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  1. He goes toilet before school and is his own person around the house goes without announcing, the teacher said they made it clear to the kids once they say there going it's fine, The mother in law is diabetic and my grandad on my mothers side was but none of my brothers or sisters are, and I drink atleast two cans of monster energy per day so I'm clearly not ๐Ÿ˜… yet anyway maybe tomorrow Dont know the tests think it was just a urine test he sent off, dont think he took blood sample
  2. I don't like doctors as in our local GP making unrationl (there may be a better term to describe but I've only had 4hrs sleep tonight) over the top decisions which has put my wife up the walls as she suffers from anxiety, Where do I start now; Our son started playschool last month; we would have gotten it for free had we put him in last year but we kept him at home for an extra year because he is the youngest and wanted him to be 5 starting national school; so I'm paying โ‚ฌ70 a week for him to attend this year where others are on the free, Some whom know we well here will remember; when he was born he contracted pneumonia in his right lung; spent alot of time in hospital and we almost lost him; he then got MRSA while in a quarantine unit ๐Ÿคทโ€โ™‚๏ธ and was sent home that Christmas with MRSA and pneumonia in the left lung having cleared it from his right lung, and was on antibiotics which baby's dont be on unless its extremely necessary; My wife's anxiety showed it's full power back then which was understandable and she wouldn't ever let him out of her arms for more than a nappy or change of clothes, it was the toughest time of both our lives and potentially his too. Hes thankfully made a full recovery from both conditions and five years on hes a strong, fun, energetic healthy boy hes great crack; Recently hes been starting to have a few toilet accidents at school where he forgets to go; which only happen in playschool, three times in the past two weeks; although when hes at home hes fine no accidents, On the first occasion we asked him as always; in the nicest way possible; how did it happen or why did he think it happened; and his response was that they were all outside playing and the teacher had the door locked he couldn't get in to use the toilet, This guy doesn't lye hes good as absolute gold, his sister lyes alot but this lad is 100% Turns out there's two sets of French doors identical leading to two sides of the class room and the poor lad was trying to open the wrong set, Anyway; twice since then hes had accidents and doesn't know why just happened, we didn't continue questioning as he instantly began to get disappointed with himself and it's not his fault hes a really good lad. Wife took him to the doctor local GP to see if he had a kidney infection; thankfully all clear but yesterday she got a call from hospital to say the GP had referred our son for an emergency appointment for a full examination because they think he may be diabetic ๐Ÿ˜Ÿ Doesn't make sense to me, and I understand there only taking precautions but they don't realise that its putting my wife back in to a children's ward where she had to sleep on a foam mattress in quarantine with our son and suffered a nervous breakdown five years ago; her anxiety hasn't been high in the past few years and now has to go back in to the fire bringing up old memories, smells and places aswell as seeing other people where we once were, She wont let me take him myself; and says she is stronger now as is he; but I really dont want a relapse and I hate to think theres anything wrong with him atall, Overall he is going to the best place as hs wouldn't be here without those really gifted people in the hospital and I thank them for that, just the GP should really study the wifes medical history before phoning to tell her he has made an emergency appointment; The word emergency didn't need to be mentioned there atall considering she suffers anxiety. Anyway rant over ๐Ÿ˜… I'm going to try sleep now again, nervous about what's on the horizon for both of them meanwhile I'm working six days per week. Suppose we think he have it tough until things get tougher.
  3. I have upgrade my entire sound system including amplifiers and my door handles also pop out due to the increased base
  4. Need to treat the rust with somthing like hammerite rust stop first otherwise it will creep under the paint,
  5. I dont see the hype; which makes me feel old in a way, I was going to say there is more to life but I then realized; The only thing on screen which I would care that much about is "The GrandTour" I'm a huge fan of Jeremy Clarkson; I couldn't live with his arrogance but it is entertaining to watch.
  6. Perhaps the pheasant knew tomorrow was Monday too ๐Ÿคทโ€โ™‚๏ธ Sick of living with a well a eh Rooster ๐Ÿ˜…
  7. Looks alright to me, Some Team Hecko wins deflecters would look good
  8. I've just last week Discovered the musician "Mike Oldfield" some of his music was recommend to me by Spotify in my "Discover Weekly" playlist which is a combination of 30 songs which spotify recommend to me weekly as part of my monthly subscription. Anyways check this: some absolute tunes Also recommended listening to all of this as it isint just the exorcist gets good from 17:09 onwards Also I'm not usually one to brag but it sounds awesome on my JL Audio C3 650 speakers in the car driven by JL400/4V2 and 10WรธV3 sealed sub driven by a JL300/1V2 amp #TurnDownForWhat
  9. Tuning box just over fuels the engine And since you now get fined for blanking the egr valve which would stop 20% of the then wet exhaust gasses from being recirculated back in to the induction where it will contaminate the oil with carbon and eventually block the oil feed to the turbo, Your much better off with a remap where other parameters can also be adjusted other than the fuel rail pressure. Just my opinion though I'm sure others whom have since invested in a tuning box will defend the inevitable as they may feel hard done.
