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  1. my fiesta

    took it back at 9 am today and ask them to find out what it is....they rang me up at 1 pm and they say they cant find anything....so think im going to have to change the bottom arms ,tie rod arms and maybe drive shafts but do one at time just to see if the noise goes thanks for help tho.....cheers again
  2. my fiesta

    thanks mintalkin i took it in to mot center and they had a look and told me i need new strut top mount rubbers and tie rod arms bushs so iv just had that done and still she has knocking noise ......
  3. When i turn right or left iv got a noise that sounds like its knocking but for past week iv heard it doing the same noise when im braking any ideas of what this could be?? thanks
  4. my carb

    thanks mate
  5. my carb

    thanks for help mate.....o and one more thing would the 32/34 webber drop on???
  6. my carb

    would a webber just drop on or is there anything else i would have to buy?
  7. my carb

    iv been told that my carb is a vv carb and that is most crap carb on fiesta mk2s is this true???
  8. What Mk Fiesta do you own?

    i own a mk2 .... its a great little car
  9. hi im new

    not sure yet i dont want it dark dark so maybe something like 35 or 40 %
  10. hi im new

    yep i am just got back windows to tint and then it all done......and then i can start on me new project lol
  11. hi im new

    well got front bumper on today after days of spraying .....it went wrong until last night heres a picture. thanks all for comments.
  12. hi im new

    all of this has been done since the first post i made and she was sprayed last weekend only things to be done now is the front bumper spraying red and tinited bk windows...
  13. hi im new

    and some more lol....
  14. hi im new

    and a few more......
  15. hi im new

    well been ages since iv updated on here so pics say it all..... sorry there is so many.