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  1. I'm working on transferring the images on to the forum this morning, I'll donate as much time as I can today with the goal of completing tomorrow morning I've gotta go through 6,000 archive images of the focus to match up the guide, takes alot of quiet time and thought to process. I've been quite busy at work and at home in recent times, haven't had much spare time hopefully the guide is still some use to you and others.
  2. Home CCTV advice

    I use skyHD multiroom box's I've got four of them all purchased new in the box from ebay for 30-40 pounds each, Here's one example: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Sky-HD-3D-Multiroom-Box-New-/132560206970?roken=cUgayN They don't give off any noise or heat compared to the main box because they don't have a hard drive to record anything, but you can't record anything without subscription anyway so that's all good. There also half the size of the main box. The software and layout is identical to the standard main box everything except recordings is exactly the same. I've fitted an octo LNB to the dish which gives out eight feeds, I've run Webro wf100 twinsat to each room then fitted a skymultiroom box with an old UK sky card fitted in each box. The multiroom box only takes in one sattelite feed because it doesn't record a second channel, but I've run two feeds to each room just encase I ever switch to sky subscription again I'd be able to record without any additional effort. My sattelite is on the chimney so the 8 cables come down the roof tiles at the rear of the house then curl in to the attic through a vent in the pvc where there spread to each location inside the attic out of sight, Done it myself except for the LNB on the dish, I ran the cables and got a local TV aerial guy to fit the LNB.
  3. Home CCTV advice

    Yes the HDMI Modulator will take in any HDMI cable and broadcast it via coaxial cable, So it will work with SkyQ It will also work with a blueray player but not at the same time as sky Q because the HDMI Modulator only has one HDMI input on it. If you want to broadcast sky Q and blueray at the same time without swapping cables then you would need two HDMI Modulator's like I have myself. Any further questions just ask 👍
  4. Home CCTV advice

    Forgot to mention; Saw the best disguised camera today; Its not a real owl it's a camera 😀 saw the head twitching like an electronic motor Never know whoo hoo's watching 😅
  5. Home CCTV advice

    I'm soon to be installing a CCTV system myself, One item which i have already purchased and fitted in preparation is a HDMI Modulator, as saw in my home improvement thread here: They take in a HDMI feed and broadcast it on a digital channel of your choice in full 1080P High definition, you can even name the channel whatever you want. The module has an aerial in and aerial out It filters the aerial to include it's own channel among the other stations, It's ideal if you have a number of television's in the house which you would like to be able to view the CCTV on, Alternatively you can use it to broadcast a DVD player around the house or anything with a HDMI output. I've got two of them fitted, one for CCTV and the other is for the blueray player in the living room to share it throughout the house. Link: http://www.freetv.ie/hdmi-modulator/
  6. New Tweeters for mk7.5

    Depends on how long your planning to keep the car aswell as how much your willing to spend, It starts with a good set of speakers soon your changing the head unit and installing an amplifier to get the most out of the new speakers, I've fitted two sets of JL Audio C3 650 along with a XD400/4 amplifier but I'm keeping the focus forever, You can't beat a good sound system but all depends on the future plans for the vehicle, that determines how much you should invest.
  7. Living Room Project

    Thanks very much, I enjoyed the planning, then to see it all come together without any issues is like a dream come true. 😅 This project is in its third year now, I'm holding out for quality every time, so when I do post an update there has been quite a bit of money spent but it's no way finished; still using Ikea Matt's as temporary flooring in the living room, I could get a laminate floor within a month but I'm holding out for a solid oak. It will all come together perfectly in the end, I'm happy to wait and save for the better results. Thanks Dan, I've really enjoyed installing, Sadly though it's mostly done in the attic so I can't show off my skills much. The living room is now painted and I've installed all of the items which I had in storage and previously documented on this thread. The bottom of the neighbouring wall has had a bit of plaster chased out which will be covered by skirting boards at a later date, I chased off the plaster using a hammer and small chisel to allow three coaxial cables feed in from the Virginmedia box outside to come in along the wall to the rear of the cabinet. Inside the plaster the skirting boards will cover nicely. All of the virginmedia cable's have been redone using Belden 1694A cable which has increased speed to 400mb. Ive Routed cable through the house the same as was done with the sattelite cable; so the cable that was once running up the front of the house to the attic has now been removed from outside of the house and replaced by a Belden 1694A cable that runs up to the attic hidden inside the house along side the sattelite and network cables leaving things much cleaner outside. The TV bracket is now on wall in living room in preparation for the Television but I've no plan to purchase it just yet. More progress in a few months time. Thanks
  8. Things I Do Like

