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  1. Question On Rear Seat Dvd Sound

    Did you get this sorted in the end? I bought a cable off ebay. It is plugged into the jack socket in the glove box and the rear of the dvd player under the passenger seat. The only downside is that you cannot listen to the radio in the front while the kiddies are watching dvd in the rear. You need two amplifiers to do that.
  2. Urgent! Very Noisy 2.0Tdci

    After a lot of diagnostics we have found that the flex plate has a crack in it and the weld have failed too, not good, but at least its all repaired now.
  3. Urgent! Very Noisy 2.0Tdci

    Definitely not, its that loud you need earplugs!
  4. Urgent! Very Noisy 2.0Tdci

    Does it still have a dual mass flywheel as an Automatic?
  5. Urgent! Very Noisy 2.0Tdci

    I wondered if it is the big ends
  6. Urgent! Very Noisy 2.0Tdci

    Its just like a far larger regular diesel noise than usual. Its throughout the rev range. Sounds like an old London taxt.
  7. Urgent! Very Noisy 2.0Tdci

    Hi All I have a 58 plate 2.0tdci auto SMax. I have owned it for about 4 years and to be honest it has been brilliant, quite possibly the best car I have ever owned. Thats saying a lot as I have owned over 100 cars and almost every marque including supercars and luxury limo type saloons. This week the car has got excessively noisy, the car still drives as it did, no loss of power, no flat spots. It doess seem to be slightly more sluggish on gear changes, but that may be just deceptive due to the increased noise. There are no warning lights on the dashboard. My local Ford dealer is shocking, I don't trust them and their charges are more than my local Porsche dealership! Can anyone give me some guidance on where I should start? Could it be the EGR valve? Could it me the dual mass flywheel? Could it be a gearbox fault? This is my wife's daily drive so I could do with some ideas to get it fixed quick. I have parked it up for now so as not to cause any further potential damage. Car has covered about 80k miles and has full main dealer history.
  8. Tyre Pressure Monitor

    I own a 58 plate S Max and recently had the pleasure of fitting four new tyres. My S Max has tyre pressure monitors and I have found out the expensive way that when the tyres are changed that Ford highly recommend using a service kit to service the valves. The kit comprises a rubber seal and a locking nut. My friendly tyre fitter ignored this advice and when I returned and complained about losing circa 10psi a day from all four (which had previously not lost anything before) he told me it was due to corrosion and the seals in the valves. They tyre monkey then managed to actually shear two of the alloy valves in half! The valves are £38 plus vat each from Ford and he is going to be getting the bill on Saturday from the dealer. So, just a heads up to those with these valves fitted, its worth keeping them clean and free from corrosion, I would recommend a light coating of waxoyl or similar. Its also worth getting the service kits from Ford before you have your tyres changed.
  9. S-Max Bonnet Latch Problems

    Mine too
  10. Question On Rear Seat Dvd Sound

    Well I contacted the ebay seller, Alan, and he was so helpful, it was fantastic, cable fully installed and working in less than 36hrs from hitting the 'buy it now' button. For this bit of advice alone, registering with you guys has been great! Thank you so much. Next weeks journey to the lake district will be far more pleasurable as a result :-)
  11. S-Max Bonnet Latch Problems

    Had my cable replaced foc under warranty today. The dealer noticed the car was a due a service (24k), i told them I had it booked in elsewhere, which i did. They said they could do it today and match the price, total bill was £127.94, the odd £2.94 was for a new wheel centre as I had lost one. Ford ownership is already a pleasure over previous main dealer experience with many other marques.
  12. S-Max Bonnet Latch Problems

    I had the same issue today, again when filling up the washer fluid. Ifixed mine temporarily, but it does need a new cable. Basically the cable corrodes and as a result it expand preventing it from returning to its original position after the bonnet has been released. Its a common fault that is normally repaired under warranty.
  13. Question On Rear Seat Dvd Sound

    My head unit doesn't have a 3.5mm jack on the front of it, does anyone know if the touch screen navigation unit has an input on the back of it?
  14. Child Observation Mirror

    I have tried almost every single aftermarket option and none of them work in the S-max because you cannot locate them where the image isn't obscured by the headrests. The only position they work is where the sunglasses holder is located. I think I may buy another sunglasses part and drill holes in it and fit one of these aftermarket mirrors.
  15. Child Observation Mirror

    Hi, newbie here with a 58 plate titanium with a panoramic roof. Just bought the car second hand to replace a Renault Grand Scenic (thank goodness thats gone!). The one option the Renault had that the S-Max doesn't is the child observation mirror. I see that these are now standard on new cars, but were they an option on the 58 plate cars? If so, would it be possible to retrofit one into my car?