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  1. I do like making the most of the good weather aswell as the time off work; I'm currently in the process of improving our two daughter's bedroom; changing the floor, bed and wardrobe across the next two weeks. Managed to get the IKEA Trysil wardrobe completely dismantled yesterday and outside aswell as lifting the old laminate flooring which was there fifteen years since the house was built. Mentioned earlier that I got a great deal on the unibond WhiteTec foam at €9 per can aswell as some screws and some Dewalt Philips heads with free screw drive bit Filled the area around the beams where they enter the cavity wall aswell as any gaps along the wall with the foam today, Screwed down the chipboard flooring using all 200 screws; theres no squeak atall Trimmed back the expanding foam and mopped the floor to eliminate dust as much as possible. Painted red on the wall where the heating pipes are inside the wall because I really dont want the guys fitting the floor to put a skirting board nail through the heating pipes. I've ordered a replacement bunk bed to replace these two; the existing was a double on the bottom and single on the top mid-sleeper I'll be chopping them up for fire wood next week after the replacement semi-solid Oak floor is installed replacing the beds with a high sleeper which is two single beds and gives more head space to the bottom bunk allowing the occupant to sit up. The width of the room is 282cm between the back of the airing cupboard and the neighbouring wall; The bunk bed is 105cm wide and will go down along the neighbouring wall, theres then 177cm left between the side of the bed and the door; which I've found a built in wardrobe in IKEA measuring 175cm in width from there PAX range Will fit to the left of the room saving loads of space and appearing custom built with only 2cm left between side of wardrobe and the side of the bunk beds. I'm currently updating the relevant section of the home improvements thread to reflect the changes for those interested: https://www.fordownersclub.com/forums/topic/80864-living-room-project/
  2. Now now keep it car related; its Auris 😂
  3. Check this https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.express.co.uk/news/uk/959281/fray-bentos-change-pie-tins-millennials-fail-to-open-baxters-food-group/amp
  4. Ah no; not the Fray Bentos 😰 Most things are Ring Pull these days Your not alone though; https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.express.co.uk/news/uk/959281/fray-bentos-change-pie-tins-millennials-fail-to-open-baxters-food-group/amp
  5. Kids might mistake it for whipped cream. Also our compost bin is pay by weight; I do like having drilling a 10mm hole in the bottom let the moisture drain out👍 save a few quid as the bin trucks drain it along the road as they compress it.
  6. Cheers mate, I was surprised myself to see the DeWalt Philips head box for €5.50 and the unibond WhiteTec foam is my particular favourite type because its four times thicker than regular foam meaning it dries out like polystyrene; theres no bubbles forming inside the swell meaning its consistent inside when you slice it, theres no empty gaps inside. I've just gotta keep them cold now until I use them tomorrow; I've found from experience that theres not as much comes out if they have been stored in a warm room for even two days, they need to be kept cold for optimum output or expansion.
  7. I do like Shopping around for the bargains and saving a few quid aswell as some time today, Managed to purchase Unibond White Tec expanding foam locally for €8 per can which saved my two hours time aswell as Diesel as I didn't have to drive to B&Q then home again where its sold for €11 per can, which is still cheap compared to my nearest DIY store which is selling for €15 per can. Picked them up at a place much the same as poundland, Then purchased the Self tapping screws and Dewalt Philips heads with free drill driver for €10.50 at my nearest DIY shop, gloves then got from work for free. Overall spend €66.50 Plan now is to remove the existing laminate flooring from the girls bedroom tomorrow morning; then screw down the chip board floor beneath as it creaks in spots, I'll then fill around the floor beams and edge of neighbouring wall with the unibond foam; because it's a corresponding wall with next door neighbour and when there cooking chips we can smell the fryer in the bedroom, so theres air passing through at some point; I suspect in around the wooden beams which support the upstairs floor, I'll seal it all tomorrow after removing the laminate in preparation for the replacement semi solid light oak, but I'm done for today off to bed now; been up since 15:00 yesterday and working last night, Off now until Tuesday 🙆‍♂️
  8. Mobile phones and internet services are destroying physical interaction and the art of communication; breaking down society Even electronic payslip allows room for a two tier pay grade system among workers as each logs in to view rather than all opening a sheet of paper simultaneously
  9. Sound like my three kids in the car this morning on route to order a new floor for the two girls bedroom and they wanted to go to McDonalds aswell Why does everyone ask me for food 😂
  10. Our kids got creative with some beach stones yesterday; my favourite is the rock concert 😂 I also like finally getting back to doing some home improvements, I've not gotten near the house since before Christmas due to family events needing to be paid for; but now there all of of the way; I'll be replacing the floor in the kids bedroom aswell as fitting a new bunk bed and wardrobe, across the next three weeks and I'll update the relevant thread those interested.
  11. If there was a tenner fuel in the tank then the only mod I would add is a match stick 😂 only joking looks great 👍
  12. Can imagine the cows exfoliating every night, 😂
  13. Dont forget to thank the farmers aswell whom looked after the the cattle before they became a seat in your car 😃
  14. Lenny


    Hi, A common problem with the focus from 2005-2011 is the rubber seals around the windscreen washer jets deteriorate as rubber does in general; This issue affects the 1.6 petrol engine because the location of this particular engine positions the spark plugs in line with the leak. This allows water to enter the rocker cover which then gets in to the coil packs and can cause the misfire, I recommend using some bathroom silicone sealant to seal the area around the windscreen washer jets; under the bonnet even as preventative maintenance because it is a known issue. Hope this helps, fitting a Volvo engine cover also stops the water getting in there