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  1. Lenny

    Things I Do Like

    Building a cottage with the kids for there fairy door, I've put 100 soft white (yellowish) fairy lights coiled together inside powered by a solar panel which is mounted on the roof, the chimney works when you put an incense stick inside the house and it has a sattelite dish on the chimney👍
  2. Lenny

    Worst Mods You've Ever Seen?

    Stolen wing mirror covers from an Astra Vauxhall alloys on a focus Silver steelies cable tied alloys KFC Supercharged focus
  3. Lenny

    Worst Mods You've Ever Seen?

    Led's in place of parking sensors
  4. Lenny


    Auto correct changed redex to redecorating 😅😟😳
  5. Lenny


    As said there you need a fuel funnel Check the glove box and spare tyre well for one before going to ford or ebay Also Dipetane is better for the engine as redecorating is most abrasive on the market strips oil from seals if used frequently
  6. Lenny

    Things I Don't Like

    Try Renault there they own Nissan 🤫 My 1.6TDCi focus needed an injector seal replaced and since it's a 1.6HDi engine the parts were cheaper from Peugeot than ford, Cut out the middle man enterprise
  7. Lenny

    Missing bolts, please help

    You need two rear anti roll bar links
  8. Lenny

    Things I Do Like

    My new whip 😀 Berg Duo Chopper BF Bought for my kids Saoirse, Kara and Tadhg reason why the fake registration plate says SKT And even I can fit on it myself I'm 6ft 1" seat is adjustable lol Great fun Smiles per gallon purchased from https://www.douglasforestandgarden.ie/product/berg-duo-chopper-bf/?gclid=EAIaIQobChMI-Jjwgeaj3AIVC_lRCh0tGgA4EAQYASABEgKRKfD_BwE came three box's on a pallet from berg in the Netherlands I be driving around like:
  9. Lenny

    Things I Do Like

    Looks mint 👍
  10. Lenny

    MK8 Found Weird Object

    Looks like a rectory plug 😳 On a serious note though; there most likely parts which were supposed to bd rrmoved from under the seat during the build process
  11. Mk2.5 Rear Diffuser Guide: Mk2.5 Front Lip Guide:
  12. Lenny

    Living Room Project

    Hi, Firstly thanks for manufacturing an excellent product that does exactly what it says it will do and secondly thanks for taking the time to join the forum here to comment and get in touch, your recognition has honestly made my day feel free to use the images no problem atall Thanks very much 👍
  13. Lenny

    Bonnet Lip Trim

    Hi, The bonnet lip is a Genuine Ford part from the focus ST, there available at your local dealer think I paid 38 pounds at the time but prices fluctuate and increase if the item becomes a high seller. The Ford part number is: 1549578 If your local ford isint really local then you could also contact fordpartsuk.com https://www.fordpartsuk.com/upper-front-bumper-grille-moulding It's a straight swap but will need to be either wrapped or painted before fitting. A hair dryer will help to remove the existing plastic chrome effect one but they usually break when removing here's mine And here's the focus with the colour coded bonnet lip and the grills painted gloss black.
  14. Lenny

    Battery dying quickly, is it done?

    Ooh nasty Gotta take out the induction box Then the front clips off the battery box and the battery slides out. Bosch S5 best battery for stop/start
  15. Lenny

    Battery dying quickly, is it done?

    Stop/start technology uses a lot of battery particularly if your doing a lot of city miles, the stop/start will disable if the battery has insufficient capacity as your experiencing This could be the battery is for want of a better word "expired" Of It could also be that it's been doing too much city miles stopping and starting; they ideally need a long run to charge the battery aswell, If you have time today perhaps switch off air con and take if for a steady drive somewhere for an hour then see how it goes for the rest of the week. Ultimately though; if changing the battery your best option is a Bosch S5 best battery for stop/start I'm not sure which code as it will be a Bosch S5 000 the last three numbers determines the size specific to your focus.