-saw under the sheet like in the image below, then push the sheet against the wall; stand on the wooden strip and it will press the sheet tight to the ceiling then you just need to drill two holes and hammer in the express fixings to support in place, Yoh can then remove the wood and fit further fixings to the sheet spacing them roughly 12" square, keep in 12" from the edges of the sheet aswell to prevent warping the edge. So here it is 😅 all fitted and the fixings filled over with Ronseal filler, I'll get sanding it tomorrow and painting, I'm delighted with myself having saved Labour costs getting someone in to do it all thanks to my supervisor in work and the maintenance manager for lending me a cordless SDS Drill for the weekend as I only have a normal one. I'm also updating an old post on my home project thread to reflect the progress this information may interest or inspire others too. https://www.fordownersclub.com/forums/topic/80864-living-room-project/?page=3