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  1. Im in ireland and I'll be working 😂 I'd also need to apply for an Express passport as I dont currently have one and will need it after 31st October would be out on DVD by the time my passport arrived 😂
  2. @zain611 also just to mention our son got the all clear in the hospital hes not diabetic, So we all had some Mars mcflurry's and coca-cola in mcdonalds to celebrate 😂 just joking
  3. Every job I see advertised since the early millennia over here is advertised as a temporary role for either six or twelve months because this makes it easier for the company to lay off a new employee if there attendance is bad or there not fulfilling their contract, However once in a position; if one has excellent time keeping and proves to be an asset to the company then one would most likely be offered a permanent contract at the end of the temporary, could even start a thread asking has anyone ever gotten a permanent role following a temporary contract, personally I have in the past three jobs.
  4. Im not sure mate perhaps I'm misreading your post here; but I do know and the best way I can explain it is that no Bugatti garage or NASA site is going to let you pilot there team and years on development machine with a provisional license mate, they would need lots of proof of experience clinical trials is billions invested As I said before not everything is in the books especially in research and development your writing the book in that position. Only certain places operate clinical trials theres alot of data integrity involved aswell, I would have thought the figure to be in a higher £80k+ bracket for the spear head position as im a chemical process operator and I'm on £57k with no PhD I manufacture what they above tell me
  5. Not on this thread no; But it wouldn't be difficult even splice a new feed inside the boot plastic boot panel rather than outside the vehicle; leave the stock one active just remove the bulb. That's how I would do it anyway 🤷‍♂️
  6. I do like chillin with Liam our family companion Bearnese Beagle hes seven months old now, Starting to give proper paws around the neck hugs now; and rubs your face with his paw trying to lick you on the lips 😂 Its mad how sensitive and protective he is, cuddles in to you on the sofa although he does have his paw on my wallet 😊 perhaps a gold digger
  7. I do like chillin with Liam our family companion Bearnese Beagle hes seven months old now, Starting to give proper paws around the neck hugs now; and rubs your face with his paw trying to lick you on the lips 😂 Its mad how sensitive and protective he is, cuddles in to you on the sofa although he does have his paw on my wallet 😊 perhaps a gold digger
  8. He goes toilet before school and is his own person around the house goes without announcing, the teacher said they made it clear to the kids once they say there going it's fine, The mother in law is diabetic and my grandad on my mothers side was but none of my brothers or sisters are, and I drink atleast two cans of monster energy per day so I'm clearly not 😅 yet anyway maybe tomorrow Dont know the tests think it was just a urine test he sent off, dont think he took blood sample
  9. I don't like doctors as in our local GP making unrationl (there may be a better term to describe but I've only had 4hrs sleep tonight) over the top decisions which has put my wife up the walls as she suffers from anxiety, Where do I start now; Our son started playschool last month; we would have gotten it for free had we put him in last year but we kept him at home for an extra year because he is the youngest and wanted him to be 5 starting national school; so I'm paying €70 a week for him to attend this year where others are on the free, Some whom know we well here will remember; when he was born he contracted pneumonia in his right lung; spent alot of time in hospital and we almost lost him; he then got MRSA while in a quarantine unit 🤷‍♂️ and was sent home that Christmas with MRSA and pneumonia in the left lung having cleared it from his right lung, and was on antibiotics which baby's dont be on unless its extremely necessary; My wife's anxiety showed it's full power back then which was understandable and she wouldn't ever let him out of her arms for more than a nappy or change of clothes, it was the toughest time of both our lives and potentially his too. Hes thankfully made a full recovery from both conditions and five years on hes a strong, fun, energetic healthy boy hes great crack; Recently hes been starting to have a few toilet accidents at school where he forgets to go; which only happen in playschool, three times in the past two weeks; although when hes at home hes fine no accidents, On the first occasion we asked him as always; in the nicest way possible; how did it happen or why did he think it happened; and his response was that they were all outside playing and the teacher had the door locked he couldn't get in to use the toilet, This guy doesn't lye hes good as absolute gold, his sister lyes alot but this lad is 100% Turns out there's two sets of French doors identical leading to two sides of the class room and the poor lad was trying to open the wrong set, Anyway; twice since then hes had accidents and doesn't know why just happened, we didn't continue questioning as he instantly began to get disappointed with himself and it's not his fault hes a really good lad. Wife took him to the doctor local GP to see if he had a kidney infection; thankfully all clear but yesterday she got a call from hospital to say the GP had referred our son for an emergency appointment for a full examination because they think he may be diabetic 😟 Doesn't make sense to me, and I understand there only taking precautions but they don't realise that its putting my wife back in to a children's ward where she had to sleep on a foam mattress in quarantine with our son and suffered a nervous breakdown five years ago; her anxiety hasn't been high in the past few years and now has to go back in to the fire bringing up old memories, smells and places aswell as seeing other people where we once were, She wont let me take him myself; and says she is stronger now as is he; but I really dont want a relapse and I hate to think theres anything wrong with him atall, Overall he is going to the best place as hs wouldn't be here without those really gifted people in the hospital and I thank them for that, just the GP should really study the wifes medical history before phoning to tell her he has made an emergency appointment; The word emergency didn't need to be mentioned there atall considering she suffers anxiety. Anyway rant over 😅 I'm going to try sleep now again, nervous about what's on the horizon for both of them meanwhile I'm working six days per week. Suppose we think he have it tough until things get tougher.
  10. I have upgrade my entire sound system including amplifiers and my door handles also pop out due to the increased base
  11. Need to treat the rust with somthing like hammerite rust stop first otherwise it will creep under the paint,
  12. I dont see the hype; which makes me feel old in a way, I was going to say there is more to life but I then realized; The only thing on screen which I would care that much about is "The GrandTour" I'm a huge fan of Jeremy Clarkson; I couldn't live with his arrogance but it is entertaining to watch.
  13. Perhaps the pheasant knew tomorrow was Monday too 🤷‍♂️ Sick of living with a well a eh Rooster 😅
  14. Looks alright to me, Some Team Hecko wins deflecters would look good
  15. I've just last week Discovered the musician "Mike Oldfield" some of his music was recommend to me by Spotify in my "Discover Weekly" playlist which is a combination of 30 songs which spotify recommend to me weekly as part of my monthly subscription. Anyways check this: some absolute tunes Also recommended listening to all of this as it isint just the exorcist gets good from 17:09 onwards Also I'm not usually one to brag but it sounds awesome on my JL Audio C3 650 speakers in the car driven by JL400/4V2 and 10WøV3 sealed sub driven by a JL300/1V2 amp #TurnDownForWhat