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  1. Google: Full list of lennys guides for some ideas;
  2. Lenny


    I'm all in favour of re-mapping; I've had my diesel done years ago, although I did find the video above quite entertaining; Have you tried consulting the tuner? Could be an EGR issue or MAP sensor
  3. Looks like it's in the wall 🙆‍♂️
  4. Guys I'm not happy atall, Two weeks ago I ordered a custom made height chart for our kids room to replace a section of the wall where the wife has been documenting the heights of our three kids, She found this website that does a solid Ash wooden ruler with customisable text engraved in it, cost me €80/£70.48 delivered, I've had it in my website bookmarks list since last October, but due to the price tag; I've only gotten around to purchasing recently as the kids bedroom was almost completely renovated; I thought well now is the time to do it, So I ordered it two weeks ago, and well it arrived today and I'm almost ready to put it in the car and drive all the 186 miles one way journey over to launch it through his 😬window. I've sent an very educational email across to the company this evening and I'm awaiting response aswell as seeking instruction, Here is the images from the listing Heres the full detailed description; no mention of holes anywhere: And well here is the item received with four 6mm holes depreciating the natural finish of the item. Why has someone drilled four 6mm holes down the centre of an oversized replica of an wooden Ash Ruler, when its supposed to be a custom item meaning they do what "YOU" want; Theres no mention of any holes in the listing, theres no sign of any holes in the pictures on the listing, So why would I need to specify "no holes" in making my order? When theres no sight nor sound of them in the entire website. Ive asked "Should I be like the edge from U2 in the Song "Numb" and speculate all the potential do's & don'ts with my order?" I've sent them an email; expressing my sincere disappointment at receiving an item which wasn't as expected despite everything on the website seeming very transparent; given the images of what to expect and the option of customisation; what could have gone wrong; the images don't show any 6mm holes. I then went on explain that the height chart weighing 1.7kg was indeed a "non weight baring item" meaning it wont be supporting any weight; I then pointed out the two foot wide & five foot tall steel radiator which is to the left of the height chart recieved; that radiator is 178kg with water inside; ironically it's also fixed to the wall using four 6mm screws, difference it really needs them; Why does a solid ash height chart weighing 7kg and not expected to support any further weight atall; require four M6 screws to be fitted in the centre which completely depreciates the flow of the natural finish. I had planned on fitting to the wall using some unibond No More Nails, Had there been any indications of holes being drilled on the custom item; I would have specified not to do this, I was expecting to receive exactly as saw in the images, I'm not currently in a position to purchase again specifying "no holes" until next payday, and by doing so; I would then be reciveing exactly what is shown in the website images an ash height chart with no holes. Sorry for the rant but I've been looking forward to this item arriving; its intention was to document history for our kids and would remain on there wall at the back of there bedroom door for centuries to come, A natural piece of Ash which has taken time to grow itself followed by time to craft in to something which is then used to document the growth of our children which we can all reflect on in time to encourage strength in moving forward. Yet the whole natural finish has been depreciated by four holes which are not required atall and not what I paid €80/£70.48 to receive.
  5. Was searching for a Buick 225 😂
  6. Knew you would grow in to it 😂
  7. I'm a grumpy old git at 34 have been since 2006 😅 not as bad now in recent years but still cant get through a Sunday with out finding somthing to give out about
  8. Sorry to read that mate; unfortunately its ahead of us all and those whom we feel; should be taken, seem to live forever
  9. The mk2 focus ST came out while Ireland entered in to recession and the motor tax over here for a 2.5 petrol is €1,400 per year then four tyres every nine months taking three days for garages to get them in stock as there not the useal 16" wheel, they cost €520 every nine months on top of the €1400 tax and then theres fuel and insurance; now would be MOT aswell There are a few Electric orange around but the interior is also orange, Theres plenty of mk3 ST line models now though,
  10. I do like receiving a £5 pound voucher from IKEA customer service Having been documenting all there content and part numbers on my thread here: I emailed them a link last night and now there sending me a voucher 🙆‍♂️
  11. Removing the seats? First thing ensure you have the code for your stereo; it should be in the front of the manual prior to disconnecting the battery, Second get an empty pringles tin or cut open a plastic bottle; use it to store all the bolts. Then undo the two rear bolts of the front seats, remove them to the pringles tin, Put the top of the seat far forward Undo the front bolts of the seat, then put it back on to the rear seat to allow you access underneath and unplug the air bags, The front seats are around 50kg each due to airbags inside, this is also the reason for disconnecting the battery, Two people then rotate the seat on to its side facing the doors, One person lifts the top; out through the rear door while the person lifting the bottom section; goes in the drivers door lifting the seat out through the back door. Fitting then is the reverse of removal; whichever person is carrying the bottom; they get in the rear door first carrying the seat; then get out the front door having dropped the seat in to position. That's how myself and the now wife got them out few years ago prior to marriage 😅
  12. Also when you do get a set; I recommend renting a RugDoctor to bring them up like new prior to fitting in the focus
  13. There available with blue sections to match your colour focus; I'd like a set too but I'm in Ireland, cost me a further €250 on top of the purchase price to ship them over from the UK, You will need a T50 and a T40 Torx to remove the front and back seats, both are available from Halfords and the front seats come out through the rear doors, Stripped out mine one Friday of a bank holiday weekend for a full JL Audio install
  14. ST Recaro are a straight swap, maybe try those, just ensure the rear is from an ST2 spec as ST3 and RS dont have the centre rear seat belt Speaking of Recaro
  15. Given the sloped angle of the rear window of the mondeo; would you miss the wiper if it wasn't there? I'd like a mondeo but I don't like the rear wiper, Guide: I've de-wipered my focus & also won €100 from eFlow for sharing the idea complete with picture as a cost saving tip for maintaining your car; saves me €32 per service at the dealership as they cant bill me for replacing the blade 👍 Won a €100 Circle K voucher 😂 provided me with many Smiles per Gallon
  16. I'm aware this may be a sensitive question yet I'm interested to know; is this or was this the UK's last year of competing in the Eurovision? Do you have to be part of the European union to compete?
  17. I'd like to see Scooter doing the Eurovision; And I'm now thinking why did they never do it? They have over one hundred mad Eurovision style tunes like "oi" and "jumping all over the world"