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  1. Lenny

    Things I Do Like

    I think the last time they gave them out like Christmas was in the 70's My mother got hers in Ireland in the 70's there was a strike in the government driving license offices, meaning anyone who applied got a licence without any testing, Including my mother 😀
  2. Lenny

    Things I Don't Like

    The I.T people in work always recommend AVG Anti virus, perhaps try that
  3. Lenny

    Things I Don't Like

    Really sorry to read that mate I hope you recover soon, Some strong antibiotics I suppose and stay in the bed although from communicating with you over the years I know your a worker not someone content with resting for long, much like a fella in work whom jokes about the 30min tea break being too long and a waste of time should be sweeping the yard or something after fifteen 😀
  4. No prob, Also I'd just like to add an after thought there I wanted to say; I have a 2010 focus and recently had problems with low fuel pressure due to a blocked fuel filter this is completely irrelevant to your particular issue but I went for a diagnostic check and the ecu was logging the "low fuel pressure" fault and displaying on the mechanics system however; when I was driving it wasn't telling me anything eas wrong on the centre display.
  5. Hi, "Mass Air flow sensor" generally fitted on the air induction line, there quite brittle and sense the air temperature as it flows in to the engine, It tells the ecu to add extra fuel when conditions are freezing outside, but it will do this intermittently if broken, Your model is a 2010, Although no Engine fault is showing the ecu can still log errors, I'd go to an independent garage for a diagnostic check before spending anymore on repairs, Some places charge around 20 pounds for a diagnostic, you can then decide whether or not to repair it yourself. This video should also help; just ignore the parts about possible Boost leaks 😅 as your engine is naturally aspirated non turbo.
  6. Lenny

    Coolant Leaking In Spark Plug Hole

    How pink is it? Could be Patina which looks pink but not, Are you noticing a drop in coolant resivour or white showing on the inside of the oil cap?
  7. Lenny

    Mk2 Stuttering Check Engine light Acclerating

    The mist type jets were built for the mk3 focus but there physical size is identical to the standard making them a straight swap upgrade, Regarding engine cover; there's a part number for a Volvo cover and discussion on this thread:
  8. Lenny

    Things I Do Like

    I like it for cutlery especially bowls and cups, Because we have three kids and breakfast bowls tend to get broken a lot, Went to visit my brother last October and he gave me a cup of tea in a 1994 Ireland - USA world cup mug 😅 I was like wow there's surly no kids or domestic challenges in this house "1994" We also picked up some good quality mirrors and a customisable makeup unit also the cheapest temporary flooring I could source was from ikea 3 metre x 2 metre matts were €11 each, used them as temporary flooring which I could then easily dispose of in the wheelie bin at a later date one per week, As saw in my thread here https://www.fordownersclub.com/forums/topic/80864-living-room-project/
  9. Lenny

    Things I Do Like

    I normally go in through the warehouse against the meteor shower 😅
  10. Lenny

    Things I Do Like

    Probably best him out of the shop using cardboard battons and sliding wardrobe doors as shields
  11. Lenny

    Things I Do Like

    Best thing I like about Aldi and Lidl is; There two places you can shop at Christmas where there's no Christmas music 👍 Just a normal day every day
  12. Lenny

    Things I Do Like

    Man arrested for putting fake arrow decals on the floor in IKEA and for creating a labyrinth with no exit 😂 where do we go oh where do we go now, https://thereisnews.com/man-arrested-for-put-fake-arrow-decals-on-the-floor-of-walmart-and-create-a-labyrinth-with-no-exit9999/
  13. Lenny

    Things I Don't Like

    Really bugs me at our local CircleK fuel station when people park at the pump, Get fuel then go in and Que up for Coffee or at the Deli counter, Also annoys me when the wife drives in there because she always forgets which side the fuel flap is on the focus only own it eight years now. I've suggested we purchase a jerry can and refuel from a vacent parking space 😅 Also there's a speed ramp on one side of the entrance which I always avoid as the mud flaps scuff off it but she always forgets and drives in that way then says "ugh me flaps again" which could me taken the wrong way.
  14. Lenny

    Mk2 Stuttering Check Engine light Acclerating

    Mechanics time is around 40 per hour plus parts and VAT These tasks are quite simple to do yourself saving you around 100 quid minimum, Get a Turkey baister from pound land and extract the water from the engine yourself, Also get silicone in Poundland. Ideally new spark plugs smear a little engine oil around there threads before inserting to prevent them sticking. And the guide there shows how to change the washer jets, Also new ignition leads would probably increase your mpg but the existing ones will keep going well in to the new year, Its your choice in what you do mate but I always encourage people to do jobs like these themselves.