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  1. Help - Brakes

    Hi Car is at the dealer getting brake pads replaced and the dealer wants me to replace all 4 rotor's as well, = $1300... They say its thin and not meeting the minimum requirement of 9mm. The car has done 40k only, is this a bug? or a recall??? They say if I dont change it and the car is involved in an accident then the dealer is not liable for it... blah blah blah.... The rotors appear fine to me and I've never heard anyone changing rotors in a 2year old car!!!! BTW its an LS Focus 2006.
  2. Focus 2006 Key programming

    Hi, The flip key looks cool thats why. :) Ford dealers wont sell me it here thats why I looked on ebay. Ford reckons the flip key will only work on the 2007 models onwards.
  3. Focus 2006 Key programming

    Hi, thanks for the reply. I had tried that without luck. When I insert the unprogrammed key after inserting the two working keys, the security light will blink rapidly like it doesnt accept it. Is this not compatible?
  4. Hi, I bought a used Ford Flip Key off ebay from the UK, I own a focus lx 2006 in Australia which I believe is the european model. I have two original key's/keyfob from when I bought the car. I now want a flip key to work. I have had the Flip key cut already and the buttons programmed to open/lock the doors. But the engine wont start with the flip key. Can I program this in? or is the flip key not compatible? Thanks