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  1. New Fiesta Mk7 Faults

    Hi Andy Thanks for your input and yes, your right, some discussions do get out of hand and certain members do get carried away and go "over the top" when giving their feedback. It would be nice if all members gave good and sensible responses but, unfortunately their are one or two members who just can't let go or 'play nice' and, in acting in this way, they spoil it for the other members who always give good, sensible and constructive feedback to any other member who needs it. The 'knock-on' effect of this is, that it will put off other possible members who might be thinking of registering for membership because they need good advice on their problems. So let's hope that those minority members might fall into line now. Now, as I started this topic and have received 99.9% positive feedback from many well meaning members who have all been thanked by me, I am now requesting that, despite the fact that it has had nearly 800 views in 4 days and obviously was of interest to many potential Fiesta buyers, the MODS of the FOC Forums should now "CLOSE" the topic please. Regards Dave_M
  2. New Fiesta Mk7 Faults

    Hi lmclaney Many thanks for your welcome feedback. pikestones: You don't have talk a load of c**p! iggledeypiggledey: Same goes for you m8! I believe in researching products that I am thinking about buying so that when I make the purchase, in this case, a Fiesta, I will be aware of any possible problems that 'may happen'. Both of you are the sort of people who will just go out and buy a product without first checking it out and then moan like hell about the problems and wish you had never bought the product in the first place. Oh, and with regard to my "PERFECT" Corsa D, it was, and still is "PERFECT" and, as stated, as of today's date, my "PERFECT" 2008 Corsa D has had absolutely no 'recalls' or problems since new. I bet you've just trawled the internet to get that info - you and your m8 iggledeypiggledey are very sad people and I feel very sorry for you both :) With regard to the comments from Amie07, please get your facts right before you start making comments to other user's - I have read her positive and sensible feedback - that's why I thanked her in my next reply so, perhaps it is YOU who needs to read MY replys because if you had, YOU would have seen that I've already thanked Amie and the other decent forum user's who, unlike you and iggledeypiggledey, gave good and sensible feedback in their forum replys to my post. Now, please don't bother me, or any of the other decent forums user's with your constant verbal drivel. Regards Dave_M
  3. New Fiesta Mk7 Faults

    Hi Many thanks for the support and encouraging comments from adzmcp, DanGull, Amie07, Early-1800, blade and (AndrewL - though your comment about leaving the house was well misplaced). Thanks to all of you, I've decided to continue with the order and will see it through until I take delivery of the car which, I'm sure, will turn out to be just fine. With regard to the rather rude and unsupportive comments from igglepiggle, which were seconded by pikestones; your comments were less than useless and, if you can't say anything remotely sensible and supportive, then please don't say anything at all. When I posted posted my earlier comments, my aim was to simply highlight the faults that many other Fiesta owner's had had with their cars and that a major car manufacturer such as Ford should not be releasing cars with these types of faults, some of which were quite serious faults which you would not expect to see on such a new model and, having said that, like many other potential buyers of the Fiesta, I don't particularly want to spend a substantial amount of my 'hard-earned' money on a car that, potentially, has faults when it leaves the factory. And, to quote 'igglepiggle', (a weird username?), if standing up for your rights in forums, shops or in this case, at a Ford Dealership, makes me a "dealer/shop worst nightmare type of customer", then yes, your right that's me, and I am proud to take that title because they are too many customers in tnis country who just roll over and let shops, garages and the like, walk all over them. Now go and take your Prozac. Regards and thanks again to those at the top of my reply. Dave_M
  4. New Fiesta Mk7 Faults

