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  1. my st170 does exactly the same! more so in cold weather it seems... hence i havnt noticed it too much all summer but its bound to start again soon as it gets colder. did you guys manage to sort it with the new coil pack/spark plugs?
  2. Hey! I noticed this morning my Focus has started leaking something from the engine area... It doesnt look like oil - its a clear liquid substance, any ideas? cheers! Muza
  3. Hi I've just had new brakes fitted all round - but the mechanic (friend of a friend) told me that, although he fitted new pads on the front, the brakes had plenty of life in them and so didn't need to be changed. (He was very adamant about this!) I've since noticed a rubbing noise coming from what sounds like the brakes (noise comes on and off when driving) As the original discs have a worn 'lip' on them, I have been advised that the new pads could be rubbing on the lip. Apparently this 'lip' can be shaved away to prevent any more rubbing. Is this advisable/safe? Or is it better to get new discs? I really cant afford to spend much more money on the car at present as I've had a few other problems recently too - so cheapest option would be HIGHLY preferable! Much obliged, Murray
  4. Hi guys. I have a Focus ST170, 2003, done about 72,000 miles... can anyone tell me when I need to change the cambelt? Are there any early warning signs for it needing to be replaced before it gives out? Cheers, Muza
  5. Hi all I've just been told by my garage that I need a replacement 'upstream oxygen sensor' for my focus ST170 (due to error code P0133 after engine warning light appeared) Anyone know of a cheap(er) way to get this done? Would it be easy to fit myself if I got hold of the part? is there a reliable ford parts shop online for this sort of thing? Many thanks in advance!
  6. wow thanks for the tip john! unfortunately, in my hurried panic i've taken it into the garage thismorning, as it suggests in the owners' book to do so ASAP if this warning light appears. Since yesterday i have heard of 2 of my friends having the same engine warning light in their cars, and both said it was due to spark plug and coil problems... has anyone had similar problems in the engine compartment? what would be the cheapest way to fix these problems?
  7. I thought it was only ford garages that have the computer software to check fords? or maybe i'm being very naive!..
  8. thats insurance companies for ya! did you tell them the market value when you set the insurance up?
  9. Hi all! I'm new on here... as i have jus bought (yesterday) a 2003 focus ST170. (66,630 miles) Thismorning after starting up, the engine warning light came on, and hasn't turned off since then. The car had a service on monday (2 days ago) where no major work was done. (general wear and tear, as far as I am concerned) Has anyone had this problem so close to a service? Could it have been something that was done on the car in the service that has caused this, or did they miss something major, or should I just put it down to bad luck and accept something has gone wrong at a bad time (just after purchase!) I have rung round to ford garages, and the cheapest price to do a diagnostic check with a computer is £60 + VAT!! If I can put it down to the original garages fault maybe they would see what was wrong for free? I bought the car from guildfor (over an hour away) so I can't 'pop' into the garage that did the work on monday too easily... I appreciate any advice on the matter!! thanks Murray