  10. I rarely get time to play it and feel selfish every time that I do because I've three kids that I only have a certain amount of years with before there adults themselves, Working continental Shift doesn't help neither; only see them for half an hour per day when I'm working 15:00-23:00 Every weekend then is Saturday evening from 16:00 and all Sunday. Then when I'm on nights it's a lottery as to how much sleep your going to get and when your going to get it, so if it's a rainy day with no wheelie bin service I can sleep from 10am - 15:00 then get to see the kids for two or three hours before sleeping again then work. 7-3 then I get to spend a few hours in the evening In that time I discuss how school is going for each of them as there now at the seperate ages where there each in different schools, find out there worries should they have any aswell as what there friends are like and advise them if applicable aswell as playing with there toys and looking after Liam the dog. I dont have much time for zoning out to myself whether it be the playstation or Alcohol or doing something to the car I cant really do it anymore as I need to spend time with the family, I can be on here which may seem alot of the time but it's on my mobile phone which is instant comment and submit whether I'm on lunch breaks in work or at home. When I was younger I had many years of xbox and playstation from 1999 up to 2006, bought this PS4 back when fallout4 came out as a good work mate at the time whom has since left; was praising the game so much, I thought I'd get myself a ps4 and the game that Christmas, I cleared the game then that August and download GTA5 for a bit of fun but never done the storyline as I dont have the time, Our eldest now needs various software packages for the computer as part of school which the middle child will also require in two years time; so I'm going to sell it and reinvest the money in to software for there computer. Thanks for the offer though I really do appreciate it our ancestors would be proud ๐Ÿค
  11. First movie I ever saw in the cinema was Jurassic park ๐Ÿ˜… I had a 1:10th scale model of the ford jeep aswell as the T-Rex and a few of the characters back in around 1993 I think ๐Ÿ˜… was eight years old then
  12. And they hug you like 25 year old young one ๐Ÿ˜‚
  13. Speaking of playstation; I'm looking to sell my barely used playstation 4 along with joypad and official playstation charging cradle which plugs in to the wall and takes two joypads, I've upgrade the HardDrive to a Samsung 860 Evo 500GB SSHD so its whisper quiet and I've got GTA5 download on the drive, Looking for โ‚ฌ170 Would that be a fair price these days? Save me working a Saturday ๐Ÿ˜…
  14. Hopefully by your choice ๐Ÿ˜‚ not like Josf Fritzl
  15. Ooh suit you sir nostalgic ๐Ÿ˜… you will now think wow was it always this powerful ? Why were you not driving for a week? Although Greta would thank you
  16. I can relate to the shift work; I work contential shift with Saturday overtime So its six days of 7am-3pm Five days of 3pm-11pm then back in 7am-3pm that Saturday Five nights 11pm-7am Had I not met the wife before getting this job j don't think I ever would have had the time, when I'm on days I sometimes wish I was on nights but when I'm on nights i lye in bed staring at the ceiling thinking that I'm wasting my life but i wont get the same money anywhere else. Theres three vacancies in work now for team leaders; I'm there seven years now but if I take a new position then I'm treated as the new employee facing a six month probation and the risk of being made redundant, although I would still be doing my existing job as always bit like a forum moderator I'd have a feather in my cap enabling me to print documents for operators and delighte when the supervisor is off or when working Saturdays but the risk of being made redundant is high in that position aswell as increased responsibility for those whom dont want to work atall; If I had a say in the interview process for those they expect me to be able to point at the work then it wouldn't be a difficult job but some of the people just want to sit back and chat for the eight hours leaving the work for the next Shift; I can't be accountable for those; they need a special needs assistant; someone whom is used to wiping rear ends and making things presentable for visiting times. I've never been on tinder ๐Ÿคทโ€โ™‚๏ธ met the wife on a Vodafone chat thing back in 2002 before picture phones even existed, met her off the train in Dublin Connolly station, Rang her phone to get a look before I approached her to introduce myself; I then stayed in her parents house for two whole weeks while they were on holiday lol I never went home stayed two weeks from the time we first met, She was vegetarian back then and I lived on chips and onion rings from her local chipper as I was afraid she might get super upset if I were to order a burger was torture at the time but worth it in the end.
