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  1. Fiesta Blower

    Well, the bit arrived but I can't see how to remove the box where the air comes out ( I presume that is what I have to do before I fit it.) with my dodgy eyes its not easy to see.
  2. I am a girl, I have littler fingers so they work better at things like that.
  3. Ford Fiesta 1.25 sucking sound problem

    When I had a hole in my exhaust I thought it sounded like water gushing. Infact, I used to sit at traffic lights making the noise happen because it sounded strange. Then it went bertung.
  4. Alloys

    I have alloys and I really really don't like the things. They are the ones which came on the car when I had them. I worry about scratching them ( my spacial awareness is awful) and was worried about the damn locking wheel nuts jamming, so I had the things taken off and have just winged it. To be fair I only drive the toot toot to work and back and occasionally to ASDA or to get the kids so I don't think any pikeys will steal them. Next car, I am having steel wheels and nice hub caps. I think there is no one else like me.
  5. I have had fords for 11 years. But, I am being really tempted to the dark side called the Fiat 500.
  6. You don't need a new one. All you need to do is remove the electric clip thingy, then the two bolts (top and bottom), then put some wd40 through it and a cloth and clean till your hearts content. I had a KA for a oodle of years and I used to do this regularly because the damn thing kept cutting out when trying to stop.
  7. Ford Fiesta (Died)

    Did the RAC attach their technical gizmo which reads the fault codes? If they can't diagnose anything normally they should do that to try and identify the problem. Not sure it works with all cars, but surely it wouldn't have hurt to have tried.
  8. Ford Fiesta 1.25 sucking sound problem

    Could it be a hole in the exhaust? Mine had a hissing noise and then one day it sounded like one of those corsas the kids drive around my local morrisons car park.
  9. hi im new

    Shaun, it rocks. My auntie had three xr2i's that were that shape. I loved going in them when I was little, although she would NEVER allow us to eat or drink in them no matter how long the journey.
  10. Fiesta Blower

    you sir rock hard! Thank you. Will a girl with fairly long nails be able to do this? I would ask my husband but he is facking useless with a screwdriver! Awww, I am happy :D
  11. Fiesta Blower

    Hiya, I have searched the forum, but can't find anything which fits( only the opposite to my problem) Anyway, the blower on my fiesta is only working on one, two and three. Number 4 won't work. Has anyone any idea's what the hell is wrong with this. Coupled with this today I went through a car wash and it broke both of my wing mirrors off - good day! yay