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  1. Lenny

    MK8 Found Weird Object

    Looks like a rectory plug 😳 On a serious note though; there most likely parts which were supposed to bd rrmoved from under the seat during the build process
  2. Mk2.5 Rear Diffuser Guide: Mk2.5 Front Lip Guide:
  3. Lenny

    Living Room Project

    Hi, Firstly thanks for manufacturing an excellent product that does exactly what it says it will do and secondly thanks for taking the time to join the forum here to comment and get in touch, your recognition has honestly made my day feel free to use the images no problem atall Thanks very much 👍
  4. Lenny

    Bonnet Lip Trim

    Hi, The bonnet lip is a Genuine Ford part from the focus ST, there available at your local dealer think I paid 38 pounds at the time but prices fluctuate and increase if the item becomes a high seller. The Ford part number is: 1549578 If your local ford isint really local then you could also contact fordpartsuk.com https://www.fordpartsuk.com/upper-front-bumper-grille-moulding It's a straight swap but will need to be either wrapped or painted before fitting. A hair dryer will help to remove the existing plastic chrome effect one but they usually break when removing here's mine And here's the focus with the colour coded bonnet lip and the grills painted gloss black.
  5. Lenny

    Battery dying quickly, is it done?

    Ooh nasty Gotta take out the induction box Then the front clips off the battery box and the battery slides out. Bosch S5 best battery for stop/start
  6. Lenny

    Battery dying quickly, is it done?

    Stop/start technology uses a lot of battery particularly if your doing a lot of city miles, the stop/start will disable if the battery has insufficient capacity as your experiencing This could be the battery is for want of a better word "expired" Of It could also be that it's been doing too much city miles stopping and starting; they ideally need a long run to charge the battery aswell, If you have time today perhaps switch off air con and take if for a steady drive somewhere for an hour then see how it goes for the rest of the week. Ultimately though; if changing the battery your best option is a Bosch S5 best battery for stop/start I'm not sure which code as it will be a Bosch S5 000 the last three numbers determines the size specific to your focus.
  7. Lenny

    where would you put best tyre?

    +1 absolutely
  8. Lenny

    Opinion Please

    They do look good in my opinion and so would removing the wiper that's all I'm saying 🤷‍♂️
  9. Lenny

    Opinion Please

    I think they look good, Removing the rear wiper would also save you a bit of fuel and look better. Even save on the annual service bill, Not sure if the MOT require it as some cars don't have a rear wiper, I've de-wiper'ed my focus and it passes the NCT because there rules say if it doesn't have one they can't check it or fail it only if its partially there or there and not working.
  10. Lenny

    Catch Cans, good or bad or unnecessary?

    Hard to say as each engine bay differs with space, the catch can needs to be positioned lower than the top of the engine to be functional Fit it lower than the induction pipe aswell and it fits to filter the small pipe between the engine crank case and the induction pipe to catch the oil. There will already be a pipe feeding from the engine crank case to the side of the induction pipe; the oil catch can goes in the middle of this. The purpose of the pipe fitted from the crank case to the induction pipe; is to suck excess oil vapours from inside the engine crank case but causes oil build up in the induction and throttle body, the catch can traps the oil by condensing the vapours yet still allowing ventilation, the crank case can't be vented to atmosphere because the vapours are toxic and would be entering the vehicle through the heater system slowly killing the occupants 🤭😩😌😴😔😵 The extra piping is to allow you find a good location also don't fit a pipe with smaller diameter than the factory as this will cause more harm than good. If anything fit a slightly bigger diameter pipe and catch tank to allow better flow.
  11. Lenny

    Catch Cans, good or bad or unnecessary?

    I would fit a catch can, It is also important to have an inlet which dips in to the can lower than the outlet to ensure the catch can does it's job especially under heavy acceleration. Also if possible put a metal scouring pad in the bottom of the catch tank to help catch the oil separating the oil from the air. Here's one I modified earlier; the pipes on this one are 25mm because it's a diesel
  12. Lenny

    Mk2 focus rs estate ?

    A Connects2 CAM-FD1 reverse camera would look cleaner than sensors and easier to install but each to there own; if the holes are already there, I always bought all my cables from AutoStar shop on ebay they supply various amp size in any length you require, I'd message him to say what I'm wiring and he would recommend the correct amp of cable then I'd purchase. May also help: http://stores.ebay.co.uk/AutoStar-Shop Another note: The RS dash pod will fit the standard dash, I cut mine out with a dremil, there's markings under the dash for cutting
  13. Lenny

    Mk2 focus rs estate ?

    I've fitted a LHD (left hand drive) reverse light unit to my focus instead of the RHD red fog light unit, I then cut off the light fitting from the red unit and fit it to the clear unit so it now has two bulbs inside; one extra reverse light and a red fog bulb. I fitted Cree led reverse lights there a straight swap 6000k white led each equivalent to a 50w halogen bulb, I then fitted a Connects2 boot opening handle which has an integrated reverse camera and replaces the electronic boot handle part; straight swap. Just thought I'd post this info because the estate rear lights already have a reverse and fog light in the main cluster; it may appeal to fit two clear units in the bumper for additional reverse light. I have images for everything mentioned; even full guides but I won't spoil the thread if there not necessary. Also changed the ford badge to focus 😀
  14. Lenny

    MK2 Boot Lid Won't Open

    A TX40 and TX50 are available to purchase single from Halfords and fit a socket wrench. With both sizes you can strip the entire interior Anyway; The wife got my jacket stuck in the latch before which prevented the boot opening, I got in through the back seat and popped off the two little square caps on the bottom plastic panel; to reveal two TX40 torx bolts.These bolts hold the bottom latch; When the bolts are removed; pull out the two plastic plugs holding the plastic boot panel in place undo both and the boot will lift up but latch and plastic panel will still be in the door. You can then remove the rear panel from the boot door to remove the boot handle if required. I can guide you through the process across the week if I get time between work and family I have over 6,000 images of the focus taken apart and rebuilt by myself. I replaced the boot handle with one which has a built in camera