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  1. Can any one suggest a decent charger and please let me know why I should connect the negative to the car bodywork and not the battery terminal
  2. Can any one recommend a jump start power pack, just in case it's ever needed ?The one I have looked at is a halfords 6 in 1
  3. I don't have a charger so can any one tell me how long a drive u need to fully charge a battery.? I've never had any trouble with my car up to now , but im going away for a 3week holiday soon and don't want come back and find the battery dead.
  4. Is there any way to fold mirrors while still driving . I just want to park the car in my garage while on holiday but with the mirrors extended I can't manage it because of the internal buttress.
  5. Mines already been done , my sisters will go to the same place
  6. The year is 2014
  7. I've been told in the past that if the miles done are on the low side and only short trips , then you should have the oil changed every 6 months but not sure how correct that is .
  8. My sister brought a 1ltr eccoboost fiesta in Dec with the mot due in early Oct . As part of the deal she got a major service which was done in Jan As she is only doing about 250 miles amonth at the moment, should she leave the next service untill next Jan and just have oil and filter change done while it's in for the Mot or wait untill .
  9. Why don't you just get the same size as the other four are , plus a spare rim , That's what I did ,, unless you just want to use the gunk kit to fill it up with.
  10. When the guy removed the pump it was showing signs of starting to leak , he showed me. Regarding the oil strainer mine was in good condition so he just cleaned it out. He told me half the trouble with the strainers is the wrong oil being used.
  11. I have a 63 plate fiesta 1ltr 125 first reg 2014 with approx 41000. When I brought it I did not realise the cost of a new belt but when I found out , by reading items on here , I contacted my local main dealers who gave me a price of approx £ 1500 . As I have only had the car since Nov of last year , I decided to find a decent small firm to do the job, which I had done last month for £900 including the water pump.( he's ex ford tech who used to do all the belt changes at his local main dealers.) If the car had more miles , I'm sure I would have sold it .
  12. I know it's no use to you but I had the same trouble with my old vw polo. I could not trust it to start some times it would, no probs then next time it wouldn't all you got was a click when you tried to start.
  13. What's the best way to check if your a/c is working 100%. I've just had mine regased, but it does not seem to be putting out really cold air.
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