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  1. Tow Bar

    I fitted one, Witter I think, around 2 years ago so I could use my bike carrier. I don't recall having to cut the bumper, can't check as I no longer have the car. It's a fairly quick job, few hours! Pop the bumper off, remove a cross member and bin it, replace with the tow bar, bumper back on ..... bit of Dinitrol in the recesses where the bumper sides attache to the body ..... then the electrics! I ended up with a cheap universal kit from the net as Fraud wanted an obscene amount for their wiring. I had no problems with the bar or electrics in all the time I had it
  2. Well the time has come to leave the Ford fold, it has been good here I have saved a bob or two! A big thanks to all those who have posted help, advice and guides :) My future .............. a Dacia Duster B) Jim
  3. M7 Cigar Lighter Fuse

    I had the same problem, couldn't find the fuse! Turns out they changed the fuse location and many manuals (inc my Haynes) list/details the old position. As far as I can remember it will be one of the lower square fuses (blue?) I think
  4. I was thinking of using an LED strip light set up. I have replaced my boot light with an LED, but it is still as much use as a chocolate tea pot. My next plan is to ditch that light and on each panel as in your pictures (left & right) have a strip of self adhesive 12v LED lights, the sort that can be bought on ebay for a few pounds. I have a few metres left, so in the next week or so I'll be putting a strip on either side, removing the LED I have at present and wiring the strips into the original light. That should ensure lots of light in the boot, something severely missing at the moment with Ford's original fitment. Once done I'll post a pic or two :)
  5. Interior Light Problems Fezza Mk7

    Hi, I had/still have this problem. I installed a sunglasses holder some time back and everything was fine for a time, then the 3 interior lights and the footwell ones had a life of their own, that life was normally out! When I had time I did a few checks, the diagnostic of the GEM (just in case) and eventually just had a fiddle with the connections in the light assembly. That gave me the main interior and the left interior one, right one is still up the duff ..... I must have another fiddle with it! I am presuming that the right one also feeds the rear boot light .... that's not working either. The only wiring diagram I have is the Haynes one and it is a little schematic really but with that and my symptoms that's what I think. The light fitting and all the little bits of copper inside does seem flimsy ..... if I was a betting man I know where my money is placed!
  6. Second service: £149 pounds to replace the front pads which are 70% worn, that means 30% left so another 6,000 miles with a big % left ........ or £50 tops DIY with genuine parts, £27 with OEM ......... There are some things best left to the DIY mech? Rant over with, now to plan an hour in my life in 6 months time to do it :-) Jim
  7. Rear Seat Back Covering

    I got mine from e-Bay ages ago, they still do it all in for £10 http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Phonocar-Anthracite-Adhesive-Carpet-Car-Audio-Direct-/170622084863?pt=UK_In_Car_Technology&hash=item27b9de66ff#ht_1636wt_1219 Just need to find the colour you want
  8. Hi all, I have a problem with all my main interior lights, cabin (roof 3 and the 2 footwell ambient) and boot; they basically won't come on when doors are opened or the car is unlocked. Now all my interior lights have been changed to LED for the past 8 months or so. Now I have carried out the GEM self test as detailed in the Haynes manual (Chapter 12 Section 3 para 12) and everything passes but the interior light test, so this may indicate the GEM is at fault that or the wiring which is common may be the culprit? Next step is to reset the whole thing by disconnecting the battery, I believe a few hours is right. If this does not sort it I guess I'll have to start delving further and perhaps a few continuity check of the wiring. Whilst I know what direction to take I'm looking at a few other things to consider. I have heard that LED lights in some systems can cause a failure after a little time, could this perhaps be a factor in this car, I've not heard of anyone else having problems though? What are your opinions? Jim
  9. Have we got the balance right in this part of the FOC?
  10. Too Many Pinned Items?

    Your right, but are you satisfied with the number of pinned? Perhaps I could start another poll; that would help put the latest stuff on the second page, that's an idea ... now can I do that? :)
  11. Too Many Pinned Items?

    The list seems to be getting bigger with only 4/5 unpinned topics, is there anything we could do with it to tidy things up. It maybe just me having to go to a second page and finding it a pain?
  12. Chaning The Rear Bumper

    There's are also a bolt in each wheel arch that needs removing and don't forget the light in the bumper will need disconnecting too. I had mine off and on a few times when I fitted my tow bar it really is a quick job B)
  13. Haynes Mk7 In September

    Looks like it's hit the street ............ :-) I always feel lost without one, not anymore!
  14. Annoying Rattle

    This thread may help
  15. Easp Switch Fiesta Titanium

    Nice !!!!! B)