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  1. 1.8 Revving High

    thanks for the replies. i'll get a diagnostic done and report back
  2. 1.8 Revving High

    Hi, I have searched this forum for the answer to my problem but couldn't find anything conclusive. The mrs drives a 1999 1.8 zetec focus with 110k on the clock. The problem is consistent high revving when in between gears and really stuttery tick over sometimes stalling. the engine revs as high as 4k with the clutch depressed and sometimes ticks over at 3k even when in gear meaning the car drives itself. it sometimes cruises along at 60 without touching the acc pedal. I read that it could be the battery, we changed it about a year ago, it's a maura silver alloy, which i'm lead to believe is the correct type. I've tried the dashboard secret but it comes up with no dtc. There are so many sensors i don't want to start replacing them if i don't know for certain it's going to work. Also due its test soon so probably wont pass if its not ticking over very well! Help! Would a proper diagnostic reveal more than the dashboard test? All replies greatly appreciated Pete