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  1. Hi, I thought i'd pop along to see if there is any interest in your club having a stand at the following venue??? As this official Richard Burns memorial rally/charity day is getting bigger and better (107 cars entered to date, and expectations of up to 130) we would like to invite more car clubs to come, park up on display and enjoy the day FOC at RAF Marham, PE33 9NP, August 14th and 15th. There is plenty do do and see for all family members, with exhibitors being granted free entry, there is a fun fair, burger van, ice cream stalls spectator viewing area of the track and pits, several exhibitors including Tornado GR4, RAF displays and the local police interceptor evo or scooby, flypasts and demos from eurofighter, lancaster, red arrows plus much more. If FOC does want to provide a stand for one or both days, entry will be free to exhibitors and occupants, general public would have to pay the entry fee. The start time you would need to arrive is around 0800 on the morning of the event as the entry/exit road is bloked once the racing starts. I appreciate i am not that known on here, so people could be dubious, but i am regular on Vauxhall Vectra Owners Club so admin please feel free to contct their admin, following this thread here: http://www.vvoc.com/forum/showthread.php?t=321830 The more the merrier is our motto, so there is no limit on numbers, we would like to make the day the best it can be for both exhibitors, competitors and general public alike. Adverts will soon be going out on KLFM and Heart FM, there will also be a corolla WRC car and last year the Aston Martin DB8 Le Mans racers were there. Unfortunately there will be no opportunity to drive personal cars on the track, and will be a static display only, but the last two years have been glorious weather and a great day/2 days out!!! Any questions, please either PM me on here, or mods/admin call me on 07818 607014 as i am heavily involved with the organisation and can prob answer most questions fairly swiftly. And if you know any other cars or clubs that might attend, please let them know! Many thanks, Steve. PS, sorry if this is in the wrong area!