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  1. Tiger in a zoo in New York has tested positive for COVID-19 but I think he's Lion 🤷‍♂️
  2. Will the COVID-19 vaccine be called a 3in1 booster ? Be super cool if it was 😂 As new borns get there 3 in 1 shot at a number of weeks old I think 12 weeks And 3in1 is also on the Chinese menu
  3. Or rubbing your eyes #OwGodMakeItStop
  4. Voltaren gel is great; theres a stronger version available in chemist https://www.voltaren.ca/products/voltaren-emulgel-extra-strength.html If you havent used before; it works like deep heat only its stronger and has no odour atall Highly recommended mate, I once had an ace tabular hip fracture so I know pain aswell as the mental impact it can have, Still wirth the efforts to admire your hard work in the garden and I'm sure you didn't end up that way from sitting in a chair all your life mate; so take it easy for a few days to recover and admire a job well done.
  5. Chillin like a boss
  6. I do like setting up a guest wifi setting on my internet router Guest Wifi Network name: Password:COVID-19freewifi And the password is ofcourse: COVID-19freewifi I've done this for all my neighbours whom are within range because there all out of work due to COVID-19 except for myself as I'm fortune to me a chemical process operator manufacturing a few parts for a number of a vaccines which are currently in clinical trials. The kids education is being sent via the internet these days and I don't want to be selfish; so I've created a guest account on my 500mb virgin media router in the event there parents cant pay the bill they can use my wifi hopefully for educational purposes.
  7. I feed our lad a tin of John west boneless sardines in Sunflower oil twice per week mixed in with a cup of his dry food in the morning after his walk, He absolutely loves it, helps with brain development aswell as keeping his joints and coat healthy. He does be sucking the lips off himself while I'm mixing the bowl 😂
  8. I saw you post something similar to this before and I genuinely tried to think of suggestions to post but couldn't think of much; If atall possible pass time by calculating future savings plans or if you keep files take time to sort them out and dispose of anything not required; tidy up loose cables if there are any. Perhaps install an aftermarket headunit in the car as then you could pass more time fitting a reverse camera or tv tuner, lol I could use a hand Monday- Saturday on a few chemical processes but your too far away, Even go through your computer and minimize data storage. I'm working six days in work manufacturing pharmaceuticals and working on a blue belt six sigma project in my spare time which is set to save atleast ten hours on a cleaning process making that time available for production. I have a phone in the attic which I intend on wiring in when I get time, Have you any spare sheets of mdf and a jig saw? It's the right time of year to make a bird house or a little cottage using some ply wood and a jig saw 🤷‍♂️ Or even a lollipop stick ice-cream shop
  9. When the vaccine is available you can then drink it to celebrate instead of putting it on your hands 😅
  10. I hope you sang it while washing your hands 😂🤣 #Stayhome
  11. I've given him a bath outside Hes now self isolating 😅 wouuuhhh!!!
  12. Its fitted using 15AMP cable purchased from Autostar shop on Ebay which is in the uk, Earth has a ring terminal crimped and bolt to the chassis The positive feed is directly from the battery with a 10Amp fuse The Positive feed goes in to a 12v rocker switch that I fitted in the dash Comes back out of the switch to a DRL relay purchased from Ebay The DRL relay has a sensor feed which is one single cable; that is spliced in to the Positive feed of the high beam. So the DRL relay let's the light bar to illuminate when it feels power in the high beam. The switch in the dash is to switch off the light bar from any use when stopped by the cops and they ask the driver to demonstrate each light function, the switch keeps the light bar for "off road use" Private laneway up to a relative's house for example 🤷‍♂️ It's all very simple and operating on 15 amp cable with a 10amp fuse If looking at light bars ideally you want a 7D with cree chips for optimum performance there not atall heavy neither only around 800grams or less for that 27" bar there on the yaris
  13. Cant say 😅 some aren't even married Perhaps it was fox poo as it was in a forest near our home; I went off the walk way for a bit to allow others to pass in a bid to maintain social distance then he was rolling in it 😲 He is a Bearnese Beagle Hound so that would make sense about the hunting
  14. What do you work at? Although I'm a happily married man; I wouldn't touch my next door neighbours wife with a badge pole shes in rag order, Also mustard and my dog after walking him thismorning; as during the walk he rolled himself in another dogs ***** on purpose now he stinks like a horse 🤷‍♂️ Need to find out why he done that this is the second time,