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  1. Faulty fuel tank or gauge console

    Thanks for reading ;) Yeah, thought of that some time back, unfortunately: 1) I have a service plan with them which I paid for upfront 2) They installed the parts, as such, they are responsible for the warranty on the parts and the work they did on the vehicle. Also, now that FORD Customer Relationship people are involved I'm forced to pursue this with them.
  2. Hi All This post is for patient people. There is a LOT of frustration in it as I've been having issue with my car for more than 15 months. I would like to apologize up front if I have missed a relevant discussion that may have referred to some of the questions I have in here. Brace yourself as it won't be neither an easy nor quick read, however to please everyone I prepared a super short version below: 1) Guys do you know how much fuel Ford Fiesta diesel Econetic II (62 plate) should hold? (Online and books say 40.5 Litres) 2) Based on the above how much fuel you can usually put in your Econetic (please provide the value only IF you are an Econetic owner 2008+)? 3) Legally wise, what I need to do before I take Evans Halshar (Ford Garage)) to court? The story below is the letter I sent to FORD. Yes, the main one who looks after the fenchaise. Their response was far from what I have expected but I'll say more on that later on. LETTER: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 2017 01 06 21:06 Eamil sent to UKCRC1@Ford.com Dear Customer Relationship Centre 2-3 8*******4 I have received a call today regarding my case reference: I was advised to provide additional information therefore I'm sending the summary: At this point I'm writing to you out of desperation. I'm a simple IT guy who doesn't know much about cars. All I know is that I really do love FORD cars and I thoroughly enjoyed my Ford Fiesta. I purchased my first Ford Fiesta about 7 years ago with TC Harrison in Derby. I still remember the panther black paint on the petrol Fiesta (Titanium 1.4). I was really missing those tinted windows when I exchanged my car for Fiesta Econetic in tango red colour (I really needed to do some extra miles per tank)... I missed it so much that about two years ago I managed to get Ford Fiesta Econetic (Titanium) in panther black colour. I can't describe how much joy it was to look at the tinted windows and the panther black colour again which brought back all the good memories. The situation changed about 14 months ago, when my car (Fiesta Titanium Econetic, EK62NSO) developed an issue related to the fuel levels. Basically, the console was not reflecting accurately the fuel levels and the reserve indicator LED was a matter of past (stopped showing). As a result of the issue I couldn't tell when I was running low on fuel and in effect, due to long distances I needed to travel on daily basis, I ran out of fuel at least 10 times. On 3 separate occasions, I had to call-out AA who had to bleed the fuel to the engine, on other I managed to get the car running by using a jerry's can, which in fact, I purchased specifically due to this particular issue. I hope I don't need to highlight, it’s far from perfect when the car stops on a busy motorway or junction/roundabout and the risks associated. Now I'll try to explain where the desperation is coming from. I currently live in Milton Keynes. The Evans Halshaw is the Ford dealership I'm forced to use (I've paid for 3 years’ service plan up front). As I know very little about the cars, my assumption was that Ford who specialises in Ford cars would always treat me fairly and know how to resolve ford related faults. This was a big mistake on my side. To cut to the chase these guys had my car on 5 different occasions during which they failed to rectify the issue. On top of this during last repair I was forced to pay about £540 pounds (10% discount as per Service Plan) and to my surprise the repair hasn't been performed to standards. DATES of Service + repairs: 1) 2015 08 08/10 - Service (3rd year, manufacturer warranty) + repair Incorrect fuel readings - no fault found Non Fix - console reset and updates Charged for service - £217 Incorrect fuel readings - no fault found 2) 2016 01 19/20 - reapair +1hr fiagnostics to check for fault codes or updates Non Fix - console reset Incorrect fuel readings - no fault found 3) 2016 02 05/03 10 - repair Charged for service - £132 Non Fix - sender assy-f. gasket, fuel tank reseated Charged for service - £212.08 (external warranty) Charged for Service - £138.54 Non Fix - console reset 4) 2016 08 11 - Service (4th) + repair 5) 2016 11 17/12 16 - repair Charged for Service - £548.10 Partial Fix - fuel tank replaced, reported during troubleshooting as 'imploded fuel tank' Also during the last repair (17th Nov - 15th Dec) on two separate occasions I was informed that my car is ready for collection when it wasn't. It's not a big deal but one of those times I actually had to make arrangements to arrive at Ford premises. Furthermore, despite the fact that Ford had my car for 21 working days (17th of November and 15th of December) they haven't resolved the fault with the start-stop system I've reported alongside the fuel level issue. Funny enough during previous visit I was advised that they found no issues with start-stop which should be working just fine... it hasn't been for about a year now. Also I have asked these guys to look at two other things that haven't been done despite their agreement to do them, therefore why did they agree in the first place?! 1) re-fit the windscreen trim 2) fix the gearbox knob which moves (the top bit) As it stands, although I used to enjoy driving my Ford, I'm seriously considering giving this car away. From my perspective, I've been driving a broken car for more than a year, and the time spent arranging the visits at Ford in Milton Keynes, waiting for AA, stressing out on the side of the road when I'm out of fuel... is just not worth it. These guys charged me already £892.18 (visit 2, 4 and 5) for the work specific to the fuel gauge/level issue. From where I stand it seems they feel untouchable and happy to keep charging me for their own incompetency. Sorry but I have no other word for it. I have lost all my confidence in Ford and I don't believe that my patience or loyalty been rewarded. Actually, I feel like I'm being aimlessly lead by the nose. To get additional spin on this matter I need to highlight that these guys failed to repair the car when it was still on the manufacturer warranty in 2015 and once again failed this year to get the fault rectified under extended warranty. From what I understand they failed to provide sufficient evidence to 3rd party who provides the extended warranty to prove the fault wasn't a result of any action I've performed. At the end of the day they have refitted the fuel tank during one of the repair therefore It's my reasonable assumption that any issues with the fuel tank would have been noticed then. I don't understand how it is possible to miss an 'imploded fuel tank'?! Did I mention that during last repair I summarised all the "troubleshooting" Evans Halshaw performed during previous 4 visits and added my observations and comments. I left it all for the engineer as a print out for a review in hope this would help resolve the issue. I don't believe this should be expected from Ford customers, but I felt like I had no choice. This is also because I felt like the emails I've been sending to the local manager (Kevin Govender) haven't been passed over to the Evans Halshaw engineer involved. I'm a reasonable and patient person but even so Evans Halshaw managed to get me fuming. These guys are based: Ford Milton Keynes 1 Lasborough Road Standing Way Milton Keynes MK10 0AB What I want is a simple solution. Fix my car to my expectations. I've been driving Ford Econetic cars for about 7 years now. I have always been able to put a minimum 36 litres of fuel whenever the console indicated I'm low on fuel. Since the 5th visit my car can't take more than 37.8 litres of fuel and instead indicating low fuel after I used min. 36l now it is showing this at 31.5 - 32.0. In essence my tank is now smaller by at least 4 litres despite Evans Halshaw reassurance the same size fuel tank was installed. 4 litres means approx extra 60 miles which is a lot to me. I purchased Econetic to do *few extra miles per tank... and now this is being taken away from me. I simply won't accept that. I can keep going like this and in my humble opinion I'm not nit picking. It is absolutely revolting how these guys been handling my case. Considering multiple failures at Evans Halshaw end I am convinced that I should be fully reimbursed for the "repairs" they attempted on my car along with the remaining allowance on my Service Plan. This way I can take it so a garage that can fix it... At this point I would like to apologize for the long email and kindly ask you for your help. I would be grateful if you can do something about the situation. At this moment of time I'm so fed up I would be glad to even give away the car for a decent swap... Your faithful Richi ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Since then I have received a call from FORD who said, and I'll try to quote: "If Ford Garage is unable to find the fault, there is no fault with the car. Evans Halshaw were unable to find any issues before December therefore this means there was nothing wrong with the car." At this point if anyone is still reading ... be advised I visited ford again. My car still has the same problem as it won't take the mount of fuel it should. Funny enough, the local Manager assured me last week on Friday (27th Jan 2017) that they refueled at the petrol station and were able to put 42lit in the fuel tank. Either I'm going full on ***** mode at the end of refueling of my car or someone ... ... ... I'm just so tired after so many months of arguing with them. I even have the emails I've been senfing them with evidence of the issue in March last year... as per FORD when there was no issue. I would be extremely grateful if anyone can help me out, is there anyone out there? Yours Richi
  3. Fiesta Econetic Fuel Consumption