    Hi I realise that topics like this one are not new and I'm sorry raise to the NEW Fiesta fault issue yet again but, as I have actually ordered one and the build date was last given as the 7th September and delivery will almost certainly be in September, I feel that, in view of all these issues that Fiesta owner's have raised, and despite the fact that after seeking advice a couple of times before and got much encouragement to go ahead and buy the car, I still need convincing about my intention to buy the Fiesta I've ordered. There are many,many Fiesta owners who have had no faults and are extremely happy with their cars and most have even said that they would not hestitate to buy another one but, there are other owner's who have had some of the issue's described in the links that I have posted below. One of the latest threads I read was with regard to "Floppy Gear Lever Syndrome OK who's got all the gear linkages" and this can be read in this link: http://www.fordownersclub.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=14896 Some other fault links: http://www.fordownersclub.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=5403 http://www.fordownersclub.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=14810 As stated in previous posts, I've owned new Escorts and Fiesta's in 1990's, new Citroen's and new Vauxhalls and my last two cars were Corsa's and I still own a 2008 Corsa SXi. I can honestly say that we have had no problems that were not due to 'wear and tear' and my present Corsa is 2 1/2 years old and has no issue's. I chose the new Fiesta because I thought it was time to change back to a Ford but after joining these forums to get some info on the car from owner's of them, I have never read about so many issue's relating to one car and there is actually a thread dedicated to NEW Fiesta Faults (above). I truly like the look and style of the NEW Fiesta and really do want to take delivery of it but, faults like the one's described in the link, should all have been rectified by now but, apparently, many are still being found and, I personally would not be happy if I bought the car in September and then, find that it had faults which meant that I had to continually call/visit my dealer to get them sorted. I'm sure that there are many happy owners who will not like reading this and, I don't enjoy posting things like this but, the Fiesta obviously has issue's for many owner's and, like many other potential buyers, we need to know what we might be letting ourselves in for. Regards Dave_M
  5. Fiesta Mk7 Purchase

    Hi AI J Thanks for your response. With regard to the radio/cd head unit being upgraded to accommodate the Bluetooth Handsfree, my information is, (and one dealer also said the same), that they had to upgrade the head unit to one with the 'built-in' bluetooth and that would be the next unit which was previously standard on the titanium which has four front speakers and two rear. Perhaps if any other owners have had bluetooth fitted, can they please advise on this? As far as growing old is concerned, I can give you 6 years. :D zetec bevvie: Colour is RED. My last red car was an Escort in 1990 and I liked it, so I've gone for another and I think the Fiesta looks great in red. Regards Dave_M
  6. Fiesta Mk7 Purchase

    Hi UPDATE! I've just read you reply AI J and it's reassuring to hear what you had to say. :) By the way, as you were probably aware, the Zetec and Zetec S get FREE Bluetooth handfree telephone with voice control & USB, did you go for that and if you did, was the 'four speaker' radio/cd head unit upgraded to 'six speaker radio/cd unit' to accommodate the bluetooth handsfree option (i.e. same unit that was previously standard on the titanium)? Many thanks. Many thanks Dan and blade for your replies. With reference to 'wanting lots of power', as I am not a youngster anymore, nothing could be further from the truth, I just want a nice car with a few options of my choice. As stated, I've previously owned Corsa's and my present Corsa is a 1.2SXi but I fancied a change from Vauxhall and the Fiesta design is fresh and up to date, so the 1.25 5 Door Zetec would be fine. It's just the mechanical side I'm concerned about but, after reading the responses to my post, I think I'm going to give it a chance. Regards to all Dave_M
  7. Fiesta Mk7 Purchase

    Hi Thanks for your reply titanium and also to everyone else who replied, though I'm not quite with you on the, "depends on what your looking for in a car, if it's grunt then look elsewhere"? As I said in my first post, I think the design is great, even without the body kit and spoiler. It's the mechanical side that bothers me. Regards Dave_M
  8. Fiesta Mk7 Purchase

    Hi I have had a Fiesta 1.25 Zetec on order and since early June and as I have not owned a Ford car since the early 1990's I joined these forums to read up on the owners views of the Fiesta Mk7 and, although the car looks 'cracking' and very up to date, I have read of so many issues that the Fiesta has had and, to be honest, I'm being put off and I'm thinking of cancelling the car. I've read about water ingress soaking the carpets inside, the stone chip issue to the rear wheel arches, anti-roll bars being replaced during the first year, noisy brakes, crunching when going into reverse gear and I'm sure there are more which I can't remember or that I'm not aware off. The latest issue was relating to the inferior quality of the alloy wheels which become buckled and owners changing alloys and tyres to that the car drives smoothly - the topic can be viewed in this thread: http://www.fordownersclub.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=14572 I've owned many new cars since 1990 and had them for years and apart from 'wear & tear' items like brake pads, shoes etc, we have never had to have things like anti-roll bars replaced at all, let alone during the first year. Our present cars are my 2 1/2 year old Corsa and it has had no problems and the alloys are perfect, and our Citroen Xsara Picasso is over eight years old and has only had the front pads replaced and still has the same clutch from new, so we would not enjoy buying a new Fiesta and then having any major mechanical items replaced, especially during the early years. I really do want to buy this Fiesta but as I said earlier, all these reported issues are definitely putting me off. Of course I realise that the final decision is down to me but I'd just like to hear the views of members who own a Mk7 Fiesta and, in particular, those who have one on order. Regards Dave_M
  9. Fiesta Mk7 Mud Flaps

