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  1. lufc_lad

    Mk7 Induction Kits

    Anyone put an induction kit on the tdci model? Can you put one on?
  2. lufc_lad

    Who Wants A Carbon Style Stereo?

    Sounds like it could look pretty good. Lets see how the pictures turn out
  3. lufc_lad

    About Time I Showed Off My New Car....

    I wish i got mine in white :( They looking stunning when clean
  4. lufc_lad

    Fiesta Asia/australian Grill

    If the price is right i'd be interested in them
  5. lufc_lad

    Boomerang Armrest

    I'm not sure i like this arm rest, seems rather pricey too
  6. lufc_lad

    K&n Panel Filter For Ford Fiesta Mk7

    what sort of price can you expect to have to pay for the panel filter?
  7. lufc_lad

    Gel Overlays For Fiesta Mark 7 Zetec S

    I'm pretty sure they are 55mm. Measure your alloy centre cap just to check.
  8. lufc_lad

    Would You Change Yours For A St?

    I would love an ST, but with fuel prices as they are im not sure i will.
  9. lufc_lad

    Fiesta Mk 7 MPG

    I'm currently getting 61.3mpg, but its a very boring drive.
  10. lufc_lad

    Mk6 V Mk7

    I can second that. The MK7 is in a different class
  11. lufc_lad

    Your Fiesta

  12. lufc_lad

    Side Skirts

    I haven't seen anyone do this but i imagine it would look a bit odd. Personally i'd advise getting the front bumper before the side skirts
  13. lufc_lad

    Why Do I Bother!

    I understand your frustration. I spent 2 hours cleaning and polishing my car on friday only for it to need another wash today.
  14. lufc_lad

    Mk6 V Mk7

    MK7 is miles better than the MK6, no argument
  15. lufc_lad

    My Zs

    Yeah £9000 seems about right, i bought mine 10 months ago and it cost me £10000. I'd definitely recommend getting one. It is a nice colour but i always regretted not getting white, looks much cooler.