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  1. new to ford

    Hi all New to Ford owning and have an issue. Last Saturday we were driving from Lincolnshire to London everything was fine for some 30 miles when I exited an rb there was an audible alarm and info symbol on dash followed by engine malfunction message and what sounded like a rattle /buzz for a second or two, pulled over checked oil and water. Started up again, everything fine until the next rb and the same thing happened in fact it happened at every rb until we got to the A1 then drove 80 or so miles without issue until we hit the roundabout near Bedford, again had the display and rattle /buzz, car settled down and continued a further 35 miles on M1 with no problems, arriving at our destination I called into a garage and they did a diagnostic check with a snap on code reader and nothing seems to be stored. Following day drove home everything fine, no issues until we hit a series of roundabouts near Lincoln when the issues started again, after one rb I went to overtake a truck and the engine malfunction message appeared followed by rattle /buzz but there was also a huge cloud of dirty white smoke out of the exhaust, pulled back behind truck, everything settled down and apart from the rb issues got home safely I have done the live data /self test on the car which threw up a couple of codes P02-40 turbo boost sensor circuit B range/performance P05-05 idle control system malfunction P11-01 maf out of range P01-50 oxygen sensor circuit malfunction bank 2 I guess I have 2 questions really 1,has anybody had a similar problem as this? 2, are the errors stored 'live' codes or could they be from previous issues? I have only had the car a month so this is all new Ford Fiesta 2009 1.4tdci Any advice would be appreciated as the garage I got it from are having it back to check it out, but will probably only use obd to check diagnostics, which of course won't show anything Thanks in advance Barry
  2. Reverse Light

    thanks for your reply Dan il give it ago at the weekend just one thing,does the car need to be running when bridging the reverse light switch or leave the ignition on position II thanks again
  3. Reverse Light

  4. Reverse Light

    hi all new to the forum my wife has just got a 54 plate diesel and the reverse lights not working. ive changed the bulb,checked the fuse,and bridged the reverse light switch all to no avail, has anyone else had this problem? if so how do i repair it.also could anyone tell me if it runs through a relay and could that be the problem. thanks barry