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  1. Happy Birthday RCJ!

  2. Single Din In Mk7?

    i know theres double din. If im honest i think single din will look even more out of place than the double.
  3. Mk7 Stereo

    kabz-77 has
  4. New Focus Ipod Cable

    you can use a usb stick, no extra cables needed, i do this and use iphone for new music over bluetooth
  5. New Policing Powers

    They need to address more issues then... how about the ones that sit in the middle lane doing 50-60mph on a dual carriage way / motorway? And then wonder why they are getting undertaken by lorries??? Many of occasions this has happened and you see drivers pulling up behind them wanting them to pull into the left lane so they can pass, but then continue to prance along... leaving the car behind to undertake.... So if they are sorting these things out, they need to sort out more too
  6. Hello!!!!!

    welcome to the forums :D
  7. is this only focus? Might test it
  8. Ford Fair Thread, I think i should be going, just checking amount of interested people, as i am meant to be working, so it will be another day to book off work. Will send a text later, incase you need to ask anything. Rob
  9. Steve was good to meet you, hopefully see more of you in more meets to come. good effort on the 700 miles haha, hope you enjoyed the Monday out too!! it was 420 miles round trip for me, im from Newark so thats near you! i just went down and made a weekend of it. Stayed in Portsmouth (30 odd miles away) and had a great bank holiday weekend. Im currently looking at closer opportunities, including Ford Fair at Silverstone. Was my first show too, hopefully many to come.
  10. My Fiesta St

    nice, i like it!
  11. Rob, whats its called again and the details? (PM me if yo dont want to make public yet) Cheers Rob
  12. second that! try for more people at next one :)
  13. Grrrrrrrrrr Gutted

    really??? i'd want to hunt them down. its ridiculous.