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  1. I grew up listening to the 1994 stuff I had cassette albums "Our Happy Hardcore" & "And the beat goes on" "Stuttgart" "Waiting for spring" "Different Reality" and "Experience" They disappeared for a while then as one of the original band members died, Thd logical song was then there first come back song in the late 90's HP is a huge fan of Jaguar vehicles and apparently has a large collection of vintage models; Ultrasonic were also producing similar musing in the mid 90's later called themselves "Public Domain" in the late 90's now out on his own called Malorca Lee, hes gotten a bit plump in his old age resulting in him releasing an album called "MLXL" 😄 obsession was ultrasonic's first song released and one of my favourites; great lyrics too. Later were "check your head" and "1,2,3,4"
  2. Not the best scooter track Saw them back in 2003 in a small nightclub, Shook hands with him absolute legends
  3. Any plans to fit a hybrid turbo? https://nbstyling.co.uk/product/hybrid-turbo-fiesta-1-6-tdci-90hpfocus-1-6-tdci-110hp-peugeot-1-6-hdi-mini-1-6d-volvo-1-6d/
  4. Halfords do a no obligation battery and alternator health check; maybe worth a visit before stripping the car for all the earth points I reckon it's the altinator myself
  5. All ford speakers are made from cardboard Given it will take the same efforts to replace factory or aftermarket; I recommend fitting aftermarket speakers. You just need to purchase aftermarket speaker adapters for your model and ofcourse a set of aftermarket speakers Do it right first time rather than going at it again next year
  6. On some models; when parked with the engine off & key out of the ignition; if you pull the stalk to flash the headlights; the headlights come on for a minute; This feature is designed to illuminate your driveway or door to assist you in the dark when exiting the vehicle
  7. I cant answer your question there mate But I'd like to say; If the wires need sorting then a Haynes manual for the petrol focus will show diagrams of how everything should be; I've got the Haynes for the diesel and I've hard wired my aftermarket head unit and speakers using it, also shows you how to service the car yourself all images and text.
  8. Warped brake disc 🤷‍♂️
  9. Perhaps try contacting a breakers to see if you can source a fuse box from a focus 2005-2011 Ask to email you a picture of the fuse board before you purchase to confirm it matches your old unit; Heres one breaking in co.wicklow although it's a diesel; the board maybe the same http://www.adverts.ie/18154799 Petrol in Carlow http://www.adverts.ie/15925640
  10. Nice holiday mate, The weather is set to get better as the week progresses too
  11. This one doesn't look too bad and theres only a few buttons with picture https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B07FXM9F4J/ref=ox_sc_saved_title_2?smid=A2224L4YIUC64&psc=1
  12. Hi, DRL were not standard on vehicles in Ireland and the uk until 2012, it is possible the wiring is not present at the rear of the fuse socket, The DRL's pictured above the fog lights on the mk2.5 saw in images above are an aftermarket kit bought from ebay
  13. The liquid comes in a plastic bottle which is more difficult to recycle than Cardboard Positively though the liquid will blend with the water faster at much lower temperatures, Caustic is originally a liquid substance which turns to power when dry; so it probably cleans better when wet