    Just Beat It 🕺
  9. Sorry mate, I had created my own pdf versions of the guides they should be on here if searched. Also I sold the modified elm327 there before Christmas, lent it to a forum member whom then offered to buy it instead of sending it back.
  10. Things I Do Like

    I really like how things have progressed in the DIY department of the house since i took a few days off work from last Thursday to next Wednesday, I'e been working 6 days week since Christmas and had a load of bits purchased to be installed, I've also finished updating the home improvement progress thread if anyone's interested in viewing 😅
  11. Living Room Project

    While working in the attic I was doing everything in the dark, only had a torch on my head which got quite frustrating at times, So I decided to get some lighting for the attic space, I logged on to electricalwholesaler.ie and bought two plug tops along with two Osram 20W LED floodlights aswell as some Metal clad sockets and a TimeGuard segment switch👍 I've mounted one floodlight on the top of the Apex on both sides of the attic space, They are rach 100w equivalent and a nice majestic 3000k I've gotta get the sockets fitted and wired in to the TimeGuard switch, currently powering them from an extension cable. My brother-in-law is an electrician and has arranged to wire up the sockets next weekend, My dad was a lecturer for apprentice electricians and does most of the work with me but he's almost 70 now so I couldn't expect him to assist in the attic. With the panel now created on the wall in the attic; There was a central location to feed the network and coaxial cables from to each of the rooms upstairs, I meassured up lengths and logged on to Amazon to purchase somd Vandesail CAT7 cables aswell as some Coaxial cables. I've run all cables down along the straight beam on either side of the Apex where they then T off down between the Joyce's under the insulation in to the box shelves and partition wall of the room through to the Television. I also meassured the area the cables were running along and purchased some PVC 50x25mm Maxi Trunking to match the size to ensure the cables are safe from being stood on or tripped over in the attic or damaged in any way. Ive gotta install these lengths in the attic ill get pictures before the weekend With all cables routed from the panel it was then time install the Television bracket along with fishing the cables down inside the partition wall's. So armed with a Stanley Stud Finder and a Dragon's Den product called "Grip-it" I started in Bedroom 01 Bedroom 01 This is the box room of the house, the smallest of the three in the house, As result; a tilt & Swivel TV bracket was sufficient for the wall as the Television wouldn't need to turn much since the room is shall we say narrow enough. Using the Stud finder I was able to find the centre of the wooden partition inside the studded wall, I then marked up the holes for the bracket prior to drilling some 3mm pilot holes in to the vertical wooden beam prior to ***** in three 8mm self tapping screws to secure the bracket to the wall. I then used a spirit level and a single DIN plasterboard insert box to mark out the area for taking through the cables from the attic. I then went up in to the attic and drilled a 25mm hole down in to the partition cavity fishing them through the wall from attic to bedroom. Then cut out the top section of the single DIN plasterboard insert to allow the bulk of cables to easily pass through in to the room. Finished off with a black nickel finished; brush plate to tidy the appearnce, prevent heat loss from the room and prevent spiders from passing through. The bracket was then complete but the smallest fixing it takes is 75x75 and unfortunately the 27" Samsung LED television I had to fit requires a 50x50 fixing, So i logged on to eBay & Amazon only to discover that it's almost impossible to source a television bracket that supports the 50x50 fixing, The only thing I could find was this adaptor plate: The adaptor plate was quite tricky to install due to restricted access to the bolt heads to prevent them turning when tightening down the nuts, But as you can see in the image below; it got the job done and worked out nicely in the end. I then began to install two white oval box shelves up tight to the ceiling in the left corner of the room to drop down the opposite end of the television cables in to; The box units are designed to hang on to screws in the wall, but I'm looking to fit them flush with the ceiling; meaning I required an alternative method of mounting them to the wall, I purchased some 4mm 90°Degree bent pre-drilled stainless steel brackets to bolt through both of the box's then securing them to the wall using four M6 screws. There now perfectly aligned together; ready for fixing to the wall, The brackets will provide best weight support being positioned in the bottom shelf, Also you can see a black hole drilled the right of the original; this is because there is a wooden beam in the attic which is corresponding directly above the original hole, so I had to drill a new opening in order to bring the cables through from the attic. The box shelves are now successfully fitted with a Sky Multiroom Box for use as a Freesat