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  1. Things I Do Like

    I do like having the time off today to begin creating a panel for the attic which I plan to mount on the block wall to eliminate excess cables aswell as adding some new ones. I've spaced it out from the wall using strips of pine wood to create a cavity space to allow cables pass behind it as well as increased air flow. I started at 10am with a blank sheet of MDF and two lengths of pine, I'm very happy with the way it turned out; ts not finished yet but it's currently as far as I can go because I'm awaiting delivery of: Proception Master head aerial amplifier 3-way Virginmedia splitter 6 port F-type plate (for the white box on the right there) to finish the panel. The black folding shelf is for a DVR which will link to the HDMI Modulator allowing it to be tuned in on all Television's within the home. Been working six days a week since Christmas and planning things to do in the house, it was great to finally put some of those plans in to action today.
  2. Swapping to alloys (size help)

    This may help 👍 also all Speedo are dispaying above actual speed by 5 kmph the same for speed cameras so if your doing 105kmph they read 100kmph although your Speedo says 105kmph
  3. Things I Don't Like

  4. Things I Don't Like

    🤣 I had a similar experience with a shipping company this week, I'm in Ireland and when shopping on ebay; alot of sellers like to charge loads for shipping across to Ireland, others don't like the Irish and won't ship atall. So I use a company called parcelmotel to recieve my Purchase's then collect the parcel from my local storage locker using a QR code on my phone this way I qualify for free UK shipping and I pay parcelmotel €4 per delivery for anything under 10kg and around the size of a shoe box. My purchase this time was a small flat to wall style TV bracket, it's no bigger than an A4 page yet they have shipped it to me in the biggest box they could possibly find. This package size wouldn't be an issue if it was being sent directly to me but it's an expensive issue when I'm being billed €22 because it won't fit in the cabinet it's "oversized" Overall i made a mistake when purchasing this item because i was shopping on eBayUK i assumed the seller was in the uk or somewhere other than ireland because shipping was stated as FREE Turns out; the seller is actually from Ireland and selling on eBayUK so I could have recieved the bracket without using parcelmotel atall 😭 The seller shipped from ireland to thd uk for md to then recieve it back in to ireland again if I had researched prior to purchase I would have now saved myself €22 in shipping fees.
  5. Things I Do Like

    I was just trying to make a joke mate but that is interesting.
  6. Things I Do Like

    If you eat Chinese take away that good deed Doesn't count 👐just sayin
  7. Things I Don't Like

    Some people are always miserable particularly after Christmas when it' payday but the credit card bill and mortgage are due aswell. Perhaps take it for a 30 minute drive in 4th gear after the engine has reached its operating temperature
  8. Things I Don't Like

    It's disappointing to say in this generation mate but some people still don't like shipping to Ireland which in this case seems to be the only real reason despite me paying the same money aswell as extra shipping they just don' want me to have it, I encountered this issue before with a celsi LED electric fire but I found an alternative supplier that was happy to sell to me. Anyways back on topic; I've had to purchase two tilt and swivel brackets instead of the integrated type, ill have a big progress update in the coming weeks
  9. Things I Don't Like

    I've been waiting since Monday evening to post this, I hadn't post it any earlier mainly due to work, I had the time to post about it Monday evening but the bad news had just arrived at that point and I was too annoyed to discuss it 😅 I'll now explain: I'm currently in a long process of improving the house, and I was In search for some tv brackets for the bedroom walls that tilt and swivel, I started off by searching on Pinterest and found these brackets designed by Porsche. they sink in to a partition wall concealing the bracket and cables from view fits a television 26-32". I done some digging on the web and found there manufactured by a company called Vivomounts and here is there website in the UK: http://www.vivomounts.com/porsche_design_100_flush_reinforced_dual_arm_lcd__plasma_wall_mount_box_and_bracket_up_to_37.asp The website shows there "out of stock" so I done some further searching and found them on ebay for sale, they were 75.00 each at the time last Friday night I purchased two I was delighted to have found them and excited to have the installation looking so good seamless. I then recieved an email on the following Monday evening from the ebay seller whom is actually the Vivomounts company with the website but selling on ebay, Anyways; they emailed to say the stock was damaged and they sent me a full refund ☹ They then increased the selling price up to 200 pounds each and the ebay listing says theres more than 10 available in stock. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Swing-Arm-LCD-TV-Wall-Mount-Bracket-Enclosure-26-32-/330364438140 I then purchased two for 200 pounds each and they refund me again Tuesday telling me the item was out of stock and they recommended I purchase my television mounts from an alternative supplier. But there not available anywhere else and they are the creater of the item very disappointed indeed.
  10. Things I Do Like

    Id say its mental on a Saturday night 😂 as most people would be out at that time and cats are nocturnal animals, I'm surprised there's not been one or two killed on the road 😀
  11. Things I Do Like

    Finally got a picture while in carlow There was another two cats in the bushes 😀
  12. Things I Don't Like

    😀 sorry I shouldn't laugh but it is funny
  13. Focus mk2 help

    Thanks, I think it' worth doing it; especially if your fitting a reverse camera which I've also done 👍 The facelift bumper on the rear is a straight swap but for the front to change you need the sub frame panel, side wings, headlights and bonnet to complete the transformation.