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  1. Howdo bud anychance you could send me the details n pricings for powerflow ex I would love the stoffler but not keen on me doing it is !Removed! it up lol cars unreal Uve really made the back end unreal

  2. bizzle

    Trax 5Th Sep

    Anybody making show on the 5th September I'm going, first time, should be a top notch day out .???/???.
  3. bizzle

    Mk7 Mountune Zetec S

    Immense matey did you get hammered on insurance or you keep it on the hush hush I declare my stuff like just t be on the safe side lmao hence why I'm not sure weather to go for the 140 up-grade for me s1600. I'm with ford insure sooo pffft I dunno lol.
  4. bizzle

    S1600 Views

    Ahhhh I went t get the pics on lastnight and computer went capuut Jesus hopefully our lass will do it for me tonight haha .:D
  5. bizzle

    S1600 Views

    They are pretty horendous to keep clean but its a job werth doing once its all nicely polished and buffed up. I'll post some pics up in the near future :D
  6. bizzle

    S1600 Views

    Helloooo all just wanting everyone's oppinion on the s1600 I got mine two n half weeks ago now and have read some negatives reviews and positive on here but mines white on white and in honesty Seeing them in the flesh does them more justice. fair does the price may be higher than a standard zs but.... I picked mine up for 13,646 with only delivery miles. I think there spot on and I've put 800 miles on it already :D haha Please leave your views be nice to know peoples reason :s
  7. Now bud where u get the carbon fibre front splitter from and how long did montune take with your car matey

  8. Wondering if any has had much to do with Montune got my fiesta s1600 2week ago nearly and considering additions already any ideas are welcome with in car and external both considered.
  9. bizzle

    Yorkshire Meet

    Here's a future possibility blakey ridge its up on the moors its more a canny bit more north if u lads are from near leeds but its spot on and the drive there's immense just got my fiesta s1600 last week sooooo oo hopefully be one for future. Don't mean. to crash the party or out like haha :P
  10. Any one have any ideas where you can get Ford branded polo tops jackets etc.... I've looked on some sites but they looked a bit dodgey any help appreciated as its for our dads bday prezzie n hes rather enthusiastic about ford Sorry if I've put this in wrong part of forum :P :)
  11. bizzle


    Brennybizzle -- xbox360 -- all welcome to add :D MW2 mainly and fifa 10/world cup '10
  12. Hellooooooo and Congrats on the purchase I got my fiesta last week and am extremelly happy with it I'm sure you are too :D
  13. bizzle


    1 week ago I had a nice enough corsa, then last Friday I bought my first fiesta and realised how better built they are than a corsa sooo this is a hellooo from me :D
  14. bizzle


    Cheaz bud after putting that post up I scroll up and the answer was there staring me on the face lol
  15. bizzle


    Finally got my s1600 last week however having been away at work I'm unable to get to the dealer t ask for advice. I'm querrying the ipod connectivity, I have a touch and am connecting through the Usb point it is picking up the ipod n telling the songs that are on it, but when I press Play it counts down but only a fuzzy muffled noise comes out I'm new to the forum soo Hellooooooo :)