box and a Virginmedia box with active subscription both linked to the Television on the neighbouring wall. This design saves a lot of space in the room. Now on to Bedroom: 02 Bedroom two has been covered in previous posts and has not really progressed much since previous updates except that it now has a new LED light fitting in the ceiling And the 6 socket Masterplug unit above the wardrobe; has been swapped out for a Tacima unit which conditions the voltage supply from the mains aswell as protecting from surges this unit regulates the power eliminating fluctuations caused by wind generated energy which has a negative impact on sensitive electronic devices, "Insert image" I've also fitted one to the panel in the attic to protect the LAN Routers aswell as all the aerial equipment: The only factor holding it back from mounting the Television on the wall is; the insulated plasterboard wall needs to be fitted to cover the pipe containing the Television cables. Now on to Bedroom: 03 First I purchased a HDMI socket and an RJ45 female-female adaptor designed to fit the Clipsal plate from Schneider Electric, These little fittings came all the way from MAD Electronics in Australia. I've fitted them in the wall next to some Clipsal sockets in the corner of Bedroom 03 The RJ45 Network Socket is connected to the LAN Router for room 03 and the HDMI socket has a 7 metre Ibra HDMI cable attached linking it to HDMI 3 on the Television on the wall, Ideal for a computer or console connection straight in to the wall and it's connected👍 Next I began fitting the Television bracket and cables to the partition wall in Bedroom 03 Due to the layout of the room a pull out bracket was required: The wooden support beam wasn't where I would have liked it to be on this occasion, so I had to use four blue Gripit's to secure the bracket to the plaster. Marked up the wall, drilled the 4 holes inserted the Gripit's and screwed it in tight. I then used a spirit level and a single DIN plasterboard insert box to mark out the area for taking through the cables from the attic. I then went up in to the attic and drilled a 25mm hole down in to the partition cavity fishing them through the wall from attic to bedroom aswell as feeding in a 5 metre figure 8 cable to power the Television. Then cut out the top section of the single DIN plasterboard insert to allow the bulk of cables to easily pass through. Finished off with a black nickel finish; brush plate to tidy the appearance, prevent heat loss from the room and prevent spiders from passing through. I later took the bracket off the wall and retracted the cables just enough to be able to mask up the area and give the room another two coats of paint prior to refitting again. Paint dried over 24 hours later I finally fitted the 32" Samsung LED Television and I'm very impressed with how it looks on the wall, the only thing holding it all there in the plaster is four blue Gripit fixings. Next I held one of the white floating box's up to the ceiling and marked the cable entry circle on the ceiling in the corresponding location prior to drilling it out with a wholesaw. I then bolted the two floating box's together and screwed them to the outter solid block wall using some 5mm stainless steel L shaped brackets. I then run the cables down to each shelf consisting of a two Cat7 cables, two HDMI, two figure 8 power cable's, one C13 power cable, twin sattelite feed, terrstrial aerial feed, a Virginmedia feed and a component cable to cover any possible device requirements. Currently fitted there is a SkyHD multiroom box with a UK Freesat card fitted and in the bottom shelf there's a Virginmedia box with active subscription. All of the power cable's I've run in to the box shelves and to the Television's are all 4 metre's long purchased purposey for the job, There all hidden in the attic space and required sockets, so next I purchased some premium spec power supplys from Amazon with Radio Frequency filtering aswell as surge & lightening protection, The whole premium power supply thing doesn't usually interest me, buf since there going to be fitted in the attic; i wanted to make very sure they were well manufactured and at 60GBP each they must be. So when they arrived I created some stands to raise the power supplys 14" above the level of the attic insulation aswell as having a broad 25mm thick base that won' flex and spans across the joices Picked up this little mitre box on ebay for 5 pounds, was ideal for cutting 45 degree lengths for the legs. Screwed and cable tied for good measure there now ready to be fitted in the attic to power Bedroom 01 and Bedroom 03 "Insert image" As previously mentioned; I have cleared out the livingroom and filled then sand the walls with an orbital sander prior to applying a few coats of paint. The Graphite Milano Designer radiator has been temporarily removed for painting behind it, Once painting if complete; the Celsi electric fire and picture frames can finally go on the walls along with the Television bracket I'm delighted with the results so far, I'll edit this thread across the coming weeks as I get the other box shelves fitted and living room back together. Thanks for reading more progress update in a few months time,
  12. Living Room Project

