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  1. My New Fiesta Mk7 Zetec S

    Sori for the delay more pics-
  2. My New Fiesta Mk7 Zetec S

    Thanks chum, more pic below
  3. My New Fiesta Mk7 Zetec S

    Thinking along those lines mates, seems to be getting mixed reviews which puts me off, a photoshop first then well see.
  4. Wonder Wheels

    I would stay away from that stuff to be honest, its that strong you could clean concrete with the stuff lol, as a detailer myself i would recommend bilberry all safe wheel cleaner. Might be worth while investing in some detailing brushes aswell to work the product into hard to reach areas, everything you'll need in here - http://www.cleanyourcar.co.uk/wheels-and-tyres/cat_7.html hope this helps!
  5. My New Fiesta Mk7 Zetec S

    Thanks everyone, yeah love the colour, one of the main reason why i bought it. Colorado red really stands out when cleaned up, there was a few man hours went into getting the paint like that lol. No real plans as yet, seen the mountune carbon splitter on a thread on here so maybe purchase it if i get a better pic of it. Absolutely love the interior i went for the upgraded sports leather seats, enough just to make you want to drive it.
  6. Good Wax?

    X2 maybe some hd cleanse in between aswell to prep the surface for the hd wax.
  7. Newbie From N.ireland

    Thanks for the warm welcome guys just a teaser of my new fiesta below, better pic to follow as the weathers been crap.
  8. My New Fiesta Mk7 Zetec S

    Hi guys, havent been on here long that long, just puttung up a teaser of my new motor. Weathers been shocking over here so a full set of pic to follow. Just carried out a full detail on it yesterday, couldn't be more pleased hows its turned out. Comments welcome.
  9. Hi guys, just signed up today, am currently driving a new Mk7 zetec-s just purchased last fri. Coming from a strong ford background, ive been driving fiesta's since 1998. Started with a Mk4 then upgraged in 2002 to the Mk6, having owned 3 Mk6's then moved onto the facelift model. Having sold the facelift model at xmas time and after a lot of car hunting i eventually bit the bullet and went for the new Mk7 zetec-s in colorado red, absolutely love it and with a few extra's to match. Photo's of my new car to follow as the weather is crap, pic of my last fez-