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  1. No I'm not on Facebook 😅
  2. My Guides all on a 2010 focus which happens to be a 1.6TDCi and its still on the factory turbo almost ten years spooling no spoofing
  3. Still rather the elfs than leaving the dog home alone 😅
  4. There quite Active the poor Barbie Fashionista just because shes a bit more curvy than the regular stick insect
  5. And atleast fifty hail Mary's 🙏👀
  6. Only advice I can provide; is to be more vigilant 😅 and perhaps cut back on the sauce You may end up paying to repair if yourself Because if the cost of repair exceeds the overall cost of the vehicle which it surly will. The insurance company will class it as a right off followed by scrapping it and paying out the value.
  7. Not sure if you get parental leave in the uk as I'm in Ireland but a work college has taken parental leave for Christmas which is a period of unpaid leave for a pre-approved period of up to six months which can be taken once per child before that child reaches the age of fourteen or something. Clever he has taken parental leave the week before Christmas and returning second week of January, using his annual Christmas bonus to pay for the time off and ultimately saving the work holidays which were allocated for Christmas which he will then use in the summer Clever idea
  8. Search engine: no pun intended 😅 Searched for "Christmas song exhaust" was hoping to find an aboriginal playing jingle bells with a manifold but it seems rural broadband isn't there just yet 😂 but I'm convinced he's out there man
  9. Makes me miss my Toyota Levin though
  10. Congratulations on the new car; I look forward to seeing pictures. I do like having Spotify on my phone which I can also listen to in the car which is like a sound shield against Christmas music, I also like living on the edge of town where I don't see much Christmas lights on my commute to/from work I also like working in a chemical plant where everyone wears a uniform so theres no Christmas jumpers; I'm also in a lucky position where I'm working six days per week; spend the rest of my spare time sleeping; I normally like Christmas but it just isn't happening for me this year; having just spent €2.5k on a Dell XPS8930 computer & another €500 on desk which was all for education not for Christmas, followed by an unforeseen dentist bill of €1.3k and for me to acknowledge it when I haven't got the funds to get caught up in the hype would only increase my depression. I'm finished work on the 17th working every day including sundays between now and then, thankfully then having done all those hours I'll have €26.00 left for myself on Christmas day but the house will be warm, Mortgageand other bill's paid, food on the table and the kids will have all they asked for, That's Christmas for me, if only the wife was on the same planet 😂 I'm getting some funny expectations via WhatsApp from her recently; such as meet me in the Opticians after work with your bank Card as "our eldest" has an appointment 🙆‍♂️I'm like "I have a budget" google "budget" for me when you get a minute you mad "James blunt"
  11. Sorry to read of your loss mate, Sometimes the wrong type of people survive and the good people pass away, My own mother has survived three times; but still hasn't got the time of day for any of her children 🤷‍♂️ im like why you bother fighting only drives it further in to us
  12. No problem happy to help mate, I mistakenly bought both exhaust hangers but depending on the condition of your existing one; you may only require the one for the drivers side, Also I can remove those images I posted on your build if you want; I used to dislike people putting there images on mine instead of linking to theres
  13. ST intercooler is a straight upgrade another manufacturer is R-Sports which has a diesel specific available from European-parts in Germany whom specialise in aftermarket ford items but very costly. Link: https://www.european-parts.net/en/R-Sport-Intercooler-Focus-MK2-ST--TDCI.html Also Piper manufacture a straight fit duplex exhaust for the diesel focus; have it fitted myself Price of stainless fluctuates over time heres a link but shop around also contact piper directly as I got mine for 450GBP back in 2014 As saw in my build here link: You will also need an ST focus exhaust hanger for the rear drivers side it's only around 12gbp from ford and supports the other exhaust pipe, Link: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Piper-Catback-Duplex-Exhaust-System-for-Ford-Focus-MK2-1-6-1-8-2-0L-Diesel-/321895083450 And for the ford parts check out here: cheaper than my local dealership because they wont get to say "ooh nice focus" like my local dealership used to say each time I went to purchase parts 😅 Link: https://www.fordpartsuk.com
  14. Hi I'm more knowledgeable on the focus model but I'd like to inform you the bluetooth part is a module separate to the headunit, So the existing headunit may support bluetooth but the module used back in 2010 is very limited in terms of capabilities; for example it doesn't support streaming of music from a phone. Also fitting the bluetooth module requires a software update by ford to tell the stereo it has bluetooth also sourcing a compatible module can be a pain and more work than it's worth, mondeo bluetooth module wont work with a focus; not sure if a focus module will work in a fiesta the only way to know is by the model number printed on the module In my opinion your best off going for a double din aftermarket headunit adapter kit Then fitting a double din headunit which has bluetooth built in, you can then also add a reverse camera for as little as 12 pounds for one on Ebay Heres a link to my guide on going aftermarket in a 2010 focus; you will see I removed the factory bluetooth module in the pictures of the guide: https://www.fordownersclub.com/topic/63689-guide-fitting-aftermarket-headunit-mk25-focus-2008-2011/
  15. Also maybe of interest https://www.fordownersclub.com/topic/29347-guide-fitting-second-reverse-light-ford-focus-mk25/#entry158997