    I've not updated the thread since early January, I've been working 6 days per week since 04th January and working on the house every Sunday, I've been off work since last Thursday and things have progressed quite well within the house as I had a stockpile of items; so here we go with the update; At present there are many areas of the home improvement process which can be addressed as there's now something to be done in every room of the house; So last January was a new start having Christmas out of the way, I was in a position to continue with the home, Since it was January I decided to start the year with completing the home entertainment, So I first meassured up the areas and created a list of all items required such as HDMI cables and CAT7 cables aswell as HDMI modulators and signal amplifier. Most of the items I had already purchased and discussed on page 02 of this thread, I then spent the months January February and March; stock piling everything required for all three bedrooms, The overall plan was to have a television wall mounted in each bedroom with the Aerial, HDMI & Network cables being routed inside the wall out of sight, Two floating box's would be mounted flush with the ceiling to house a Sky Multiroom box fitted with a Freeview card and a Virginmedia box with active subscription. on top of that each room would have it's own LAN Router with all the devices connected to it; minimising the use of Wi-Fi in the house. A HDMI Modulator would be fitted to a Blueray player in the living room which would allow it to be tuned in to any television within the house, saving the cost of purchasing a second player. Quite alot of HDMI and RJ45 cables and distribution box's were required particularly in the attic area as the cables would be going from the floating box's in the room; up in to the attic then across the joices and back down inside the partition wall and in to the Television. The distribution box's and signal amplifier would really need some sort of central location, so I got a pen to paper and drew up a plan to create a wall mounted MDF panel which would be spaced 1" inch from the wall to allow cables pass behind it as well as air flow, its purpose to house all the required distribution devices on the Apex block wall within the attic👍 I then measured the area of the block wall in order to find out the maximum size the MDF panel could be, I then purchased a T-square and some masking tape from Poundland and began to mark out the panel by placing each device on to it then marking the mount locations aswell as cable entry/exit holes, The masking tape wasn't essential but it results in a clean panel when finished there won't be any markings atall. While the weather conditions were like this outside: I was in the kitchen building this panel and routing cables around the attic, it was the ideal time to do it because we couldn't really do much else and it wasn't too warm in the attic👍 Here are the Pine strips fitted down both sides of the panel creating the cavity space at the rear between the wall and panel. Fitted to the wall using some 90 degree brackets on each corner, Thinking back now; would have been cool had I put it on hinges or hydraulic boot lift rams, would have saved my fingers from scoffing the wall when routing all the cables through it. Here It's fitted on the wall but still plenty of cables to be tidied. The black cage on the right of the panel is a fold down shelf, I'm going to be using it for a DVR which will connect to the HDMI Modulator allowing it to be tuned in on all Television's aswell as being monitored across the internet👍 The white downward angled surface box fitted to the lower right side of the panel; is for 6 sattelite feeds, there are Currently 8 feeds coming from the "Octo LNB" on the standard Sky sattelite mounted on the chimney, two feeds go directly to the livingroom as saw in earlier posts and there are six remaining that's two for each bedroom upstairs, I decided to separate these cables at the panel because; in the unlikely event that one ever got damaged by a mouse chewing through it, I can easily replace it from the panel to the room rather than paying an installer to get up on the roof and run a new feed all the way through, I can easily access the attic myself. I've purchased a six port clipsal plate from electricalwholesaler.ie to go on to this angled box: I then purchased six clipsal F-type to F-type connectors from MAD Electronics in Australia to fit in to this plate prior to installation in the attic, "Schneider electric" are the manufacturer of the clipsal range, despite being a German name there actually based in Australia, there UK range of stock doesn't have F-type connectors but there Australian range of connectors does; and they will fit straight in to the UK wall plate, The inserts pop straight in from the rear of the plate: Now labelled up and fitted to the panel in the attic, Here's a plate which I've also made up and labelled for the living room Coaxial feeds: The top satellite feeds are self explanatory, the bottom two feeds are; "Aerial" which is coming straight down from the Proception masterhead amplifier in the attic to this plate, Best way i can explain it is to say: It's the beginning of a coaxial loop; It connects in to a HDMI Modulator A cable then comes out of the HDMI Modulator and goes in to the "Multiroom" connection; sending it back up to the attic panel where it goes in through the second Edison HDMI Modulator to catch the CCTV signal then the loop goes in to the 4 channel splitter where it comes back down to the living room in to the centre "TV" coaxial feed containing all HD Digital terrstrial channels along with the Bluray Channel and CCTV channel which are self broadcast within the home. Here's a video to explain there function in more detail 👇
  13. Living Room Project

    Nice, Picture's are always welcome and thanks for viewing and commenting but if you don't mind mate; I'd like to keep this thread specific to my build to prevent confusion👍
  14. Things I Do Like

    I do like having the time off today to begin creating a panel for the attic which I plan to mount on the block wall to eliminate excess cables aswell as adding some new ones. I've spaced it out from the wall using strips of pine wood to create a cavity space to allow cables pass behind it as well as increased air flow. I started at 10am with a blank sheet of MDF and two lengths of pine, I'm very happy with the way it turned out; ts not finished yet but it's currently as far as I can go because I'm awaiting delivery of: Proception Master head aerial amplifier 3-way Virginmedia splitter 6 port F-type plate (for the white box on the right there) to finish the panel. The black folding shelf is for a DVR which will link to the HDMI Modulator allowing it to be tuned in on all Television's within the home. Been working six days a week since Christmas and planning things to do in the house, it was great to finally put some of those plans in to action today.