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  1. Fiesta mk5 immobiliser problem - wont start engine

    I didnt move the steering wheel and put the key in and the car started just like that. Its really weird however if it happens again ill remember to move the wheel a little before I insert the key. Thanks everyone for your help.
  2. Fiesta mk5 immobiliser problem - wont start engine

    No lights, no noises. I can't turn the key all the way around to start the engine because the immobiliser stops it.
  3. Hi, I just tried to start my car but it wouldnt start. I put the key in and try turning it but it wont start and the immobiliser light still flashes like usual. I tried the spare key and the same thing happens. The car was turning on fine the other day. Any one had the same problem or know what could be wrong???
  4. Hi, I have a fiesta mk6. I think I accidently switched the back wiper on manually, now I dont know how to switch it off. When I turn the key just to turn the electrics on only the back wiper starts to turn. Anyone know how to do this? Ive checked the car manual but its no help.