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  1. Went for the usual Forest walk today with the kids and now the dog, Bought this adjustable lead from Amazon which is fantastic, it has a series of rings meaning it can be shortened or extended depending on which ring you clip the end in to. Ment our five year old son could walk the dog by us putting the lead in the strap mode over the shoulder where there was no fear should our son let go of the lead; its still over his shoulder, The dog also has a non pull collar strap fitted from the same company, hasn't pulled once since fitted and it doesn't choke him neither it relaxes his front legs if he pulls making him naturally lose power Link to both items: Lead: https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B003XLC8JE?psc=1&ref=ppx_pop_dt_b_product_details Collar: https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B003XLC7TU?psc=1&ref=ppx_pop_dt_b_product_details They have since tried to pretend hes a cat he seems alright with the idea 🤷‍♂️
  2. Looking Fresh Would you consider dewiper the rear now you have a rear spoiler?
  3. No problem mate, I made the guides in my spare time across the years; it's nice to see there still of some use to people today, I appreciate the feedback
  4. The yaris only took a few hours fitted with M8 carriage bolts and 1" diameter M8 penny washers on both sides of the bumper to broaden the grip surface prevent it ripping out, its wired with a relay to come on along with the high beam, Heres the thread on that idea😂 I was behind it on the motorway last week here it is illuminating a bridge 😂 The focus I spent six months stock piling everything and planning it then took a four days on a bank holiday weekend; stripping out the interior using a Haynes manual and fitting it all in, my build thread is here: I've since moved on to the home improvement thread which is slower paced and alot more expensive: Last time I was buying 15amp cable; AutoStar didn't stock do I purchased from this listing: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/VARIOUS-LENGTHS-2-CORE-RED-AND-BLACK-12V-12-VOLT-15-AMP-CAR-OR-SPEAKER-CABLE/142715868912?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&var=441708202442&_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649 If your splicing or tapping in to an existing fused source such as the reverse light Positive; Then it's fairly ok because its already fused; no harm in adding another if you wanted but if you do add another; put it in an easily accessible location in the event it ever needs changing. If splicing the camera in to a switched live feed as in a feed which comes live with the ignition; Then the easiest way of splicing or tapping into that source is through the use of a piggyback fuse adapter which also gives the safety of the dedicated fuse.
  5. Not being funny here but "from experience" of doing the guides, but you could also study the item your wiring; The amp of fuse is the speed limit on the cable, The amp of cable is the maximum speed limit it can handle without getting hot or stripping its insulation in to a fire 😬 And the way I gained that was from a very helpful and reputable man called Dave whom has a shop on Ebay selling automotive electrical equipment, I used to message him to ask what amp cable do I need for say X Y or Z He would recommend then I'd purchase from him and link the specific cable from his shop in the guides because that's where I bought from 🤷‍♂️ no discounts or anything I'm just a nice guy who recommended him. Heres a link to his shop; the guy must eat cigarettes though lol all packages smell of cigarettes ☺️ https://www.ebay.co.uk/str/autostarshop Regarding wiring amplifiers then I read up on other peoples installs aswell as doing a few in the past myself; I've currently two class D amplifiers in my focus with a 1.0 fared capacitor, the capacitor is an interesting piece too. Wrapped in redbull can print; it acts as a reservoir of instant power available to the amplifier at a fast rate to cushion the demands from the battery without the driving lights dimming 😛 Heres my most recent install a 20" 500w light bar on my mates yaris
  6. 15amp cable is best for LED's and cameras, 10amp fuses then 25Amp cable for 12v sockets and 20amp fuse If wiring amplifiers then 4AWG is best can then be split to two smaller 8AWG in the boot if required for two class D amplifiers.
  7. Tough question on the rear to be honest; I cant think of any expect the 12v socket power supply and that's a permanent live also too high of amperage. See it in the guide here: Maybe best run a piggy back fuse with a 10amp fuse and 15amp cable from F100 in the passenger footwell board to the camera.
  8. Anyone else on here feel that all there doing these days is working and dying? Or is it just me ? 😂
  9. I have a waterproof fleece jacket given to me from work; I like to wear as it reminds people of "Breaking Bad" 😂 Doesn't swet you as much as a full acid suit. Eh; all views are my own opinion just putting that in there to keep It work compliant 😅
  10. Hi, Yes that's correct but some aftermarket headunits now offer to display the rear camera while driving or on demand without having to put the car in reverse gear; In order to be able to use this feature aswell, If you wanted then you just need to put the camera Positive power to an ignition live instead. I missed that feature in my guide and my pioneer headunit offers the feature but I cant use it as my camera power comes from the reverse light Positive 🤷‍♂️
  11. Ive not saw what your talking about but; I'm disappointed to discover they don't all come with money stuffed inside them, Also European mattress are longer than uk The uk mattress in 190cm long EURO mattress is 200cm long If you have a uk mattress in a European bed; you can purchase a pocket to fit the 10cm gap here: https://www.lovefurniture.ie/bedroom/mattresses/sprung-mattresses/mattress-gap-filler/mattress-gap-filler-storage-box-pouch I've dissected two mattresses recently in the thread here saved myself few euro on the disposal
  12. Thanks Zain, I think he means specifically the mk4 focus though.
  13. Chef in local Chinese imported this for himself Very nice