  17. Reminds me: Yesterday in work a colleague bought a new Vauxhall insignia ๐Ÿคฎ One of the lads put a wet floor style yellow sign at the back of it in the carpark which said "trip hazard" When the new owner asked what's the sign doing there? He was told that trip hazard sign is there for when the gear box falls out of your insignia to ensure nobody trips across it in the carpark ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿคญโœ‹hi 5
  18. So would I ๐Ÿ˜… after all my efforts I'm still average which I suppose to be fair isint bad to be able to survive in today's world is almost becoming a privilege let's be honest lol But I'll explain; I have a stay at home wife whom looks after our three kids since the day they were born, the cost of childcare aswell as my inability to trust anyone atall with our kids means that I'm the only earner in the home and pay a mortgage of aswell as providing for the entire family which I'm happy to do without any government assistance, All said then; yes the job pays well but when your like me; providing for a wife and three children we probably equal up with a family where both parents work as supervisors in Tesco paying child care for there three kids, That's why my advice to Zain is your young with no ties mate, get high up in the industry that pays well then make other life choices around that and I wish you the best. I'm thankful for my position and I really enjoy my job, I'm glad I can go to work safe in the knowledge my kids are safe at home with there very dedicated mother or happy Learning in school while the job takes care of the Mortgage and Bill's, I don't go on holidays atall cant afford it, nor can I get a new car such as a V8 M5 or A6 like my fellow colleges drive as there wives are school teachers but i get to do the best for my family and play a part in making things which help other people's lives.
  19. My guess for your starting position would be lab analysist work which involves testing samples from the manufacturing to ensure it is within a set spec then giving them the instruction to continue; I've saw people transition to R&D through that position, My pathway was different; I started working in a veterinary pharmaceutical back seventeen years ago when I was 17 myself I started in the industry just by chance; I had moved 100km away from home to be with the wife which I had just met back then and the pharmaceutical plant at that time was local to her home I was originally an apprentice carpenter; I didn't do college as I was then paying 850per month rent living 100km from home working in pharmaceutical I learned within the industry, started off on a production line brushing tablets in to blister packs before the foil went on top ๐Ÿ˜… done two years of that then moved on to manufacturing where I was taking raw materials from the warehouse and dispensing in to reactors to manufacture the pharmaceutical in accordance with the batch record, I done six years of that then the place got bought over globally in 2010 making us redundant through a merging of sites, I then bought the focus and created some guides to keep busy; six months later I got in to the human health pharmaceutical plant where I soon discovered the much better pay; I started there as a chemical process operator much the same as veterinary manufacturing the pharmaceutical in accordance with the batch record, the industry involves alot of checks everything is sampled when it arrives on site and tested in the lab prior to approval for use by the production planner whom then writes the batch record which I then follow along with the use of various equipment to manufacture the pharmaceutical which I then provide a sample to the lab for approval. Alot of my job was hands on training some things such as separation of organic and aqueous phases cant be fully learned in books it takes time with someone showing to get it right aswell as getting the temperature just right to maximise yield, I now operate up to four processes in one building on my own and train others whom want to learn, some people come in to this line of work for the money and dont want to know anything; I don't mix well with those individuals there sloppy with there work and don't achieve maximum yields creating alot of waste and costing money.
  20. If you get the engine running dont switch if off keep it fuelled up and running until you sell it. 1.6TDCi and 2.0TDCi are Citrรถen peugeot engines might aswell be a 407 exact same engine.
  21. I always admire the instant natural aggression which they manifest for everything there so passionate with describing how they intend on venting there relentless anger ๐Ÿ˜…
  22. Would be worse if your vehicle had the feature but you were from Scotland and well it couldn't understand you ๐Ÿคทโ€โ™‚๏ธ
  23. A common problem is a leaking injector which can cause blue smoke on start up because the injector seal is passing 24/7 it fills the cylinder when the engine is off; this then gets chucked when the engine is operating causing blue smoke, Of there are wires going to a small box which would be fitted to the side of the battery box then it has a dpf. If theres no small box with two cables attached to the left side of the battery box then there is no dpf, Also how reliable in truth or how jealous in spite is this work mate likely to be?
  24. Costs a bank fee of โ‚ฌ1.50 per cheque debited from your account over here; because someone in the bank has to process it rather than it being automated transfers like a cash lodgement. I do like seeing someone put coins in to the automatic lodgement machine in my local bank ๐Ÿ˜‚ it locked up the mechanism inside.
  25. Loss of compression is basically the end mate 2011 vehicle though perhaps run on counterfeit diesel in the past ownership? The sulphuric acid used in counterfeit Diesel destroys the piston rings