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  1. Hi there, need some advice... heres some background on the car ford Mondeo 2000 auto Was driving the car and seemed to loose control of the steering wheel, parked up straight away and called the recovery company The front driver side wheel is bent. The wheel turns both ways and I can drive at low speed (drivable onto the recovery truck speed) Recovery man said it was most likely a cv joint or wheel bearing gone. today i had a mobile mechanic come around, he said it is a shock absorber and wishbone (nothing to do with the cv joint). He showed me a crack in the shock absorber. He said tomorrow morning phone around and find driver side shock absorber and wishbone and he will fit it in the afternoon for £100 on the driveway (so no towing charges) The problem is this now... I cant exactly go to Ford or Euro Car Parts to buy a standard shock absorber as the car i bought came as lowered, with sports suspension (i looked at the old receipts from the previous owner and all it says is £300 for performance suspension) I am now stuck with no idea what exactly to buy As far as i know these lowered cars come in 400mm or 300mm lowered etc My question is what exactly do i buy. The mechanic doesnt seem to know either what size exactly the shock absorber should be. My main question is Will a standard Ford mondeo 2000 shock absorber fit fine? The reason i ask this is becuase i am not too sure if the spring coils are used to lower the car and maybe (hopefully) the shock absorbers are always the same size? I hope what i have said makes sense and someone can give me advice please. Many thanks in advance
  2. Mot Due - Few Qs

    this is what i do... go to a garage, say you want a premot check up. if they think its okay than go for the actual mot. if there are major things that need replacing, fix them first. this way no bad records are set on the mot papers and it passes first time. like the above post, mots can actually depend on the person carrying it out, so worth hunting around for a good garage that is willing to do a pre mot check. just words of advice
  3. this thread will save someone alot of money. good job
  4. Water Pump

    hi, i think it is worth it to change the water pump along with the cam belt each time, but that is my opinion. what signs are you getting that make you think its the water pump which needs replacing?
  5. Cambelt Help!

    if the dealer said it had been replaced at 116k, it may have been. he might have misplaced the receipt for it, worth a call back to him and asking if he forgot to give you any receipts, slim chance but maybe. if not, than you should get the cam belt replaced for sure.
  6. o forgot to mention, when i start the car from cold the revs are in the 2000 range and it takes a long while to go to 1000 or below. before the revs at cold were usually 1000 or lower. any ideas, some sensor problem?
  7. Oil Leak

    when was the last time you had the water pump changed if at all?
  8. i would entirely agree with the above post.so not much to add as its been covered. i own a mondeo auto myself, it is by far a nice car to drive by miles. the easy of driving an auto is unbelievable and you feel so much more relaxed. it is one of those things that you have to get used to over a few weeks but once you do its hard to go back to a manual especially in town driving. the car itself being a auto is clearly less on the mpg, as is every other auto so no way out of that really. however i would recommend geting it.
  9. hi there, thought i would get back to this thread in case sum one ever has a similar problem and is googling for a solution. the car drives fine. been driving for few weeks fine now, but am living with the juddering problem at the traffic lights still. in response to your post steve.. firstly thanks for the reply and im not actually sure whichdiagnostics tool was used initially, so cant really comment on that question. i think it was them universal ones that plug into any car make? dont think it was an actual specific ford one. im down london myself. last time i checked the automatic oil the car was cold...
  10. hi there, quick note on the problem. the car is driving fine, however the acceleration is pretty weak, especially when going up from 0 to about 20. seems to need alot more power to keep up in the slow lane on the motorway. so overall not a normal drive like it used to be. judder, which is the main problem. happens in all gears, including parked gear (not noticed it happening in reverse gear so far) the main time it shakes/judders is at 0 miles. im dreading any traffic lights as the car seems to judder when at a stop. the judder sometimes happen even just after i have started the car and it is still in parked gear. so it does not seem to happen when coming to a stop BUT when at an actual stop. no mechanic can pin point it. not sure what else to say or do to fix the judder problem. very lost
  11. evening all. and heres my diary of the day. Car drove fine for about 50-60 miles today and at night time at the traffic lights when i was just going home it started to shake. been fine all day drove fine even at high speed. a guy i mentioned the problem to said the petrol filter might need to be changed or the spark plugs. (have had both these changed about 3500 mile ago) could these be the cause. i really dont think they would be though...
  12. Window Tinting And Insurance

    yes that is right, i have heard good things about adrian flux, never tired them myself but have heard they are very cheap. give quinn direct a call aswell
  13. Window Tinting And Insurance

    Hi there, i added tints on my mondeo. insurance company (quin direct- highly recommended) was fine with that. so depends on the insurance company. in a way tints do add security to the car (a thief can not see your belongings clearly and may not be able to see who is in the car again being a deterrent for stealing) i do not see the problem with tints unless they are pitch dark black illegal. many new model have tints as standard anyway dan
  14. Mondeo Or Focus, Which Is Best Value For Money ?

    I agree with some of the posts. focus will be cheaper to run. mondeo is a lovely car but just a tad more expensive to run. good luck :)
  15. hi, thanks for the reply. the gearbox oil is fine. yes the mini earthquakes happen whilst in Drive gear and fully stopped ( say at traffic lights) next time the judder/shakes happen whilst stopped i will stick it in neutral and report back saying if that stopped the shaking or not. mechanics seem to be lost. do you guys think its anything which can be overly dangerous? even though the problem happens only at a stop, the car wont suddenly stop working on the dual carriage way will it? cheers