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  1. Hello, the legs that are on the body of the car were not mounted correctly, after changing them it worked 🙂
  2. I don't think Ford pushed an update for the old cars(built before Oct 2022), they don't even care about doing this, they're shipping only the new cars with the new builds, otherwise, I think we'll see this update in the Q4 if we're lucky...
  3. 21333 bad version 22xxx good version with fullscreen Android Auto/Apple Carplay
  4. Update: the metal shield couldn't be mounted by the local Ford service because ,,it has some security issues and it could be easily falling.." I asked for a Sync4 update and they said that for my VIN there is no update available which it's really annoying.... New delivered cars are coming with the new Sync while the old ones are still stuck on a very bad version... I've asked for this and they said to me ,,we don't push updates based on customer request."
  5. I went on a gravel road in the weekend with my car and the shield underneath the car was broken, so I went today at the mechanic, and they said I need to replace the engine shield... The original shield it's made of felt and it's a bad quality one, so be careful guys...I don't understand why people want cars with low ground clearance when you can easily make mistakes like mine.. I bought a metal one instead, here in Romania was 90 euro, I hope I'll not have any problems with it...
  6. This is not Ford/Focus specific, this is a problem with the entire car market.. They want us to switch to boring electrics that are ,,environmental friendly" but they don't care about high cost to purchase this vehicle, slow charging time, high cost of battery replacement and so on.
  7. All that we want right now it's the new update which allows us to have Carplay/Android Auto full screen.
  8. Has this become a privacy freak thread or what? 😄 If you are aware of data that might be stolen, then please don't use a smart TV, go back to CRT, don't use a smartphone, go back to rotary dial phone, don't use Google Maps/Waze, go back with printed maps, use a at least 10-year-old car, and your data will not be collected anymore 🙂 I personally don't care about data collection since I'm not George Clooney to hide everything about me.
  9. I have this version on MK4 2018 for more than 3 months, so nothing new 🙂 Ford is pushing the updates so slow... 😞 This is for MK4.5 2022+ with Sync 4 😄
  10. we're really behind with the updates...The Mustang owners already have the Android Auto/Carplay full screen option, while we're still waiting... We need Ford PowerUp 3.5.3, but I don't think we'll get it soon...
  11. Really disappointed with the consumption...Made a highway with adaptive cruise control set at 127 km/h, and I had an average of 7l/100km...That consumption it's huge, with the old MK4 I had 6.2-6.3....
  12. Titanium X, and I'm from Romania, so yeah, most probably it's a Vodafone UK issue.
  13. IT was useless in MK4, now in MK4.5 it looks like it's really useful, my car also updated yesterday to that useless Ford PowerUp update, but I was expecting the 3.6.x version...
  14. It looks like some updates were made to the car... You can check here: Summary (ford.com) Just create an academic account with dummy data, Ford will never check it.
  15. It looks like other people got also the update, and I'm the ,,lucky one" who didn't got it...Let's see if in the next days it'll be pushed to me or not, or if I have it, because ford powerup version it's not showed in the settings..
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