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  1. Hi iNath

    Can you PM the pics from your guide for CD Player removal, I have a 2015 Focus

    and want to take my screen out to plug a camera in, to the input you suggest for a camera ??



  2. iNath

    Show Us Your Mk3.5!

    My album :)
  3. iNath

    Fiesta Dab Upgrade

    I live in Milton Keynes and never have a problem getting Absolute 80's :)
  4. iNath

    Beam Deflectors For Mk7/7.5

    I've not yet checked my 2013 ST.
  5. iNath

    Cigarette Lighter Fuse.

    Blue square one that says 20 in bottom right. Called 'jcase' fuse.
  6. iNath

    Fiesta St Finance - Advice Needed

    ST-3 is £15,887 on DriveTheDeal
  7. iNath

    Beam Deflectors For Mk7/7.5

    Fiesta 2008-2012 Projector headlamps switch
  8. iNath

    Beam Deflectors For Mk7/7.5

    The projector type headlights have a switch in each to switch the beam pattern to the other side.
  9. iNath

    Side Skirts (need Help)

    They come as standard on the Zetec-S & ST which I have. Check with your insurance company before making any modifications because if they don't like it they may cancel your policy.
  10. iNath

    Side Skirts (need Help)

    The corner parts are needed for the rear diffuser. And yes you must inform your insurance company.
  11. iNath

    Fiesta St180 To Focus St250

    In my circumstances about £100/month more.
  12. iNath

    Fiesta St180 To Focus St250

    I'll be changing from Fiesta ST-2 to Focus ST-3 soon :)
  13. iNath

    Headlamp Masking

    In my 2010 Fiesta there were switches inside the headlight (in front of the bulb) to adjust the beam pattern for driving on the other side of the road. I haven't checked whether the 2012-2015 model has them or not.
  14. iNath

    Map Update

    I would try using Then you can create an image of the SD card and copy it to another.