    I have my Fiesta Econetic for more than 18 months and just a week ago had a second 25k mil service. They updated the ECU software and... nothing changed: Date MPG L/100km 09-Jan 60.80 4.65 14-Jan 61.95 4.56 23-Jan 59.24 4.77 30-Jan 57.76 4.89 05-Feb 57.32 4.93 11-Feb 54.57 5.18 13-Feb 60.77 4.65 15-Feb 63.05 4.48 18-Feb 56.76 4.98 25-Feb 59.83 4.72 I have about 25 mil to work so doing about 50 a day and 200 over the weekend... everything Extra Urban. I took my ford to TC Harrison in Derby last weekend. They checked the ECU Software and did 10mil test and said that everything is ok with my car. I quoted the official MPG and said that over 70MPG was the main reason I bought the car. They said that there is nothing they can do. The 54MPG - was when I had a real fun with my car... but on daily basis I'm doing close to 60MPG... most of the time doing approx 50Mil/h avg. Fair to say - manufactures are taking !Removed!. Have anyone of you read about Urban (U) and Extra Urban (EU) consumption. Cutting to the chase during U test the car is doing 12mil/h on something like 5 mil run (from cold)... and EU, the car is doing in average 39mil/h on approx 7 mil run. Anyone doing 39 on a Motorway... yeah thought so. In fact Manufacturers are making us (customers) look like idiots. Anyone have any good tips on how to safe fuel? PS: Previously I had 1.4 Petrol Titanium - and It did more that U stats and much less than EU. PS: I know I can pay about £250 to get my ECU remapped which should increase Economy by 10% at best.
  4. Leeds To As Far South And West In Ireland

    Fingers crossed matey.
  5. From New To Now

    My small upgrade of the wheels from 16" to 17". Before: After:
  6. Tyre Conversion

    I'm with you. Recently I changed my 16" to 17" and I just love them.
  7. The Best Mk7 Fiesta I Have Ever Seen!!!!

    Personally I like these 2 custom Fiestas I found on LA forum. &
  8. MK7 Modifications List

    I had a look on the web and 44.72 is without postal charge. I found another page: http://www.performance-filters.co.uk/kn-element--panel-filter-ford-fiesta-vii-14-20082010-332955_p1515302.htm and the total charge is 35.99... I only hope this is it :P