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  1. You’re amazing mate, I’ve ordered the switch to replace the one I have now, and the power folding mirrors, I’m set up with forscan so Im just going to take the door card off and check my wiring.
  2. 5 door, and no it doesn’t have electric windows at the back.
  3. Has anyone attempted to/successfully fit power folding mirrors to a mk7.5 Zetec. Wondering about the wiring ie 8 pin 10 pin bla bla
  4. Anyone managed to retrofit a sun visor with vanity lights to their mk7/mk7.5 fiesta? How did you deal with wiring etc if anyone has done this. Cheers
  5. Can I ask about how you did the sun visors? Did you get them off a mk8 fiesta or something? As I’ve been looking at this myself.
  6. Do more research than just my word but my understanding is facelift fiestas with power folding mirrors have puddle lights, and also the switch is different.
  7. Let’s see your custom headlights that you’ve either built yourself or bought. If you’ve built them yourself any information of this would be good. Cheers(asking cos I want to add a sequential indicator to mine so looking for inspiration or advice)
  8. To a fiesta mk7.5? Do you have the DRL strip? If you do H1 is correct, I have fitted the full H1 Main beam fits in no issues without use of an extended cap, only one you need extended cap for is for the dipped beam.
  9. My friend has a mk4 focus st line, unfortunately his are already factory fitted LED’s, however something I notice about his is that they are a reflector housing. Are yours the same? If so I’d only buy LED bulbs that say “suitable for a reflector type housing”, or if you buy one that doesn’t say this I’d strongly recommend getting them aligned correctly so they don’t dazzle other drivers. Autobeam sell a HID for a reflector housing.
  10. Hello fezbomb owners, has anyone done a conversion on a mk7.5 to make the DRL also act as a sequential indicator? I know there are custom headlight body shops that offer this but has anyone done it themself? I don’t mind how you’ve done it if you’ve replaced the DRL or just added an extra strip to the top of the headlight. Just interested.
  11. I’m thinking of transplanting a Puma mk2 interior light assembly into my mk7.5 fiesta. Just wondering if anyone is aware what the interior bulbs are so if I attempt this I know what the bulbs are so I can replace them with LED’s. TIA.
  12. Hello, has anyone swapped the mk8 interior light panel into a mk7/mk7.5? I hate the mk7’s interior lights, looks like they’re straight out of 2004 transit they look so old fashioned. The mk8’s look much more modern, so was just wondering if anyone has swapped the panels from a mk8 into a mk7. I know the mk8’s is longer but what makes me think it’s possible is the fact that you can fit a mondeo’s sunglasses holder into the fezbomb with just cutting a bit of the headliner. Obviously the clips and wiring might be different, but has anyone done this? Thanks
  13. Autobeam make a “Switchback” one where by leaving them off for 5 seconds and then back on it changes the colour to yellow, and vice versa for white. I’m considering these, however they also do one that also acts as an indicator which I like as it won’t be as blinding as the LED headlamp indicators.
  14. This is good advice, however if you install them with you car facing a wall or garage door you can see where the cut off point is so you can take before and after pictures and try and match it up using the headlight levelling. For me personally I didn’t have to adjust it at all with my H7 from CEUK.
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