    Hi Antony Thanks for your reply regarding the fitting of the front and rear mud flaps. I'd rather not remove the wheels and from what you say, it can be done without doing so fairly easily, so I might go ahead and buy those in preparation for when the car arrives. I'm assuming that, whilst you mention about turning the front wheels in turn to allow more room to fit the mud flaps, there is enough working space to fit the rear mud flaps? Regards Dave
  10. Fiesta Mk7 Mud Flaps

    Hi I have been looking at the mud flaps for the FIESTA MK7 2008 onwards and I would like to know if anyone can recommend the one on the FORD ONLINE Parts website? http://www.fordonlineparts.co.uk/product/Ford_Fiesta_Mud_flaps%2C_front_-_2008_onwards_-_1531631_F1531631-83 Ford Fiesta Mud flaps, front - 2008 onwards - 1531631 @ £20.30 incl http://www.fordonlineparts.co.uk/product/Ford_Fiesta_Mud_flaps%2C_rear_-_2008_onwards_-_1531632_F1531632-84 Ford Fiesta Mud flaps, rear - 2008 onwards - 1531632 @ £20.30 incl I would also like to know if these products have the FORD sticker on them and can they be fitted without removing the wheels and is there any 'drilling envolved'? Regards Dave
  11. How Long For Private Plate To Arrive?

    Hi I've just done the same yesterday afternoon and they should have sent you a response email within minutes and it clearly states that you should allow up to 14 days for the V750 to arrive, so you still have a few days to wait but I would imagine that you will have it by this Saturday or before. Hope this helps. :) Dave
  12. Fiesta Mk7 Stone Chips

    Hi Dave Thanks for your reply. I need to correct you on your comment that "I found one person from Turkey that had this problem"; if you read the whole article from start to finish, there were many buyers who had this problem, in fact, too many to count and Ford obviously thought it serious enough to put out a fix but, you should not be getting this type of exterior paint problem from a major company such as Ford. It makes me wonder what they were doing during all the months of trials the Fiesta went through. With reference to the link, I actually I found it in these forums and it dated back to January this year, so our members back then were obviously concerned enough to raise the issue then. As for me, I've not bought a new Ford since 1991 and I'm keen to buy a Mk7 Fiesta but I must say that having bought many new cars over the years, I am quite amazed to find so many issues (the soaking carpets, stone chips to rear wheel arches and fuses blowing when using interior 12v accessory socket, to name but a few). Ford is a big player and these types of issue should have been sorted out during building and the hundreds of hours of arduous testing that they go through. Will I buy the car? I contacted Ford and they assured me that these issues have been resolved at the factory level so, I think so because, as I said, I very much like the new Fiesta and it will be quite a change from my 2008 Vauxhall Corsa which, by the way, did not have any such problems. As for your Fiesta, you were either very lucky or did you only take it out on 'nice days'? :D Regards Dave
  13. 2011 Fiesta

    Hi pikestones Do you have a link for this Ford announcement? Dave
  14. Fiesta Mk7 Stone Chips

    Hi Just looking for info on the Fiesta Mk7 and came across this thread dating back to January 2010. http://www.complaintsboard.com/complaints/ford-c174454.html As you will see, it's about the stone chips around the leading edges of the rear wheel arches and it looks to affect, quite badly, all Fiesta Mk7's - especially the 5 door models. As I have just ordered a Fiesta 5 door model, I am quite concerned about this problem and after reading through the article, Ford did have a fix which i think was a plastic coloured coded film which is fixed to the affected areas but, the advice from another user was to fit the Ford branded mudflaps which, I think solves the problem. Comments welcome from other 3/5 door Fiesta Mk 7 owners. Dave
  15. 2011 Fiesta

    Hi Mark Thanks for your response. :) See your PM's. Dave_M