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  1. Few more vocal trance from my Spotify playlist: First heard this one on the credits roll at the end of the movie District 9 but Its a particular favourite of mine Faster version: Also chakra all time favourites quite trippy 😂 This one reminds me of the first green coloured Euphoria album Another classic This one reminds me of getting a 2:45 train journey to meet the now wife back when I was 17 a whole 18 years ago 😅 Bit more upbeat now going back to the mid 90's This one is simple but keeps you listening Perhaps like it as I manufacture pharmaceutical's where we also do distillation processing; where dropping the base means discharge the product from the distillation unit, so I find "hold on, wait a minute, let me put a base in it" slightly entertaining. No comment for this one 😂
  2. Thanks mate, No problem I'm on here regularly; so if you need any assistance when doing the process; post and I'll get back to you within 24 hours.
  3. Fold the seat as far forward as possible then undo the four TX50 bolts and unplug the loom using a 10mm socket to undo the securing bolt. Remove the existing drivers seat from the focus and bring it somewhere suitable for dismantling. Use a plastic bottle or lunch box to hold the bolts, Fold the seat all the way backwards; Look under the seat to locate a cable tie which you need to cut in order to allow the removal of the plastic side panel The rear side of this plastic panel curls in to a clip; ensure to unclip before pulling to prevent damage. With the panels now removed; undo the four bolts holding the upper rear upholstery section. With the back removed from the drivers seat and placed in storage as most of the work to be done is with the sub frame. Separated the seat from the sub frame by removing the two 10mm bolts Below is the original driver side sub frame removed from the focus; doesn't have as much controls as the ST variant however the sliding rails are identical. repeat process in reverse now to replace the seat rail 👍 I'll add more images to this now. The lower upholstery section and steel pan; hook on to the sub frame at the rear saw here, like a "C" shape clip goes around the pin on the sub frame like a hinge: Then secured with two 10mm bolts at the front of the frame saw here; The upper rear section then bolts on with 4 bolts very easy when shown how mate.
  4. Hi John, Yes they do, eight bolts in total and two cable ties. To swap over the sub frame. I cant remember the socket size used but I can make up a guide here for you using my archive of images taken during the process. theres two sections to the bottom frame of the drivers seat which just bolt on to the upholstered seat.
  5. There will be a one way system in place which may extinguish some of Michael's excitement
  6. I sold my playstation 4 last January but I left my account logged in for the buyer to be capable of playing my purchased games; They were supposed to edit the account to change the email so if invited again mate it's no longer Lenny from the block 😂
  7. @raiders32 thanks, I thought I was a bit weird and unique 😂 heres a few more also like rui da Silva but I won't even link it as everyone knows it
  8. Cheer up mate, Purchase some car model kits on Amazon or a nice mechano set? I'd love some time off which is the opposite to your complaint; I'm working six days per week but my outgoings providing everything for wife and three children to include three mobile phone bills, car maintenance, household Bill's and a mortgage, and 2k required before the end of August for three of them to prepare for the next school year at home 😂 cant not work weekends, I'd be delighted to be in your position
  9. I reject the COVID-19 tracing app so I'm reluctant to show you guys 😂 I've been in work mon-sat since January 2013 and the lock down didn't change that; I'm looking forward to getting the last week of this month off; I'm going to enjoy some drinks at home
  10. How long should s set of brake pads last? I've been doing oil change and tyres on the car myself the past four years, I've not ever touched the brakes in five years; when I had EBC greenstuff pads and cross drilled discs fitted that was five years ago. And around 120,000km ago. Well today I heard some serious grinding when i pressed the brakes and it took two car lengths to stop after i jammed on the brakes; I could hear and feel the ABS but it's gone in to the garage to have the brakes done, Car now has 327,000km I have it since new in 2010 and I can only remember changing the pads three times and the discs once as I wanted the cross drilled fitted. Not bad going atall; its also a 1.6TDCi on the factory turbo 👍 I'm expecting to require a new caliper and discs tomorrow 😂 not sure what its using to slow the car down these days; worst result of upgrading the sound system to full JL Audio C3 650's with amplifier #TurnDownForWhat I get in the car; turn on spotify and turn it up to the point that I cant even hear the engine; so the brakes could have been grinding for quite some time.
  11. Hi You need a piggy back fuse adapter Then take out the existing fuse from somthing like the rear window heater; replace it with the piggyback fuse adapter Then plug the original fuse in to the piggyback adapter aswell as a 10amp fuse to filter the new output to your dashcam. The only thing you need to find out first is your fuse size ? My 2010 focus takes ATS See image:
  12. Ouch! That reminds me of back when I was 15 had a six pack of cans and my mother taught me just as i took a month full out of the first one. It's a taste of what could have been 😅 maybe suit a confession box door or toilet
  13. If you could space them out from the wall with some say one inch pine strips to create a false wall; paint inside white and add some white LED strips around the one inch wooden cavity to act as a false window Would light them up nice; the led can also be dimmable versions to adjust to the correct settings.