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  1. Don't Buy A Fiesta!

    ive had my Fiesta for a year now and the only problem ive had is that i cannot be in it 24/7 :D
  2. Front Light Led Strips?

    yes i think they have mate i recall seeing his avatar, if you search daytime running lights on here im sure it comes with a sticky thread on where to get them and how to fit them etc :D
  3. Exhaust For 1.25 Fiesta Zetec Mk7

    Hello, im looking to add a new exhaust, whether it be a full system or just a silencer/catback exhaust at the end... i was wondering whether i could just have the cat back exhaust from milltek or do you have to have the whole system, if so is the system avaialble for my little engine :DI do like the Bosi Sports silence on the european-parts website... http://www.european-parts.net/catalog/product_info.php?cPath=140_139&products_id=1016 adds a bit of style and sound whether it be the twin pipe or quad, but i was wondering if there are anyother systems available I know my options are limited as it is only a 1.25 but hey :D... another thing if i was to buy this off european-parts im guessing any good exhaust fitters would fit it or could you name a few? any help is much appreciated :D :D BHXFIESTA
  4. Xtreme Power H1 Bulb Question

    hey mate sorry to butt in on the convo :D but how do you get the H1 bulb out ive put the h7 and sidelights in but didnt know correctly how to get it out, i think you have to squeeze the two sides in but it looked fiddly and all the wires in the way so i didnt want to mess and pull anything out wrong, thanks :D
  5. Little Help Needed

    yeah you right mate, i have a zetec and brought the rear diffuser/bumper from ford but they supplied me with the two body part extensions, as coysht said the zetec s one does hang lower than the normal bumper.
  6. Zetec S Spoiler And Rear Diffuser... Fitted Pics

    well i am going to get the front spoiler/valance off the Zetec s, but as mines a 5dr the side skirts don't fit so i would have to look elsewehere
  7. Zetec S Spoiler And Rear Diffuser... Fitted Pics

    yes indeed, they have to remove the rear ones so they can fit the two side pods/bumper at each side, will evenutually get round to removing the front but they dont look that bad :D
  8. Just thought id add a few pictures of my recently aquired Zetec s spoiler and rear diffuser, sprayed and fitted on my Zetec B) :D - - - - - -
  9. My Ford Fiesta Zetec Pics

    As I say i just thought id add a few pics of my Fiesta :D Hope You Like :D
  10. K&n Filters

    where did you purchase you conne from mate? everytime I find the right one for the 1.25 fiesta mk7, i then search the product number elsewhere for better deal and says it is for the mk6, im not sure if there is a difference? just fixings i suppose thanks!
  11. K&n Filters

    I am guessing it doesnt touch the bonnet when shut, and the origianl air box is just left redundant and out of use
  12. Ford Fiesta Zetec 1.25 5Dr

    yeah i have heard they sound good just for a bit of induction noise, without going over the top, yes mate the info helps so im guessin for what i have i take the op off the airbox connect the cone to the induction hose and leave it and then switch between the two if i need to change it, cheers nico!! see im a bit of a newbie to modding my cars lol
  13. Ford Fiesta Zetec 1.25 5Dr

    Hey I still havent brought the cone filter just yet as im trying to find the exact filter for the 1.25 fiesta mk7, but when i looker at your image i think the airbox on the end of the air induction hose, have you completely removed it? as i had a good look at mine and the bottom is fitted on in all sorts of places and a wire or hose leading from the box straight to the engine where does that go if the whole box has to come off.. ive included couple of images if you follow the link http://www.flickr.com/photos/27399530@N08/4779532437/ and this shows clearer the wire im on about that curls around from the engine bay to the air box http://www.flickr.com/photos/27399530@N08/4779531295/ thanks
  14. Ford Fiesta Zetec 1.25 5Dr

    http://www.pumaspeed.co.uk/showdetails.jsp?productID=820 on this image because im a newbie are they cool air pipes or ?? and wondered where they fit as the picture above i cannot see where they are, im alwso guessin you can connect the filter to the standard induction pipe/hose